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Story Line 
1)story of a trainer ( walking at starfall town ) Ep 1 
2)story of a trainer ( learning how to use chat ) Ep 2
3)story of a trainer ( what to carry in his pokemon journey) Ep 3
4)story of a trainer ( my first shiny  catch ) Ep 4
5)story of a trainer ( how to type a message )Ep 5


story of a trainer ( walking at starfall town ) Ep 1 
hi my name is xiao 
xiao choose Squirtle as his pokemon  and it teleport him to the starfall town
he went to check his bag, inside have some potion with some pokeball and some money 

he went in to the monster center ,where he saw his pokemon keep inside 
xiao came out where he saw a shop in blue at the below left hand corner
he went in and saw alot of stuff selling, he also saw trade,selling pokemon or buying  

xiao went out of the shop,he saw alot of building on the right hand side 
he saw alot of grass with 2 red arrow showing at right hand corner 
he walk across the grass

A pokemon show up, it a level 2 exeggcute 
it ask to choose ( battle or try run
xiao not a coward so he didn't choose try run 
he battle it by using Squirtle 

he check below , select poke' ball (throw poke'ball )  
xiao click on it, he saw some poke ball in it 
he aim at the ball and throw it out

at the below in red line, it say :
in order to catch common class pokemon,you need to decrease pokemon hp to at least 95% of it max hp

at the red line below 
the white line say :
since enemy pokemon hp still too high ,you cannot throw a poke' ball 

xiao use his pokemon skill ,he manage to hit it by half blood 
he check below , select poke' ball (throw poke'ball )  
he click on it, i saw some poke ball in it 
he aim at the poke' ball and throw it out 
xiao manage to catch it 

at the green line below it say :
you have successfully captured level 2#102 exeggcute
if your team has 6 pokemon already ,it is transfer to your storage or els it is in the team 
you can access to your storage from monster center (MC) building 

on the top of the green line 
xiao saw the red line and it say :
battle finish to proceed 

he press on it 
then return map 
he walk forward to the two red arrow 

xiao finally out of the starfall town  

the end of my story of walking at starfall town 


story of a trainer ( learning how to use chat ) Ep 2

xiao finally out of the starfall town
he look at his map 
he has reach [b]Lily Pond(Route Order 2)[/b]
he looking at the chat  
it say : show chat screen 
he press on it 

there are many player from other world typing in the chat 
he type hi and  press send 
one of the player reply on him by saying : welcome  
there are rule beside the send 

few min later ,xiao type again and ask how to you earn more gold ?
a few second later 
number (A) player reply 
use vote to get more gold 

number (B) player reply 
battle gyms everyday to get more gold 

number © player reply 
selling legend,shiny pokemon , or starter to earn more gold 

few min later,xiao type again and ask how to you earn more gold as you are a new player?

few second later ,number (D) reply 
keep battle every single pokemon when you reach amount of 10 to 20k of gold  then buy a high level pokemon from the shop 

few second later ,number (D) reply again 
don't keep level at the same spot : like battle level 1 pokemon , which give you a very low gold rate , your pokemon are level 10 ,you should be good for attack at least  a level 5 pokemon which give you a better rate of gold 

few second later ,number (D) reply again
and also try to buy attractive player at the shop to encounter wild pokemon for the next 1000 steps

a few second later ,number (D) reply again
save up some money to buy some revive  and extreme ball to catch shiny or legend pokemon  

15 min later number (D) reply again
why i can't type the chat for 15min ,who the one who ban me from the chat and why ban me 

a few second later , a CM appear in the chat 
u again the rule by typing 4 chat less then 1 min so i ban you for 15min 

a few second later ,number (D) reply 
o...sorry CM , i didn't know that ....

a few second later,number (A) player reply
next time , if you type 2 to three post,use delete to delete it so that you won't have so many to post and also you can block the player who keep disturb you from sending you message to beg for pokemon 

a few second ,xiao type
hi can anyone give me a strong pokemon ?

