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What To Use guide!
Hello people, today ill be making a guide on what pokemon are good in general

Ill take any additional suggestions too!

Shiny Mega Giratina
Giratina is a enormous tank pokemon! It has 3 statuses at once! And its defenses and HP are enormous, but its only REALLY super good when you have the abi change on it! Here is a screenshot of the RIGHT way to use Giratina!
[Image: SSeE5ljlSaSD49HARioFhg.png]

That is how you use Giratina! Smile

More coming soon, like Glaceon Rose and more!

Sorry about the Giratina image but i will soon make a text version of the set.
I was very impressed by this post, this site has always been pleasant news Thank you very much for such an interesting post.
Good one
The aggressive Giratina territorial Pokémon is protective of its home.
Great! Thanks for the quick guide. hangman
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