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The Q and A thread
This thread answers every question tht I know the answer to.New ones each time.CeF,pls tell me how you like it below.
How do you know what the chance of finding a pokemon?
Well,you click your map page next to your name.
For example:
Look at the pokemon u can find.
Next to the pokemon is it's appearence chance.
Shinies put on the map are 0.01% chance.
Event shinies hv 0.05% chance.
*Lgnds are 0.03% in event.
Sometimes when you can walk on water,etc. ,u hv better chance to find lgnds and below.Idk abt event shinies,tho,-,
Good stock on Master Balls is recommended if your hunting shinies and lgnds.
Super Rod has 0.16% chance of catching U-rares,I believe for every U-Rare.
So Super Rod is recommended.
Legends are LVL 90 when u use Super Rod.
So please let me know how each tip goes.Bye for now,-,Gonna make a new tip.
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Pls comment
How do you fully make a thread?Part 1.Well,first,there is a box at the top where you type in the subject.That will be the name of the thread.Then there is a BIG box where you enter the message that makes your thread.Use the tools right below the subject to Font,Size and Color your message.Sorta like Graffiti for a picture color.Below is an optional choice to create a poll.The next part of this tip will explain that.How do you fully make a thread?Part 2.Well,to make a poll,you must do everything I said from the top then click a little box that says"Post a poll".Then click Post Thread.That will take you to the Poll Options And Configurations page.First,enter your question in the Question box,choose how many options(max 10)you want to provide in the poll,and fill in the boxes to display your options.Polls are optional.>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is how you fully make a thread.See yall later
I kinda wna restrict moveset tips here..Sry so much...There will be a new thread and u can ask there^^
U can find it cuz itz in this forum^^
How do you decide a good team?
Well,you look at your storage,first.(DUH!)
Then you look at each poke's stats,one by one.
Look at the IV's,Nature and EV's along w/ stats.
Then u put the 6 most best ones in your team.
If u get better pokes,just switch them in w/ your current team.

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