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npc battle button vanished?
you can see the battle button is not there and when i press r and go it will stop me[youtube]lB8ou1aRuPc[/youtube]
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
i also face same problem but when i click on game page. battle option is appers
[Image: Signature.png]
yup need to be fixed
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
yes i agree with you. it should be fixed
[Image: Signature.png]
not a problem just click on gamepage battle buttin will appear just refresh page
but why?? all npcs battle appear now then why this
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
refresh your page it should get fixed automatically
cef is it a problem
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
(2015-08-03, 01:38 PM)pratham Wrote: but why?? all npcs battle appear now then why this

dont use that 9 step thing if u walk 1 step that will never appear
well, thats a glitch XD
do you still have problem?
same agn and agn
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
(2015-08-18, 12:35 PM)pratham Wrote: same agn and agn

try different browser

refresh your cache

does it happen at every npc ?
not every npc and i using google chrome
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
It is because it thinks you are going past it, but because the game doesn't allow you to, it stops you, and glitches out

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