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Version 6.0.0
PokemonPets Version 6.6.0

=== October 17th 2020 ===
[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

1.0) Quick item use feature added to the Battle Page

1.1) You can set quick battle items preferences from settings page and use them with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 keys

1.2) You can see updated shortcut keys on this page :

2.0) The following moves are disabled to be used in Boss battles and NPC battles in Zone 18 and Zone 19:

2.1) Skill swapping moves : (a) Skill Swap, (b) Court Change

3.0) Some text improvements in Battle Page attack results

4.0) 59 new battle Moves added to the game

4.1) >> Apple Acid , Aura Wheel , Behemoth Bash , Behemoth Blade , Body Press , Bolt Beak , Branch Poke , Breaking Swipe , Burning Jealousy , Clangorous Soul , Coaching , Corrosive Gas , Court Change , Decorate , Dragon Darts , Drum Beating , Dual Wingbeat , Dynamax Cannon , Eternabeam , Expanding Force , False Surrender , Fishious Rend , Flip Turn , Grassy Glide , Grav Apple , Jaw Lock , Jungle Healing , Lash Out , Life Dew , Magic Powder , Meteor Assault , Meteor Beam , Misty Explosion , No Retreat , Obstruct , Octolock , Overdrive , Pika Papow , Poltern , Pyro Ball , Rising Voltage , Scale Shot , Scorching Sands , Shell Side Arm , Skitter Smack , Snap Trap , Snipe Shot , Spirit Break , Steel Beam , Steel Roller , Strange Steam , Stuff Cheeks , Surging Strikes , Tar Shot , Teatime , Terrain Pulse , Triple Axel , Veevee Volley , Wicked Blow

4.2) Some of the new Moves have new battle mechanics and they are coded

4.3) Some of Moves battle mechanics fixed / improved such as : Baton Pass , U-turn , Volt Switch , Flip Turn , Counter , Baton Pass , Mirror Coat , Power Trip , Metal Burst , etc.

4.4) Full list of Moves can be seen on this page (located under Pokedex tab) :

5.0) Now you can filter your Pokemon list by any held item in Pokemon management page :

6.0) The following new items added to the game:

6.1) Accuracy Pill S , Accuracy Serum S , Attack Pill S , Attack Serum S , Critical Pill S , Critical Serum S , Defense Pill S , Defense Serum S , Enigma Berry , Evasion Pill S , Evasion Serum S , Giga Gem , Healing Machine , Prismatic Gem , SpAttack Pill S , SpAttack Serum S , SpDefense Pill S , SpDefense Serum S , Speed Pill S , Speed Serum S, and the TMs of new Moves

6.2) The Healing Machine item will not be sold at the market and will be obtainable only from NPCs. However, players can still sell / buy this item through bazaar

6.3) Effect of the following items modified / improved : Accuracy Serum , Attack Serum , Critical Serum , Defense Serum , Evasion Serum , SpAttack Serum , SpDefense Serum , Speed Serum

7.0) Pokemon Type filtering naming order fixed in various pages such as: Buy Pokemon from Bazaar, etc.

8.0) The alignment of NPC images on maps fixed to the correct position

9.0) The alignment of user trainer sprites on maps fixed to the correct position on maps according to the user's location / coordinates

10.0) The interface of Pokemon statistics displayed on Manage Pokemon Team, See User all Pokemon, and Manage Reward Pokemon pages improved

11.0) The interface and the content quality of the Contact page improved :

12.0) The interface and the content quality of the Credits page improved :

13.0) The way Google anti-botting system re-captcha works changed

13.1) Please read the updated system here :

14.0) Sorting by NPC winning rewards feature added to the NPC list and defeating history page :

15.0) Maximum Prestige level cap increased to 130 and it is finalized :

16.0) Before the game update time (7 AM game time), if you are still in a Daily Boss battle, your battle will get deleted with the update

16.1) Whenever you make a page refresh on the battle page, you current Daily Boss battle event damage will get updated (not with every attack with page refresh e.g. Pokemon switching)

16.2) Still, it would be best to end your Daily Boss battle before the game update happens (7 AM game time)

16.3) Boss event thread updated read from here :

17.0) Maximum number of Pokemon you can have increased to 20,000 (it was 10,000)

18.0) Now top 10 Pokemon is counted in Top Trainers score calculation (it was 6)

