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Hey guys! So some of you guys have been asking me stuff like what is a tank? and what is a sweeper? So today I decided might as explain it to you guys. Here We GO!!! (BTW we will cover the basics and then the custom ones)

So Pokemon Have Different Classes?

I guess you can say so. Each Pokemon is unique but mostly many of them have the same purpose and belong to the following categories. 


Solid all rounder. Has moderate defensive stats and excels in either Attack or Special Attack. Can take hits and deal out some decent damage, Used to take out walls and other tanks. Drawback usually has quite low speed. 

Example -

EV training - 252 HP , 252 either Attack or Special Attack


Highly defensive. Can take a lot of hits, Usually uses status or Radiation to take out opponents. Drawback has limited offensive capabilities usually slow. 

Example -

EV training - 129 defence, 129 special defence, 252 HP


Fast and hard hittin'. Excels both offensively in either Attack or Special Attack. Has amazing speed. Usually used to counter walls and tanks. Most of time hits first. Drawback has low defensive stats and is usually one shotted by tanks.

Example -

EV training - 252 Attack or Special Attack, 252 Speed , 6 HP


Glass Tanks/ Glass Cannon

Usually can take one hit and deal out an amazing amount of damage. Has high offensive stats but drawback has low defensive stats and speed. Recommended to equip Survival Armor.

Example -

Tank Wall Breaker

A tank used to take out walls. 

Example -

Sweeper Wall Breaker

A sweeper used to counter walls

Example -

Mixed Sweeper (Double Barrel)

A sweeper that specializes in both Attack and Special Attack.

Example -


First String Sweeper (Shotgun Sweeper)

Your sweeper with the highest Attack/Special Attack, reccomended to start the battle.

Example -

Second String Sweeper (Special Sweeper)

A sweeper that specializes in status and uses it to its advantage 

Example -

Third String Sweeper (Solo Sweeper)

The fastest sweeper, uses moves to boost evasion e.g U-Turn

Example -

Fourth String Sweeper (Finisher Sweeper)

Used to "finish" Pokemon.

Example -

Thanks for readin'! Do PM me in game to tell me if i missed any out!

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oh nice! thanks zap.
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nice job
Your table is ready ?
Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable content.

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