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How To EV/Train Your Pokemon (2018 Edition)
Hey guys! So a lot of you guys have heard about EV training but actually have no idea what it is. So you've been messaging me a lot about it so I decided might as well give you all a lesson. So here it is how to Ev your Pokemon - zap style.

What is an EV?

EV stands for effort values. They are are different to IV (independent values) since they are changeable at will. So what do they actually do you ask? All Pokemon can have a maximum of 510 EVs. They are then split into 6 groups. Attack,Special Attack, Defence, Special Defence, Speed and Hit Points (HP) . You can have a max of 252 in a certain group. For every 4 EV points you gain one stat point for your Pokemon. For instance let's say a Pokemon has 8 EVs in Attack then they have an additional 2 attack points.

How is this useful?

A correctly EV trained Pokemon is much more efficient as well as more stronger than a randomly trained Pokemon. This is because you are maximizing the Pokemon's strengths. This makes a Pokemon stronger since you have trained your Pokemon to become specialized in a certain job (e.g Sweeper). 

When Do You Need To EV?

For the first 17 badges EV training is generally not recommended as you don't need to really. For gyms 18 and 19 it is recommended you consider and probably Ev train your Pokemon. 

Where Do You EV train?

Do the following gyms for each EV point.

Attack - Martial City
Special Attack - Sakura City
Defence - Ferrous City
Special Defence - Sakura City
Speed - Power Center City
HP - None in particular, most gyms give a reasonable amount of HP

What Do I Need To Ev train?

Varies on what Pokemon you are training. However all EV trainers are recommended to purchase a Macho Brace and give it to your Pokemon since it doubles the EV points you get after battle. So in essence makes EV training 2 times faster. Purchase 10 of each of the 2 stats you decide to maximize. (Note : you can only use a max of 10 EV boosting items for each stat)

Protein - Gives 10 Attack EV Points
Calcium - Gives 10 Special Attack EV points
Iron - Gives 10 Defence EV points
Zinc - Gives 10 Special Defence EV points
Carbos - Gives 10 Speed EV points
HP UP - Gives 10 HP EV points.

Kelpsy Berry - Reduces Attack EV by 10
Hondew Berry - Reduces Special Attack EV by 10
Qualot Berry - Reduces Defence EV by 10
Grepa Berry - Reduces Special Defence EV by 10
Tamato Berry - Reduces Speed EV by 10
Pomeg Berry - Reduces HP EV by 10

So How Do You EV train?

Simple lets take one Pokemon for example and look at its Pokedex entry. Let's Pick 

When EV training you want to maximize a Pokemon's strength. So first of all looking at Shiny-Mega-Excadrill's base stats, it appears to be a sweeper since its generally decent speed stat and its overwhelming attack stat. So this makes it a physical sweeper. So the correct load out would be 252 EV points in attack, 252 EV points in speed and 6 in Hp. When Ev training a Pokemon it is recommended to put 252 points in each of its top 2 stats. The remaining 6 is up to you.

So looking at the where to EV train list above it looks like we need to go to Martial City. We give our Excadrill a macho brace to speed things up. We keep fighting with our Excadrill until it has 152 Attack EV points. Upon defeating a Pokemon it will drop an EV stat! 

Once we have reached that we use 10 Protein to take it up to 252 EV points! (Like I said before you can only use a maximum of 10 EV boosting items for each stat) Congrats! Now we have EV one stat! Before you move onto your next stat it is reccomended you use berries to lower all the EV points you don't need so in our case we need Attack and Speed do Special Attack, Special defence, Defence and HP are irrelevant so we use berries to reduce these stats to 0.

So on completion a fully trained Excadrill looks like this - 

Is that it?

Yup! Thats all there is to it really! 

BTW if you are too lazy to EV train you can always pay me to do it for you or you can try my good friend @SurfinSamurott in game. 

Thanks for reading!

"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
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amazing thread Zap!
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This was by far the most useful forum I've ever seen. I can't thank you enough for this thread chief, especially after a lengthy Pokémon sabbatical that makes your logo design look boring   (Platinum was the last one I acquired) and as a complete newbie when it comes to breeding/training. Cheers!
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Each Pokemon grants an EV point when defeated, usually dependent on what it's naturally known for. For example, defeating a Diglett will grant one Speed EV point to your Pokemon. Apple watches price in Pakistan Some Pokemon, usually stronger evolutions, will grant 2 or 3 EV points when defeated. Four EV points equal a stat increase by one. Pokemon cannot gain unlimited EV points! Only a total of 510 EVs can be earned, and only a max of 252 EVs can be used toward a single stat. Choose wisely because this means you can basically choose two stats to max out, and one to raise slightly.
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