a few second later ,  xiao got a message on the below of his name 
xiao read the message , a CM have reply 
no begging is allow,it against the rule , you have been report and ban for 15min  from the chat  

xiao hide the chat screen and start walking on the grass  
the end of my story of learning how to use chat

story of a trainer ( what to carry in his pokemon journey ) Ep 3
xiao walking on the grass at lily pond ,where a normal trainer show up, hey u want a battle with me 
normal trainer 
2040 exp
1020 gold 
avg level 9 
relicanth level 7,alomomola level 9,skrelp level 10,heracross level 10
gain money 
Earned Reward Items: 2 x Regular Potion |

i click battle, i manage to kill them with my six pokemon  
in the chat , someone told me ,for starting i need to catch druggion, he say it was a good pokemon for new player just like me  
so i just catch it and train it 
it help me defeat almost all the enemy  in the battle 
i did catch one more pokemon but it say ... it transfer to the monster center 

i went for a check 
i press set pokemon team 
i press to take out and it say :
since you have 6 pokemon on your team,you won't be able to add another pokemon without removing a pokemon first !
you can use location filter to see pokemon at your team 

after that i went out of the monster center, i open the chat again  
New player in the chat type :
what is important for me to carry along in the bag ?

(A) player reply :
orb is for healing ,crystal is for attacking  ,choose one of them for your pokemon and if your pokemon is a dragon type choose dragon orb  , if a water type then choose water orb and it just same like crystal 

(B) player reply :
you also need exp share :Total gained EXP at the battle equally shared between item holder and others. If there are 2 holder it get splitted to 3 or if 3 holder it get splitted to 4 and same apply further. Holder does not have to participate battle 
amulet coinIf any Pokémon in the user's team is holding this item, earned gold from battles is doubled. This bonus is not stackable.
Lucky egg :Increases the experience points (EXP) that the holder gets from battles by 50%.
few second later ,New Player reply :
thank you  

© player typing :
press attractive player to find shiny or legend pokemon in the grass,water or using rod ,for rod u can buy from the shop 

(D) player typing :
i teach a way to find them ,there are two way of finding them 
before walking on the grass,water or using rod , make sure you press attractive player ,if not you can't catch them 

first way : 
walking on grass or water :
u need to walk in the grass and battle all pokemon that want to battle with you 

second way :
walking on grass or water :
use try run to escape all pokemon but you were still battle if it want to battle you 

both way also can catch legend or shiny but all need luck 
some catch shiny in 1 battle , some catch shiny need 1 day,3days,1 week,3week , some even  1 month to catch .. it depend on luck  

xiao closed the chat, and start his pokemon journey
the end of my story of what to carry in his pokemon journey 

story of a trainer ( my first shiny  catch ) Ep 4
xiao play nearly ten day in the game  
with no legend  or even shiny appear 
even he use attractive player when every battle is finish

he using try run method , which keep run away from monster ,but the pokemon were also battle him if it want to 

xiao then open chat to look for some detail 
a few second (A) player typing :
wow i just now catch a shiny legend , but i use try run  method which i miss it , my heart almost keep beating

a few second later (B) player typing :
lol you only heart beating , i tell you i even bang my mouse ,then screaming ,keep asking why i miss that shiny  

a few second later © player typing :
that not the worst , i walk at the grass almost 3 day ,making my eye almost asleep ,suddenly ,it appear when my eye almost closed , then i miss with stupid click on try run not on battle , my hand keep shaking till no ending  

few min  later (D) player typing :
wow i catch a shiny , my luck better then your, ho no , i found out that my nature  hardy  with my V ... i get 1 ,1,1,2,4 ... 

a few second later (A) player typing :
you get like never get like that, must els throw away or give to player 

a few second later (B) player typing :
no , don't do that , even the nature or the V is no good but is still a shiny , the price worth more then the normal 

a few second later © player typing :
so hard to catch a shiny ,how could you let go it , keep it , it can gain you point for rank, and also keep hunting for more pokemon to gain point to become top ten in ranking one day , which everyone proud of you 

xiao close the chat 
he start searching for his first shiny 
finally a shiny appear in the grass  

it a shiny-stunfisk level 30 
xiao click on battle which took him 1 min to aim at the battle ,cause he doesn't want to miss the first shiny ,he saw  

he use all his six pokemon to vs it 
5 of his pokemon have already die 
left the last one which look weak 

xiao start to worry ,what he going to do 
if he loss this battle , he going to lost his shiny 
but that shiny super strong  

xiao could not ask the player for help in the chat cause it was in a battle 
finally xiao use a full revive to cure all his pokemon 
then use any of his pokemon to tank while feeding this stronger pokemon Squirtle  pills like : spattack to level 5 ,critcal to level 5, sp def to level 5 
keep using full revive when 5 pokemon are down 
while keep using half revive while 1 pokemon are down 
xiao use Squirtle  most damage skill to hit on shiny-stunfisk 
three hit on it , the blood manage to end at 25.1 percent 

