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Shop part 4 How can sell any item at bazaar?
Before start i want to tell you there is text in this thread with blue color they are link who can make this post more understanding. lets start...
For new player
If you did not read then you need to 
Read >Shop part 1 how can buy any item from NPC? <
Read >Shop part 2 how can sell any item at NPC? <
Read >Shop part 3 how can buy any item from bazaar? <

There is something you must understand
Bazaar items are buying by real people (Game player). Anyone can buy items if any player is not interested in your item or your item's price then your item is not going to sell. you can sell any of your item and you can choose price by yourself.

let's start 

1[sup]st[/sup] Find shop 

This is a blue building (you can find Shop in every city or town)

[Image: shop_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r92.jpg]

2nd Enter in shop 

[Image: a_b_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9ydn.jpg]

3rd In the shop you will find 6 button

Button no. 4 is “sell item at bazaar

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_by_gur...b6ibal.jpg]
click it

These are all your Items

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6ldlf.jpg]

you can see how many bags you have and how many bags are on The Bazaar (which are not in Bazaar) 

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6leqy.jpg]

4th Find that item which you want to sell

You have 3 ways to find your item 
1[sup]st[/sup] Filter by the first letter of Item and 2[sup]nd[/sup] Filter by the Item type 3[sup]rd[/sup] By the page

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6lfmy.jpg]
after found item 

5th Sell It

1st Enter how many amount you want Sell

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6lngi.jpg]

2nd at which price you are going to sell per item

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6ln7h.jpg]
I would advice you sell your item less then NPC price

3rd click on Update 

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6lmun.jpg]

here is message

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6lmg5.jpg]

you can remove some items if you think you need to remove

[Image: pokemon_pets_sell__item_at_bazaar_items_...b6lm93.jpg]
Your item is not sold yet and no one know how long it take. Its depends on many factors are working like your item, item's price and how many peoples are active. So keep patience.

But one thing can help you its "Advertising". You can advertise at market chat[Image: market_chat.png] (only market chat[Image: market_chat.png])

[Image: market_chat_at_pokemonpets_by_gurvinders...b6m0sz.jpg]
Market Chat[Image: market_chat.png] has some rule you have to follow them

4.1. Trade Chat IS ONLY FOR Market/Shop and Bazaar advertisements and related chit-chat.
4.1.1. No more than 5 posts in a row. Wait until your message is out of the view in chat,  or delete your old message, before posting the same 

When your item will sold you will get notification by PM[Image: MailNew.png]

[Image: item_sold_at_pokemon_pets_by_gurvinders1666-db6m3sa.jpg]

There is some tax that you have to pay see in image 

[Image: item_sold_msg_at_pokemonpets_by_gurvinde...b6m32u.jpg]

here is one more post can help you on this topic >Blau's Sale/Trade Beginners Guide<


If anyone think i made any mistake or something is missing can reply. MOST WELLCOME

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