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As we all know, Pokemon is a big deal in the world. It has a huge fan following, a lot of competitive playing and whatnot.

Of course, Pokemon Pets will have competitive battling as well - and that is why you need to Know your Pokémon.

I gathered a bunch of useful sites for Trainer use. These sites has a lot of information, from moves, natures and strategies:

Bulbapedia - My personal preferred site, where I gather information for natures and movesets for my Pokémon.

Smogon University - A famous site also loaded with information you might find useful.

Serebii - The site I used before I discovered Bulbapedia, good stuff.

I hope you find these useful because I have extremely high hopes for PokemonPets. I wish for it to be as competitive as the old M3O V1 I loved.
Pokemon Natures

That goes for natures.
nice work guys this will help guys like me Wink
i love serebii, i use that site all the time, i also keep up with news about pokemon and stuff.
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Indeed awesome sites, I use them all Smile

Thanks for posting.
Also this site is good for a faster finding of pokemon by region and sprite, I used it before i found Serebii or even knew about Bulbapedia. I still use it more over other sites TBH.

PsyPokes- Sprite Gallery
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Bulbapedia is genius.

Thanks for posting Smile 

Now just wait til PVP's start up for real here, and my Curse setup Umbreon will show you how to play Wink
PVP Help - Sweepers and Walls

(: We need to know about Sweepers and we need to know about Walls.
Smogon is great for finding great builds for most pokemon.  Bulbapedia is usually great, but we have most of the moveset and abilities information on the site.  Plus some pokemon evolutions and moves work differently here.  Still Bulbapedia has some very good articles about the pokemon series in general if you are ever curious.
Pokemon Neoseeker

Another Pokemon Wikia for whatever purposes.
It also contains the pokedex for that specific region.

So if you want all Johto pokemon, you can get that pokedex without the Kanto pokemon in it.
Hoenn pokedex has all pokemon from the Hoenn region, no kanto or johto.

etc for the rest of them
;u; these helped so much! thanks bunches guys!
Nice help for game, thanks
nice infromation from those sites.
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