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✓ Version 2.1.5 (10 April 2015) Pokemon Pets (F2P Online Pokemon MMO RPG Game) Update Change Logs - Read previous updates as well
☑ Previous updates:

✓ Please install and rate 5 stars our android app write a good review ty

✓ Started to add new Pokemon fan made based on real Pokemon. You can post links of good ones that you can find

✓ Vote links count decreased almost by half

✓ Missing other forms added to the game there should not be any missing please let me know if any missing

✓ Mega pokemon free giveaways started : ☑

✓ And check here : ☑

✓ Starter Pokemon are now counted at top trainers ranking system since we constantly do starter events

✓ All Pokemon and NPCs on maps re-assigned

✓ Some errors, bugs fixed

✓ Now you can quickly see via Pokeball indicator that you have that Pokemon or not in the game maps
✓ Example game map to check ☑

✓ The following keyboard shortcuts added to the game:
✓ At Pokemon select page: 1,2,3,4,5,6 to select respectively ordered Pokemon
✓ At battle Pokemon page: 1,2,3,4 to select respectively ordered moves
✓ At battle Pokemon page: F to finish battle when it is finished
✓ At battle result page: R to return to the game page

✓ The country flags should be displayed correctly now. All countries added and IP list updated. In order to take effect please re-login the game. Please report any errors.

✓ Maximum Pokemon count that you can have increased to 4000

✓ Maximum PM box (private messages) size increased to 1500

✓ MonsterMMORPG recently added to the Wikipedia and you can improve Monster MMORPG Wikipedia page appropriately

✓ Special event started - no end time determined yet

✓ During event EXP and Gold boost is 100%
✓ During event 1 starter monsters catchable at certain maps

✓ Available Starters:

653 - Fennekin
[Image: 653-Fennekin.png]

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ PokemonPets Youtube :
☑ PokemonPets Facebook :
☑ PokemonPets Google+ :
☑ Pokemon Pets Twitter :

✓ Special name giving to NPCs system is ready however it requires NPC name list preparation

✓ New PokemonPets Cinematic Game Trailer released


✓ New added and image updated Pokemon (Click F5 to refresh image cache of browser)

[Image: 238-Smoochum.png] [Image: 290-Nincada.png] [Image: 422-Shellos.png] [Image: 423-Gastrodon.png] [Image: 585-Deerling.png] [Image: 2222-Shiny-Corsola.png] [Image: 2238-Shiny-Smoochum.png] [Image: 2241-Shiny-Miltank.png] [Image: 2351-Shiny-Castform.png] [Image: 2422-Shiny-Shellos.png] [Image: 2423-Shiny-Gastrodon.png] [Image: 2493-Shiny-Arceus.png] [Image: 2585-Shiny-Deerling.png] [Image: 2586-Shiny-Sawsbuck.png] [Image: 4354-Castform-Foggy.png] [Image: 4355-Castform-Sand.png] [Image: 4422-Shellos-West.png] [Image: 4423-Gastrodon-West.png] [Image: 4493-Arceus-Ground.png] [Image: 4494-Arceus-Rock.png] [Image: 4495-Arceus-Bug.png] [Image: 4496-Arceus-Grass.png] [Image: 4497-Arceus-Electric.png] [Image: 4498-Arceus-Fairy.png] [Image: 4499-Arceus-Flying.png] [Image: 4500-Arceus-Poison.png] [Image: 4501-Arceus-Ice.png] [Image: 4502-Arceus-Ghost.png] [Image: 4503-Arceus-Steel.png] [Image: 4504-Arceus-Dragon.png] [Image: 4505-Arceus-Water.png] [Image: 4506-Arceus-Fighting.png] [Image: 4507-Arceus-Psychic.png] [Image: 4508-Arceus-Fire.png] [Image: 4509-Arceus-Dark.png] [Image: 4583-Deerling-Autumn.png] [Image: 4584-Deerling-Winter.png] [Image: 4585-Deerling-Spring.png] [Image: 4586-Sawsbuck-Autumn.png] [Image: 4587-Sawsbuck-Winter.png] [Image: 4588-Sawsbuck-Spring.png] [Image: 8028-Mega-Sandslash.png] [Image: 8049-Mega-Venomoth.png] [Image: 8149-Mega-Mew.png] [Image: 8189-Mega-Jumpluff.png] [Image: 8195-Mega-Quagsire.png] [Image: 8269-Mega-Dustox.png] [Image: 8357-Mega-Tropius.png] [Image: 8369-Mega-Relicanth.png] [Image: 8426-Mega-Drifblim.png] [Image: 8457-Mega-Lumineon.png] [Image: 8478-Mega-Froslass.png] [Image: 8720-Mega-Hoopa.png]

news source v 2.1.5
Yes! You rock!
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

Great update, ty cef.

M30 - Galliant
new arceus .. love them
Thanks for the update and the weekend starter, and the image updates as well as the Hoopa mega form, i am sure other people will love the unofficial megas.
Temp Signature Until I can Make A Better One
[Image: omeg_ruby_male_trainer_sig_01_by_gmc_aniki-d7sj23i.png]
It is the best best best update
super thanx for update
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
much things are added in this update which makes it best
Rock n Roll
nice update cef , can't wait 4 nxt one Smile
Charizard Rules

[Image: latest?cb=20120724210625&path-prefix=protagonist]
(2015-04-10, 03:36 AM)Viresh Kumar Wrote: It is the best best best update

good banner viresh

(2015-04-23, 02:41 PM)pharoah Wrote: nice update cef , can't wait 4 nxt one Smile
ure right pharoah cant wait for next update

(2015-04-09, 11:10 PM)nikhilvirus Wrote: new arceus .. love them
i liked the forms of arceus too

[Image: 2Q==][Image: 2Q==]
I am waiting for the next one
Great work CeFurkan.

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