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✓ Version 2.2.2 (15 November 2015) Pokemon Pets (F2P Online Pokemon MMO RPG Game) Update Change Logs

✓ Please Read previous updates as well ☑ Previous updates:

✓ CPU PvP battles critical error fixed which was kicking you out of battle. Please check it out

✓ Game shortcuts improved. Numpad shortcuts has arrived: ☑

✓ Willingly faint your currently battling Pokemon added to the battle page

✓ Wild Pokemon battles experience increased (including NPCs) (this was done at version 2.2.0 however due to mistake it was not active now activated)
✓ Ultra Rare: 2x of before
✓ Legendary: 3x of before
✓ Shiny: 4x of before

✓ All chat screens and chat history cleared
✓ Now when a Chat Master bans an account from chat, all accounts with same IP will also get a chat ban

✓ All unfinished battles got wiped for performance boost
✓ PvP Battle Board and requests history deleted because of unfinished battles wipe
✓ All Monsters and NPCs on maps re-assigned

✓ Inactive account wipe happened in order to improve overall game performance and free up system resources
✓ Wiped accounts are basically did not play game. Simply registered and left
✓ In order to an account get deleted it has to satisfy all below conditions
☑ Must have less than 200k Gold
☑ Must have less than 20 total battles
☑ Must have less than total 20 Pokemon
☑ Must be inactive over 30 days
☑ Must not have any Pokemon over level 89

✓ New moves added to the following Pokemon. You can reset your move history to learn those
1- Hoopa-Unbound Psychic Dark
2- Mega-Florges Fairy Ghost
3- Mega-Genesect-Fossil Bug Ground
4- Mega-Druddigon Dragon Fire
5- Mega-Haxorus Dragon Steel
6- Mega-Ambipom Normal Fighting
7- Mega-Milotic Water Fairy
8- Mega Zangoose Normal Dark
9- Mega-Slaking-Stoneage
10- Mega-Ursaring Normal Fighting
11- Mega-Umbreon DArk Flying
12- Umbreon-Frozen Dark ice
13- Mega-Noctowl-Clock Psychic Flying
14- Mega-Feraligatr-Frozen Water ice
15- Mega-Typhlosion-Lava Fire Rock
16- Mega-Dragonite-Blade Dragon Steel
17- Mega-Weezing Poison Dark
18- Mega-Marowak-Fighting Ground Fire
19- Mega-Farfetchd Fighting Flying
20- Magmortar-Dark

✓ 100% bonus EXP and Gold event continue

✓ New MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP : ☑
✓ Please play and rate 5 stars our game

✓ New PokemonPets Facebook APP : ☑
✓ Please play and rate 5 stars our game

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ PokemonPets Youtube :
☑ PokemonPets Facebook :
☑ PokemonPets Google+ :
☑ Pokemon Pets Twitter :
☑ Pokemon Pets Facebook APP :
☑ PokemonPets Android APP :
☑ PokemonPets DeviantArt :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Linkedin :

