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The Golden Swordsman and The Sacred Dragon
WARNING! This is not copyrighted from a book or a series! Be mindful of this please!
At this very moment this is based of a little fanfic I like to read out to myself so please enjoy this version as you may pm me to add you to this story 
This is a story of when Kaido from Eevee High School when he was a young boy in training..
Chapter 1: They Story Begins...
Long ago, in a town named Phoenix Water, lived a young girl named Arikio. She was raised to be a beautiful shrine maiden for a burnt down shrine, ever since her farther and mother passed away. One day she came upon a young boy training in her fields. She saw great courage and bravery in this boy so she asked his parents if she could adopt him as her son, so the parents allowed her to have him as her son, feeling happy she took the young boy home to train him to be a swordsman.

As 5 years went by Arikio went overseas to improve her strength in chanting spells with talismans, while the boy trained in the fields by himself. "Well if it isn't Kaido the loser" ??? teased. "Lay off Katanaki" "Why not ~nyah you were always a loser in the past training by yourself in your backyard" Katanaki explained. "Well atleast I'm not a Meifwa person..." "What did you just say!" "Heh nothing.." Kaido snickered. "Well I'm going to make some breakfast alright, it isn't always training for me, I cook to you know" "What do you cook ~nyah" "Alot of stuff, the food I make is quiet decent tasting, come inside" As Kaido went inside the shrine and cooked some Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) Katanaki went and explored the shrine for a bit.

Chapter 2: Puppy Love
awsome story Smile
(2015-11-27, 08:35 AM)MikeDevil Wrote: awsome story Smile

thanks it has been in my mind for a long time now...
nice story
Lacks detail. Don't try to rush the story. Smile

M30 - Galliant
(2015-11-27, 07:54 PM)Blau Wrote: Lacks detail. Don't try to rush the story. Smile

thanks for the tips
Nice keep going Big Grin
(2015-12-03, 09:11 AM)CrystalTheDragon Wrote: Nice keep going Big Grin

^_^ thanks
Updates will be coming soon ^^ live on 2016 ^^
glace can i be in it
(2016-01-05, 02:24 AM)Kevin Coffe Wrote: glace can i be in it

yeah ^^of course u will need a Japanese name though
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