he click on his masterball , but fail 
he keep asking him , how come it fail 
he keep trying and trying but it keep fail 
then he read the red line , it say must be at 25 percent then can catch it 

so xiao was in 25.1 not 25 so he can't catch it 

xiao not so stupid using a strong skill on that stunfisk ,while he using a weak skill on it ,cause it won't hurt it too much 
with the last hit , xiao finally catch his first pokemon shiny-stunfisk and train it level 100

by using battle all GYMs with  vote  

the end of my story of my first shiny  catch


story of a trainer ( how to type a message ) Ep 5
xiao travel alot of map 
when he want to look for friend 

he were go to player 
search player 
filter by username ____MineralWater______
then press List Player search 
Last online  mean not online  
last online hour minutes second ago  

after xiao travel in lily pond , he meet a guy 
this guy , by looking in player 
top trainer, he was in top 10 

xiao press new message 
recipient mean his name  
subject mean title 
type at the big square space 
after that send message

xiao private send a message to the pokemon hunter 
say : hi, i saw you have alot same pokemon in your values 
rank and values 
view all pokemon  

pokemon hunter send a message back 
hi xiao , i m a pokemon hunter , i collect alot of pokemons and sell them away 
each pokemon price are not the same 
some are expensive and some are cheap , it depend on what you want 

i teach you how to trade a pokemon 
first go to the shop 
put pokemon on trade 
select a pokemon which you want to trade with 
then  press put on trade 

you can see ,when you press put on trade,there a red line appear on the top 
you successfully put level 27 kakuna monster on trade !
press return market 
return to map 

wait for a person to reply on your message  
by receive a message to you 
now i teach you how to buy from trade from the person you want to trade with 

search  pokemon for trade 
filter by owner ___MineralWater____
press filter 
then  the pokemon he want to offer appear 

press offer 
search my name mean search my pokemon name 
filter by level  min and max  mean  
70 min 100 max 
it only appear level 70to 100 
if  100 min  100 max 
it only appear 100  

after finish press filter 
add your pokemon,you want to trade on  add offer list 
if you dont to trade that pokemon 
press remove from offer list 
on the top there on the right side 
add money offer mean how much money you want to add in this trade 
after finish  

return market ,return map and wait for reply 
you got a unread private message 
it say : 
the pokemon ,you put to trade level 27 kakuna got an offer 
then ,go to shop  

offer to my trade pokemon 
press on show made offer
if you see everything is ok 
then you press accept offer 
if you see the thing not correct or you doesn't want to trade 
press decline offer 

when you press accept offer 
on top your ask you again 
are you sure 
if you are sure  press yes 
if not press no  
if you press yes 
your trade successfully happen 
the pokemon you trade transfer to the storage 

press return market ,return map 
go to monster center and take out your pokemon 
ok , i need to take a break , cya next time 
after that xiao  carry on his travel    
the end of my story of how to type a message  


story of a trainer (  become a CM ) Ep 6

by chatting in the chat ....
CM Player3 chat : i so happy, today i become CM 

Player 1 chat : grats 

SCM player4 chat : grats 

Admin chat : today we were having a event  
while admin halfway chatting 

a few second later
player 2 chat : can u guys teach me how to earn gold ?

a few second later
CM player3 chat : is easy to get gold by killing pokemon  

a few second later
Admin chat : the event ,we were having which was 
while admin halfway chatting

a few second later
SCM player4 chat : fight gyms it give you more gold 

a few second later
CM player3 chat : i so happy, i m a CM 

a few second later
SCM player4 chat : try help the new player   

a few second later
player 3 chat : how come my cm post gone ?

a few second later
player 4 chat : how come my scm post also gone ?

a few second later
Admin chat : i m chatting while you both disturb my chat so i remove both post 

a few second later 
player 1 chat : haha 

a few second later
player 2 chat : lol 

a few second later 
player 1 have been ban for 15min  for disturb admin chat 
player 2 have been ban for 15min  for disturb admin chat

a few second later 
player 3 chat : laugh some more la 

a few second later 
player 4 chat : lol 

a few second later 
player 3have been ban for 15min  for disturb admin chat 
player 4 have been ban for 15min  for disturb admin chat

the end of my story of  become a CM

seem's nice but way too long for me dont have the time
i fight Because that's what i was made for                              [Image: view?resolution=2560x1600&file=MjM4OXgxO...g4Nl93YQ==]

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