✓ New added and image updated Pokemon (Click F5 to refresh image cache of browser)
[Image: 83-Farfetchd.png] [Image: 186-Politoed.png] [Image: 229-Houndoom.png] [Image: 242-Blissey.png] [Image: 243-Raikou.png] [Image: 370-Luvdisc.png] [Image: 405-Luxray.png] [Image: 2006-Shiny-Charizard.png] [Image: 2083-Shiny-Farfetchd.png] [Image: 2091-Shiny-Cloyster.png] [Image: 2131-Shiny-Lapras.png] [Image: 2142-Shiny-Aerodactyl.png] [Image: 2148-Shiny-Dragonair.png] [Image: 2169-Shiny-Crobat.png] [Image: 2212-Shiny-Scizor.png] [Image: 2233-Shiny-Porygon2.png] [Image: 2242-Shiny-Blissey.png] [Image: 2243-Shiny-Raikou.png] [Image: 2330-Shiny-Flygon.png] [Image: 2442-Shiny-Spiritomb.png] [Image: 2474-Shiny-PorygonZ.png] [Image: 2479-Shiny-Rotom.png] [Image: 2659-Shiny-Bunnelby.png] [Image: 2680-Shiny-Doublade.png] [Image: 2681-Shiny-Aegislash.png] [Image: 2685-Shiny-Slurpuff.png] [Image: 2691-Shiny-Dragalge.png] [Image: 2693-Shiny-Clawitzer.png] [Image: 2698-Shiny-Amaura.png] [Image: 2705-Shiny-Sliggoo.png] [Image: 2711-Shiny-Gourgeist.png] [Image: 2712-Shiny-Bergmite.png] [Image: 2717-Shiny-Yveltal.png] [Image: 2718-Shiny-Zygarde.png] [Image: 2721-Shiny-Volcanion.png] [Image: 4006-Charizard-Bony.png] [Image: 4083-Farfetchd-Egg.png] [Image: 4091-Cloyster-Pirate.png] [Image: 4120-Aegislash-Shield.png] [Image: 4129-Lapras-Frost.png] [Image: 4148-Dragonair-Icy.png] [Image: 4330-Flygon-Swift.png] [Image: 8054-Mega-Golduck.png] [Image: 8073-Mega-Tentacruel.png] [Image: 8080-Mega-Slowbro.png] [Image: 8085-Mega-Dodrio.png] [Image: 8097-Mega-Hypno.png] [Image: 8099-Mega-Kingler.png] [Image: 8108-Mega-Lickilicky.png] [Image: 8119-Mega-Seaking.png] [Image: 8124-Mega-Jynx.png] [Image: 8128-Mega-Tauros.png] [Image: 8132-Mega-Ditto.png] [Image: 8143-Mega-Snorlax.png] [Image: 8154-Mega-Meganium.png] [Image: 8162-Mega-Furret.png] [Image: 8168-Mega-Ariados.png] [Image: 8171-Mega-Lanturn.png] [Image: 8178-Mega-Xatu.png] [Image: 8192-Mega-Sunflora.png] [Image: 8203-Mega-Girafarig.png] [Image: 8222-Mega-Corsola.png] [Image: 8224-Mega-Octillery.png] [Image: 8226-Mega-Mantine.png] [Image: 8232-Mega-Donphan.png] [Image: 8235-Mega-Smeargle.png] [Image: 8237-Mega-Hitmontop.png] [Image: 8242-Mega-Blissey.png] [Image: 8243-Mega-Raikou.png] [Image: 8244-Mega-Entei.png] [Image: 8245-Mega-Suicune.png] [Image: 8262-Mega-Mightyena.png] [Image: 8292-Mega-Shedinja.png] [Image: 8350-Mega-Milotic.png] [Image: 8376-Mega-Metagross.png] [Image: 8382-Mega-Kyogre.png] [Image: 8398-Mega-Staraptor.png] [Image: 8405-Mega-Luxray.png] [Image: 8429-Mega-Mismagius.png] [Image: 8430-Mega-Honchkrow.png] [Image: 8465-Mega-Tangrowth.png] [Image: 8468-Mega-Togekiss.png] [Image: 8472-Mega-Gliscor.png] [Image: 8474-Mega-PorygonZ.png] [Image: 8601-Mega-Klinklang.png] [Image: 8609-Mega-Chandelure.png] [Image: 10003-Shiny-Mega-Venusaur.png] [Image: 10005-Shiny-Mega-Charizard.png] [Image: 10009-Shiny-Mega-Blastoise.png] [Image: 10065-Shiny-Mega-Alakazam.png] [Image: 10073-Shiny-Mega-Tentacruel.png] [Image: 10078-Shiny-Mega-Rapidash.png] [Image: 10080-Shiny-Mega-Slowbro.png] [Image: 10085-Shiny-Mega-Dodrio.png] [Image: 10097-Shiny-Mega-Hypno.png] [Image: 10099-Shiny-Mega-Kingler.png] [Image: 10108-Shiny-Mega-Lickilicky.png] [Image: 10119-Shiny-Mega-Seaking.png] [Image: 10124-Shiny-Mega-Jynx.png] [Image: 10127-Shiny-Mega-Pinsir.png] [Image: 10128-Shiny-Mega-Tauros.png] [Image: 10130-Shiny-Mega-Gyarados.png] [Image: 10132-Shiny-Mega-Ditto.png] [Image: 10142-Shiny-Mega-Aerodactyl.png] [Image: 10143-Shiny-Mega-Snorlax.png] [Image: 10154-Shiny-Mega-Meganium.png] [Image: 10162-Shiny-Mega-Furret.png] [Image: 10168-Shiny-Mega-Ariados.png] [Image: 10171-Shiny-Mega-Lanturn.png] [Image: 10178-Shiny-Mega-Xatu.png] [Image: 10192-Shiny-Mega-Sunflora.png] [Image: 10203-Shiny-Mega-Girafarig.png] [Image: 10208-Shiny-Mega-Steelix.png] [Image: 10222-Shiny-Mega-Corsola.png] [Image: 10224-Shiny-Mega-Octillery.png] [Image: 10226-Shiny-Mega-Mantine.png] [Image: 10229-Shiny-Mega-Houndoom.png] [Image: 10232-Shiny-Mega-Donphan.png] [Image: 10235-Shiny-Mega-Smeargle.png] [Image: 10237-Shiny-Mega-Hitmontop.png] [Image: 10242-Shiny-Mega-Blissey.png] [Image: 10243-Shiny-Mega-Raikou.png] [Image: 10244-Shiny-Mega-Entei.png] [Image: 10245-Shiny-Mega-Suicune.png] [Image: 10248-Shiny-Mega-Tyranitar.png] [Image: 10260-Shiny-Mega-Swampert.png] [Image: 10262-Shiny-Mega-Mightyena.png] [Image: 10292-Shiny-Mega-Shedinja.png] [Image: 10308-Shiny-Mega-Medicham.png] [Image: 10323-Shiny-Mega-Camerupt.png] [Image: 10334-Shiny-Mega-Altaria.png] [Image: 10350-Shiny-Mega-Milotic.png] [Image: 10354-Shiny-Mega-Banette.png] [Image: 10362-Shiny-Mega-Glalie.png] [Image: 10373-Shiny-Mega-Salamence.png] [Image: 10376-Shiny-Mega-Metagross.png] [Image: 10380-Shiny-Mega-Latias.png] [Image: 10382-Shiny-Mega-Kyogre.png] [Image: 10383-Shiny-Mega-Groudon.png] [Image: 10398-Shiny-Mega-Staraptor.png] [Image: 10405-Shiny-Mega-Luxray.png] [Image: 10429-Shiny-Mega-Mismagius.png] [Image: 10430-Shiny-Mega-Honchkrow.png] [Image: 10445-Shiny-Mega-Garchomp.png] [Image: 10465-Shiny-Mega-Tangrowth.png] [Image: 10468-Shiny-Mega-Togekiss.png] [Image: 10472-Shiny-Mega-Gliscor.png] [Image: 10474-Shiny-Mega-PorygonZ.png] [Image: 10601-Shiny-Mega-Klinklang.png] [Image: 10609-Shiny-Mega-Chandelure.png] [Image: 10719-Shiny-Mega-Diancie.png] [Image: 12020-Tyserninja.png] [Image: 12021-Staroarix.png] [Image: 12022-Sprivane.png] [Image: 12023-Hoblaztamo.png] [Image: 12024-Riovigon.png] [Image: 14020-Shiny-Tyserninja.png] [Image: 14021-Shiny-Staroarix.png] [Image: 14022-Shiny-Sprivane.png] [Image: 14023-Shiny-Hoblaztamo.png] [Image: 14024-Shiny-Riovigon.png]

