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[Advanced Guide] Mastering catching rate
Hello everybody,

Since a lot of people is wondering how I can catch some legendaries or super rares with only Poké Balls, I decided to share my "study" about catching rate, by trying to make it as simple, short, clear, as possible !

As you may know, or not yet, the catching rate in this game is based on one simple formula which is: 

% of getting the Pokémon = Capture Rate = (( 1 + ( MaxHP x 3 - CurrentHP x 2 ) x CatchRate x (25/PokémonLevel) x BallRate x Status# ) ÷ ( MaxHP x 3 )) ÷ 256 

(I have added the multiplication per 100 in order to get a ratio, but you'll have to divide it per 100 after for the second part of the thread)

As a result, to help you, I created a little excel file which may help you, you can download it without any problem, it comes directly from my computer, which is safe. Also for the next part of this guide, I recommend not modifying the values in the column B yet :


When you open the file you will see some values in column B, which are in B2 the catching rate, and from B3 to B8 the values that you will have to modify in order to calculate it !

Let's make an example with the excel file :
- I consider that I reduced a legendary's hp to 79 hp out of its 873 max hp (Here, you'll fill B3 and B4 squares). 

- The catch rate of this Pokémon is 3 (It can be found in the Pokémon detail's page thanks to the Pokédex), so I put "3" on the B5 square.

- I plan catching that monster with a Pokéball, which has a ball rate of 1. As a result I will put "1" in the B6 square.

- I will have to check the current status of the enemy Pokémon at the end of the turn. As you can see, making sleeping or frozen an enemy Pokémon will make you put "2" in the B7 square, while poisoning, paralyzing, burning and bleeding will make you put "1.5" in the B7 square. If the status of the enemy Pokémon is normal, by default the value will be "1".

- Last but not least, since the game takes into account the level of the monster, I will put in B8 the level of the Pokémon.

And then you will get the percentage in B2 square which will represent the success of catching this Pokémon.


Until here it was pretty simple to understand right? =) Now let's complicate things a little bit:

- We still can see that in my table the catching rate is very low (0,324024942 % chances of success). So I have very strong chances of wasting my Poké Ball. So, should I keep going using Poké Balls or not, since the catching rate is ridiculous?

- By using basic probability chances, let's consider that I want to use 50 Pokéballs in a row, considering also that all the values in the excel table won't change during these 50 turns (which rarely happens). So, logically, my chances to catch the Pokémon will raise !!! 

- And indeed, if we follow the stastistical formula : 
Catching rate (p,X) = 1-(1-p)^X      with p=(Catching rate/100)   
                                                  and X=The number of Poké Ball that I want to throw.

- So what do we get with our example? By replacing X and p by our values, we'll get:    Catching rate (0,00324024942, 50) = 1-(1-0,00324024942)^50

- We will have a result around 0.15, so 15%. As a result, by throwing 50 Poké Balls, you'll have 15% to catch that wild Pokémon !

(You can also repeat the calculations by yourself by considering that I want to use 250 Pokéballs. If you want to check the results, you will have 55.6% chances to catch the Pokémon by using 250 Poké Balls, and 85.7% chances to catch that monster with 600 Poké Balls)

If you can understand these explanations and master what I did write in this post, you'll be soon able to reconsider using a Master Ball on an ultra rare Pokémon, and then you'll probably become a real Master catcher. I wish you good luck in your Pokémon Hunting Quest and don't forget to Thank me on this post if it helped you ! 
Very useful, stick'd
very useful thread 
some calculations you did there
Wow that is a lot of math.  That is complicated too...  That would be useful if I had a full version of excel and that I don't despise complicated math problems.
thank you very much for great thread
Why did it need the creator to link it to get me to see it ?! 
GREAT stuff ! 
thanks a bunch 

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Great useful for as
Great post

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