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Shop part 2 how can sell any item at NPC?
For new player

Read Shop part 1 how can buy any item from NPC
if you did not Read 

There is something you must understand 

Player's items are buying by the game system. Anyone can sell any item anytime in 1/5 part of gold means in 20% gold of NPC selling price.

let's start 

1[sup]st[/sup] Find shop 

This is a blue building (you can find Shop in every city or town)

[Image: shop_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r92.jpg]

2[sup]nd[/sup] Enter in shop 

[Image: a_b_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9ydn.jpg]

3rd In the shop you will find 6 button

Button no. 2 is “Sell Item at NPC”

[Image: s_i_b_by_gurvinders1666-d9pq6sv.jpg]

click it

These are all your Items 

[Image: your_items_in_pokemonpet_by_gurvinders1666-d9pq7l3.jpg]

you can see how many bags you have and how many bags are on The Bazaar (which are not sold) 

[Image: you_bags_in_pokemonpets_at_npc_by_gurvin...9pq7v0.jpg]

See in which price you can sell you one Item 

[Image: selling_items_price_in_pokemonpet_at_npc...9pq8f7.jpg]

4[sup]th[/sup] Find that item which you want to sell

You have 3 ways to find your item 

1[sup]st[/sup] Filter by the first letter of Item and 2[sup]nd[/sup] Filter by the Item type 

[Image: find_item_buy_the_type_and_first_leter_o...9pq900.jpg]

2[sup]nd[/sup] By the page

[Image: find_item_by_page_in_pokemonpet_at_npc_b...9pqa3a.jpg]

after found item 

5[sup]th[/sup] Sell It

1[sup]st[/sup] Enter how many amount you want Sell

[Image: enter_amoun_in_pokemonpet_at_npc_by_gurv...9pqbtv.jpg]

2[sup]nd[/sup] Click on sell button 

[Image: sell_item_in_pokemonpet_at_npc_by_gurvin...9pqc7q.jpg]


[Image: sold_item_in_pokemonpet_at_npc_by_gurvin...9pqckd.jpg]

Shop part 3 how can buy any item from bazaar?

If anyone thinks I made any mistake or something is missing can reply. MOST WELLCOME
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