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What Kind of Pokemon are You?

What kind of Pokemon are you??


Choose a pokemon (out of... the 700+) and explain why you are that pokemon!
I think i am like Dragonite, just calm and laid back most of the time, but when you anger me it is ugly, and no i will not shoot a Hyper Beam, i am human LOL Tongue. I am also more of a neutral person, do not really pick sides, and am friendly.
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Hmm think im a Pickachu =)
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Maybe Arcanine for me. Chill (despite the fire haha) and fun to be with sometimes. BUT if you hurt or attempt to hurt the people I care about, I will bite. Hard.
Expect to be burned >_>

But other than that, pretty awesome.
Celebi because i love the forest or anything pertaining to nature. I also enjoy giving food/money to homeless people.
Darkrai, like to stay in the shadows. *LURKS away*
infernape with a hot temper jk
I am a Lucario, because I'm calm and composed until I get into a fight. Then I start to be a fighty, punchy, kicky guy with rage aura Tongue
Lol you just love lucario dont you skyrock.

Im mew cause i take many forms and im a free spirit. Do what i want when ever i want Wink
(2014-07-03, 07:17 AM)Flawless Wrote: Lol you just love lucario dont you skyrock.

Im mew cause i take many forms and im a free spirit. Do what i want when ever i want Wink

so infact so are you a DITTO?? Tongue
[Image: 2lizwjk.jpg]
Well ditto isnt much of a free spirit more like an old clump of Pepto Bismol. Ill take mew Wink
i couldn't decide so i took a quiz and got squirtle >u< 
Timid skitty. ^v^
Umbreon Because 1 one out of the 7 eeveelutions including eevee witch is 8. Umbreon is calm, colletive, High spirited, Umbreon can be pateint when he want to be.
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Legends Are upon Us Where The shadows Live in the Mysterious world. There are still Mysteries of Element of Shadow. Shadows aren't created they are born.
You guys just chose your favorite pokemons, you nabs

I took a test on

And this is the answer: Mewtwo

Mysterious and Solitary, you are a brooding loner who plays life very close to the chest. One of a kind - Others have a hard time figuring you out, and that's just the way you like it. A very noble heart lies beneath an intimidating exterior, and loyalty is something you value above all else - especially when concerning others in relation to yourself. If all else fails, you can always remind the world of your genetic superiority. No big deal

I took another site on different website and got: Weavile

You're a very strong-willed, confident and competitive mind, even with a hint of superiority complex, and feel no inclination to hide your opinions when you think somebody won't like them. You tend to be blunt and sarcastic.

2nd site:

This is making me seem as the 'bad guy' but then again it has always been like this >:]
I'm Snorlax because I'm lazy and I like to sleep a lotSmile,
Did you get this idea from another forum? because I made one just like it, same video and everything! Anyway, If I were a Pokémon I'd be a Cubone.  I usually like to do things alone and for myself! I'm very lonely.
Always resemble Pikachu for the smile and occasional temper Smile
i think i am an mew with stored power and playful
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
I Think i am a Mewtwo Because Powerful,Can Take Pokemon with Cloneballs.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=741]
I did the same quizzes as Dark.Zero and got Mewtwo and Butterfree. That is one weird interbreeding experiment...

... and given that I just brought up the term "experiment" I think I may well be closer to Mewtwo. Besides, I also really like him! Butterfree's okay, but Mewtwo's the one with the complicated personality.
Took the same quizzes
I'm charizard(ironically)

Powerful and Brave, you are a champion of both fire and sky. Few attempt to challenge your commanding presence, as you tend to be the most intimidating individual in a group. Having experienced more hardships than most, you've reached your full potential not only through perseverance but through true hard work and grit.The fire of life burns strong within your seasoned heart!

And i'm teddiursa

[Image: teddiursa.gif]
Charmander hahaha
I am a pachirisu!!!!Big Grin
im lugia.....
(2015-07-01, 03:13 PM)pol rajeev Wrote: im  lugia.....

Great if you shiny yourself pm me i am looking for a nice shiny-lugia to mega Tongue jk 
sure atharva.
so this is why nintendo made pokemon mystery dungeon. i just descoverd that. I thought your asking us like what pokemon would you be in a world of pokemon without trainers. do u understand what im sayin? Well, i'm not gonna say i'm gliscor, im gonna be fair and say i'm a bellosom
i am a scrafty
cyndaquil when im laid back but raticate when aggresive

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