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Pokemon Classes(My customs)
New ones when I come up w/ em and can b online.Updates in this post.Now,letz DO THIS!!!Slow Starters These pokemon are slow but can defend GREAT or attack GREAT. Recommended item:Survival Armor,Attack Pill,Serum,etc,Defense Pill,Serum,etc Example: Https://www.pokemonpets.com/Deoxys-Defen...kedex-4002 Fast StartersThese pokemon specialize in Speed.They have great chance of going first.Recommended item:Speed Pill,Serum,etc.Example: Https://www.pokemonpets.com/Deoxys-Speed...kedex-4003 Crushers These pokemon specialize in Attack and SpAtk.Recommended item:Attack Pill,Serum,etc.Example: Https://www.pokemonpets.com/Deoxys-Attac...kedex-4001 More comin soon!!!
Those that are quick to get started These pokemon are known for their speed. They have a good possibility of becoming the first to leave. Items to consider: Speed Pills, Serum, and so forth. Crushers These pokemon are known for their Attack and SpAtk abilities. Attack Pill, Serum, and other such items are recommended play tic tac toe.
Pokémon pet gaming is the gaming zone that is about the mechanized form of the community in the well designed kind of passions. The style is for deciding the path of messaging with a assignment help as per need of good and the deficient tasks. Pokémon pet technologies are usually all about making a group of creatures that are slender but are very powerful in providing you with a good set of a gaming environments.

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