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new player question
i just start the game ,in what way can i get gold fast ?

Hunt :
you got 5 free poke ball in your bag right ,why not make use of this 5 poke ball to catch some pokemon with :
hunt common pokemon level 1 ,which u can catch them by hitting with half blood , after the battle, check and make sure they got good nature with good V 
IV point 
IV hp
IV defense 
IV attack 
IV SPattack 
IV Speed  
try catch  all stat 20 and above  to sell for 1m to 5 millon  
or catch 2 stat spattack and speed with 27 to 30  which can sell 1m to 5millon 
what is a good nature ?
timid and modest  
if i have good V but don't have good nature , can it be sell too ?
can be sell, some player might need them ,which can sell by 300k to 5millon depend on the player  who want to buy  

Kill pokemon :
how to a new player get gold ?
 you just need more time to play to earn more gold 
Let say :
level 1 pokemon give you 300 gold 
1 pokemon =300 gold 
2 pokemon kill in 1 min 
60min x 2 pokemon=120 pokemon x300 gold =36000 gold  
if you play for 10 hour = 360000 gold = 360k gold in 10 hour

do both together :
battle all pokemon, never let 1 go  , catch if you saw a good nature 
timid or modest 

what happen if my pokeball not enough to catch ?
go to the shop in town , buy item at the shop ,choose poke ball
your poke ball is at page 3  
price 50  
buy 1 is 50 gold 
buy 99 which cost you only 5k only 

5k is too much to me ?
but if you keep battle ,5k is nothing to you  
one battle is 300 , 10 battle 3k , you can get by 20 battle that is 6k gold

what is the mean of check pvp offer?
seeing whether it is accepted/declined/or not answered

what is offer status mean?
offer status is whether your invitation is decline or not answered
and check offer is whether you send or got invitation for pvp 

battle with another player mean ?

how to i get full screen in the game  ?
press F11
how to remove full screen in the game ?
press F11 again 

how to avoid tax ?
10million = tax 
999999 = but 999999 doesn't hit 10millon so it won't count as tax 

can i transform more then 1 mega ?
where can i buy mega gem ?
at the shop 
which pokemon should i mega ?
you should look for a good nature with a good V to mega 
not a bad nature with bad V 
how to we know which is bad or which is good ?
you can link the pokemon  in the chat and ask the senior to help you  
how a good mega look like ?
this a mega-gardevoir

why does false swipe sometime burn the enemy ?
you might use a pokemon that has an ability to burn other pokemon with an attack 

how come legend price getting lower and lower ?
because of it nature and V  are bad 

what are the price if i can get from the below ?
the price could be 10m and above  
you can increase the price if you find good nature and V like :
all stat 20 include nice nature like timid and modest
all stat 27 which given by admin from reward box ,something like that

2 or 3 stat 28 to 30  include nice nature like timid and modest  
why they want those stats ?
cause they need to mega  it  with good stats
How do I add to team?
(2015-06-16, 06:14 PM)mason1 Wrote: How do I add to team?

you can manage them from pokemon center

you get teleported its entrance once you are defeated
a lot of math nice
i fight Because that's what i was made for                              [Image: view?resolution=2560x1600&file=MjM4OXgxO...g4Nl93YQ==]

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