18.1) You can read updated thread here :

19.0) The number of Pokemon you can put to trade or sell at the same time raised to 1,000 from 50 (both have calculated separately)

19.1) If you are at your 1,000 limit and want to put new Pokemon to trade or sell, please remove previous ones you have put

19.2) All Pokemon at the market whether put to the trade or sell will be removed from the market after 30 days of inactivity (whenever you update the price or remove from trade and put back, timer restart)

20.0) If your next enemy in any Tournament were battle at the moment, you could have encountered with his/her currently selected Pokemon in that another battle

20.1) With this problem, you would be having have to defeat 7 Pokemon of enemy and also banned / restricted Pokemon were appearing in Tournament battles

20.2) This issue is fixed as date of 9 PM Game Time : 2020-12-05

20.3) Basically you should never encounter with any banned / restricted Pokemon in any Tournaments anymore

21.0) Various bug fixes such as when Pokemon transformation requirement was X stat bigger than Y stat such as Attack bigger than Defense, the system was not working correctly. This system error and various other system errors are fixed

22.0) Seasonal ranking system updated and improved :

22.1) Endless Tower Max Level will also give rewards from now on

23.0) Now you can transfer your Patron coins to other players from daily activities page :

23.0) It is allowed to transfer your Patron coins to the other players with in game gold or trading Pokemon

24.0) You know that we are using Google reCAPTCHA for preventing macro / bot playing

24.1) Our system works based on user actions which you can read more details on this thread :

24.2) We have updated the system and added that whenever Struggle move is used, your action counter will be increased by 100

24.3) We have found out that the Struggle move was being abused for automated playing

25.0) Endless Tower System greatly improved and now you will get awesome rewards as you progress

25.1) The system will give you rewards up to 2000 Endless Tower levels and you will be able to get rewards after each Endless Tower Season

25.2) You can see more information on the Endless Tower Battles page :

25.3) Please also read updated Endless Tower System forum thread :

26.0) User interfaces of all of the market pages are greatly improved : Buy Item From NPC (Market), Sell Item At NPC (Market), Buy Item From Bazaar, Sell Item At Bazaar, Buy Pokemon From Bazaar, Sell Pokemon At Bazaar, Put Pokemon to Trade, Show Offers to My Trade Pokemon, Search on Trade Pokemon, Show My Trade Offers, Make a Trade Offer to a Pokemon, Offers Made to a Pokemon

26.1) Now you can filter items by their exact names or by doing a wild card search such as typing "def" at the following market pages: Buy Item From NPC (Market), Sell Item At NPC (Market), Buy Item From Bazaar, Sell Item At Bazaar

26.2) The order of displayed Pokemon at the market pages were randomly changing after each refresh or page change. Now if you are not sorting the displayed results with any options such as level, price, average level, etc., they will be always sorted by Identity Id ascending. So it will be much more convenient for you to use Sell / Trade Pokemon at the market

26.3) The order of displayed Pokemon at the buy Pokemon from bazaar page was randomly changing after each refresh or page change. Now if you are not sorting the displayed results with any options such as level, price, etc., they will be always sorted by market date. Therefore, at the top you will see latest Pokemon that are put to the bazaar

27.0) Filtering Pokemon by moves in the Pokedex was not working properly. Bug has been fixed and now works perfect

28.0) New weekly event added to the game : Live Tournament Battle Count

28.1) All the tournament battles you participate, including user composed ones, will bring you 1 score if you are online during the tournament battle

28.2) You will get weekly event score even if you lose the tournament battle

29.0) The move Endeavor working mechanism changed and fixed to the original

29.1) Now it will work even on higher HP having Pokemon

30.0) The following moves are disabled in Zone 18 and 19 NPCs, daily boss battles and endless tower battles:

30.1) Endeavor (make HP equal), Skill Swap (ability swap), Court Change (ability swap)

30.2) If we add anymore moves to the game with same features as above, they will be also automatically disabled as above

31.0) Now you can block automatic live PvP battle option for certain players

31.1) Blocking page :

31.2) You can access this link in your control panel page and also in do PvP battle page

32.0) New searching filter added to the search player page :

32.1) Now you can search players who is a member of a guild or not a member of a guild

last page not processed : BuyItemFromMarket.aspx.cs

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