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FAQ how to get 2000m
how much a starter worth ?
it worth 20m to 50m
for 50m it must be a level 100 
sell event starters
1) how to get 2000m gold 
1 starter = 20m 
10 starter = 200m
100 starter = 2000m 
u need to sell 100 event starter to get 2000m gold 
 can our starter be sale ?
cannot ,only event starter 
then where can i find the event starter at?
every new version update

complete all Gyms 
2)how to get 2000m gold
1 day complete all gym get 10m
10 day complete all gyms get 100m
100 day complete all gyms get 1000m
200 day complete all gyms get 2000m
u need 200 days to get 2000m gold
u could earn more then 10m in 1 day of complete all gyms

sell Legends
3)how to get 2000m gold
1 legend = 2m
100 legend = 200m
1000 legend = 2000m
u need to sell 1000 legend to get 2000m

sell Shiny Legend
4)how to get 2000m gold
1 shiny Legend = 200m
10 shiny Legend = 2000m
u need to sell 10 shiny legend to get 2000m

sell Shiny
5)how to get 2000m gold
1 shiny = 100m
10 shiny = 1000m
20 shiny = 2000m
u need to sell 20 shiny to get 2000m

how to earn gold from buying ?
buying cheapest legend and sell them with a higher price
trading  legends + some amount of gold to get shiny 

then sell shiny with a big amount of price  
buying cheapest shiny then sell out with a higher price 

keeping all legend isn't a bad ideas , which can trade 20 to 30 legend for a shiny   
hi...thx for help
The prices are way off.

M30 - Galliant
I'm a guy that does all the arena excluding the mixed zone because I don't want to deal manaphy and I get around 30mil during event. Btw no shiny legend is going to cost 200mil, and that would only happen if the shiny legend has maxed ivs.
Thank you
nice info guy
i fight Because that's what i was made for                              [Image: view?resolution=2560x1600&file=MjM4OXgxO...g4Nl93YQ==]
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