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What To Use guide!
Hello people, today ill be making a guide on what pokemon are good in general

Ill take any additional suggestions too!

Shiny Mega Giratina
Giratina is a enormous tank pokemon! It has 3 statuses at once! And its defenses and HP are enormous, but its only REALLY super good when you have the abi change on it! Here is a screenshot of the RIGHT way to use Giratina!
[Image: SSeE5ljlSaSD49HARioFhg.png]

That is how you use Giratina! Smile

More coming soon, like Glaceon Rose and more!

Sorry about the Giratina image but i will soon make a text version of the set.
You have to use the guide if you don't know to use the thing. If you want to make your free time useful then use leisure management software and keep track of everything.
Giratina is one of the best-balanced pokemon in the game, and its stats are just insane. It has the highest base stat total out of any non-mega evolved legendary, at 600 (tied with Slaking). I would love to get services for help in the essay. Manaphy has an amazing move pool but it cant get many top-tier moves to use on its sets, while there are literally no bad options on Giratina's sets.
My favorite pokemon is Giratina, as it is the most stable pokemon which have great defensive skills. The user guide will really help me to improve my performance in the game. I have provided blog writing services UK for many users from here which are working in advance to create their business brand value in the search engine. I love to play pokemon go in my free time. Thanks for sharing this amazing guide that is very important for the future.

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