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If you are a pvp'er and open to battling on a daily basis but have no one to battle. Well comment n leave your in game name so if someone want to pvp, they can just look at the names in this thread. Then send out a pvp challenge to whomever so yall can battle. P.s. Send challenge to people who use the same level poke, since it will be annoying getting request from new ppl. Also if you have low lvl pokes n reach lvl100, update your post.

List your in game name and your avg pokemon level that you battle with. Also can list your pvp rules ex. no rb poke, no sleepers, no shiny, no legends.

Name: CurryChicken 
Level 100 battles
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
Level 100 shiny battles
Some Day You'll Leave This World Behind,
So Live a Life You Will Remember
-Avicii: The Nights
lv 100 multi-class including megas, legands, mega-legend, and 1 shiny-legend
If one is interested in engaging in player-on-player conflict, all that is required of them is to look through the names of the people who have posted in this thread and read through their responses. Then you should go ahead and issue a challenge to a player-versus-player match to whoever it is that you have your sights set on competing against, and make sure to include a time and location that is convenient for both of you. P.S. Because it can be irritating to get requests from new users, you should limit sending challenges to other users whose Pokemon are at the same level as yours. You should also update your post if you have Pokemon of lower levels in your collection and they eventually reach level 100.
Good. I will follow your posts, It's interesting

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