news source v 2.2.2
thnx a lot for such a wonderful update furkan Big Grin
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-tfUb2gC5IwntG5iml9_...H1kQu2hqeE]
Yessa, more art from my fav fusion Artist nice.
Also yay to ip ban Big Grin

M30 - Galliant
awesome i know what im hunting now
This is a huge update i say
my noob IGN Staff 
[Image: fc1ria.jpg]
*Credits to malvagioDemente for this awesome sig*
✓ Wild Pokemon battles experience increased (including NPCs) (this was done at version 2.2.0 however due to mistake it was not active now activated)
✓ Ultra Rare: 2x of before
✓ Legendary: 3x of before
✓ Shiny: 4x of before
(2015-11-15, 02:15 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: ✓ Wild Pokemon battles experience increased (this was done at version 2.2.0 however due to mistake it was not active now activated)
✓ Ultra Rare: 2x of before
✓ Legendary: 3x of before
✓ Shiny: 4x of before

Wild rewards are necessary, especially if i compare them to anc on m3o.
But gym rewards? Game is already too easy, cef :/

M30 - Galliant
yes! gliscor finnaly got his own mega!
✓ Game shortcuts improved. Numpad shortcuts has arrived: ☑
Thank you very much for following my advice on changing the move set of those double type pokemon, really really appreciated ^_^ 
On another note i want to say that I liked the earlier mega dodrio better but this one is cool too
thanks Cef for new update in which new mover are also come.
[Image: Signature.png]
bonus exp and gold event ended Smile
Why'd it end so soon?
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

Nice, that short time Should've Sufficed (:

M30 - Galliant
awsome bro cef love it
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
(2015-11-16, 10:51 AM)ch17175 Wrote: Why'd it end so soon?

actually it was going on for several weeks now Smile
Yet this update just started so why would you stop it now? Also when the gyms have been updated and people want to earn that extra gold/exp
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

agree with ch
Huh what exactly is the counter thing
Whats ip?
Wild rewards are necessary, especially if i compare them to anc on m3o.
20- Magmortar-Dark

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