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(Shiny) Mega Butterfree
Acurracy, Sp Attack, & Speed Master abilities. 4x resistance to fighting. Acess to Psychic, Quiver dance, Double team, all powders, and toxic. This Mon is force to be reckoned with. this is a set I came up with:

Item: Epic Hammer

Move 1: Silver Wind
Move 2: Psychic
Move 3: Toxic/Sleep Powder

Move 4: Double Team

Epic Hammer increases Butterfree's already massive special attack, and psychic takes advantage of it. silver wind gets stab, added power, (again, epic hammer) AND increases a bunch of stats. toxic/sleep are awesome statuses. and double team increases Evasion, annoying the enemy,

another choice is quiver dance, for extra boosts.

That's why it's awesome.

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