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Q and A Thread(Moveset Section)
Hello^^This is similar to my Q and A Thread only this is where I recommend movesets^^I'll give the best answer I can^^If it isn't the best answer,ask a moderatorTongueEx.: https://www.pokemonpets.com/Shiny-Mega-S...edex-10213 This would be a wall according to Zap's Custom Classes.Best thing would be to overwhelm enemy with statuses.Moveset would be:Wrap,Toxic,Thunder Wave,Bind.Use Wrap and Bind to bleed the enemy and since it drains 10% of enemy HP when they get burns,etc,letz do the math.Decrease by 10%+10 10's make 100+10 turns=Faint the target.That would be some simple math to explain the reason of statuses.Use Toxic to do the exact math.Use Thunder Wave to make enemy speed drop and make itz chances of missing increase.Gtg.I'll add new tip later^^Vote in poll.
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