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How To Beat Ghost Arena
Hi Guys.In this thread i will tell you guys how to beat Ghost Arena Leader.

[Image: 15mms1s.png]

First we will talk about making a team.

Use other 3 of your choice.

For Moveset of Mega-Shuckle/Shuckle,see this:

[Image: nqz7th.png]

For Moveset of Mega-Milotic,see this:

[Image: 23iia1d.png]

For Moveset of Mega-Slaking/Slaking,see this:

[Image: t5slmp.png]

For the moveset of your Haxorus,see this:

[Image: i4pis6.png]

After getting your team raedy,go to the Spectre Arena and Defeat all npc's with your team.NPC's in the Ghost Arena don't have any tough pokemon.You can defeat all npc's with your team without a problem.

Ghost Arena Leader have these Pokemons in his team:


The pokemons of the Leader aren't much tough.You can take them down using Mega-Shuckle or Mega-Milotic.Just keep inflicting Status Problems like Bleeding,Burning,Poisoning to the pokemons of leader and they will be down in no time.

Dusknoir is the only pokemon that can be a bit of problem.Dusknoir got Perfect Body,Expert Regenerator and Slow Strong.You won't be able to defeat it with Mega-Milotic or Mega-Shuckle.So,you will have to use a hard hitter for this purpose.Just raise the Attack stat of your Haxorus and Critical Hit Chance as well.After that,keep using Dragon Claw and that Dusknoir will also be defeated.Make sure to give your Haxorus "Vampiric Weapon" it will Regenerate 10% of the damage you deal to the enemy pokemon as your health.

I hope this thread helped you.Good Luck Defeating the Ghost Arena Leader.

this really helped me alot ^^ i will keep this in mind when i get to the gym ^^
keep on doing this \^^/
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(2016-01-03, 08:38 AM)Glaceon Wrote: this really helped me alot ^^ i will keep this in mind when i get to the gym ^^
keep on doing this \^^/

thnx ^^
nice now many noobs know how to beat that arena Wink
(2016-01-03, 08:41 AM)mlinka Wrote: nice now many noobs know how to beat that arena Wink
ty linka ^.^
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wow i see much many thread but I love this thanks for share this topics
i was searching for it on google.
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