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[Image: 2248-Shiny-Tyranitar.png]
Stone edge, earthquake, payback, power up punch
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
[Image: 2495-Shiny-Snivy.png]
Hmm...: wrap, giga drain, wring out n calm mind.
*weird experiment lol..ev in speed so it has chance to move 1st; rest u can ev in special atk or defenses, use either calm mind or wrap first then follow with giga drain being powered by grass mania/master recovering alot of stat master might kick in*
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]

[Image: 2242-Shiny-Blissey.png]
Toxic, minimize, incinerate, heal pulse
Ev in hp/def....minimize then toxic, then incinerate for 15% for burn then heal when needed.
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
[Image: 2254-Shiny-Sceptile.png]
leaf storm, energy ball, sword dance, drag claw
*one of the weirdest poke cause it should be more of a physical atker, leaf storm last resort since it drop you s.atk. Sword dance if you get a opening to use. drag claw for dragons n if mega it get type boost.
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]

[Image: 2445-Shiny-Garchomp.png]
Earthquake,sword dance, drag claw, poison jab or stone edge
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
[Image: 2398-Shiny-Staraptor.png]
close combat, brave bird,quick atk, endeavor.
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
hey curry what is a good  move set for this
(2015-10-28, 09:35 PM)MikeDevil Wrote: hey curry what is a good  move set for this

[Image: 10579-Shiny-Mega-Reuniclus.png]
ev in hp n def 252 each, calm mind will buff s.def
moves:psychic, recover, calm mind, shadow ball

Shadow ball covers poke who are immune to psychic and also lower s.def.
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
nice thread 

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#40 I am going to put softboiled on it along with minimize, but I need 2 other moves.
(2015-10-31, 08:49 AM)misterdoorknob Wrote: I am going to put softboiled on it along with minimize, but I need 2 other moves.

I would run it with toxic n incinerate like the other Blissey I posted. To inflict poison and 15% chance of burn. Will go good with minimize, reason why I didn't suggest a atk base move is because it weak in that stat. Status moves fit it best.
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
moveset for aggron?
(2015-11-03, 05:51 PM)ldubex Wrote: moveset for aggron?

[Image: 306-Aggron.png]
Not too sure on this one..since there's no set up where it can sweep or have a long chance to set up would be type coverage.
~stone edge,earthquake,iron head n power up punch as a filler.

Stone edge with poke ability makes this the most powerful move in set.
earthquake for coverage taking down another aggron.
power up punch to finish off a damage opponent while increasing your atk.
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
curry what moves should i give my shiny eevee, vaporeon, flareon, jolteon, espeon, umbreon, leafeon, glaceon, and sylveon... all of them are shiny
catch a poke!!!
thanks for your topic
That's fantastic news for fans.

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