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✓ Version 2.1.3 (18 February 2015) Pokemon Pets (F2P Online Pokemon MMO RPG Game) Update Change Logs - Read previous updates as well
☑ Previous updates:

✓ All of the megas are now completed (primal ones are also added as mega)

✓ Mega pokemon free giveaways started : ☑

✓ And check here : ☑

✓ These megas will never be catchable at the maps and they will be obtained via only transformation gem items. Items will be consumed upon usage and can be purchased from market:

☑ Mega Gem: 25m Gold : Mega Pokemon transformation
☑ Perfect Gem: 100m Gold : Mega-Legendary pokemon transformation
☑ Ultimate Gem: 500m Gold : Shiny mega pokemon transformation
☑ Legendary Gem: 2000m Gold : Shiny Legendary transformation

✓ Market interface improved a little bit and some bugs fixed

✓ Now total EV values can reach 510 instead of 509

✓ All Pokemon and NPCs on maps re-assigned

✓ Some errors, bugs fixed

✓ An important balance made at the appear ratios in the game maps. Now you will not see same pokemon again and again. If you see such map please report

✓ The game server is upgraded
☑ New server has 128 GB ram memory
☑ Another improvement made so game should run faster now

✓ Special week event started

✓ During event EXP and Gold boost is 100%
✓ During event 1 starter monsters catchable at certain maps

✓ Available Starters:

503 - Samurott
[Image: 503-Samurott.png]

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ PokemonPets Youtube :
☑ PokemonPets Facebook :
☑ PokemonPets Google+ :
☑ Pokemon Pets Twitter :

✓ Special name giving to NPCs system is ready however it requires NPC name list preparation

✓ New added and image updated Pokemon Megas
[Image: 8005-Mega-Charizard.png] [Image: 8015-Mega-Beedrill.png] [Image: 8018-Mega-Pidgeot.png] [Image: 8080-Mega-Slowbro.png] [Image: 8208-Mega-Steelix.png] [Image: 8254-Mega-Sceptile.png] [Image: 8260-Mega-Swampert.png] [Image: 8302-Mega-Sableye.png] [Image: 8319-Mega-Sharpedo.png] [Image: 8323-Mega-Camerupt.png] [Image: 8334-Mega-Altaria.png] [Image: 8362-Mega-Glalie.png] [Image: 8373-Mega-Salamence.png] [Image: 8376-Mega-Metagross.png] [Image: 8380-Mega-Latias.png] [Image: 8381-Mega-Latios.png] [Image: 8382-Mega-Kyogre.png] [Image: 8383-Mega-Groudon.png] [Image: 8384-Mega-Rayquaza.png] [Image: 8428-Mega-Lopunny.png] [Image: 8475-Mega-Gallade.png] [Image: 8531-Mega-Audino.png] [Image: 8719-Mega-Diancie.png] [Image: 10005-Shiny-Mega-Charizard.png] [Image: 10015-Shiny-Mega-Beedrill.png] [Image: 10018-Shiny-Mega-Pidgeot.png] [Image: 10080-Shiny-Mega-Slowbro.png] [Image: 10208-Shiny-Mega-Steelix.png] [Image: 10254-Shiny-Mega-Sceptile.png] [Image: 10260-Shiny-Mega-Swampert.png] [Image: 10302-Shiny-Mega-Sableye.png] [Image: 10319-Shiny-Mega-Sharpedo.png] [Image: 10323-Shiny-Mega-Camerupt.png] [Image: 10334-Shiny-Mega-Altaria.png] [Image: 10359-Shiny-Mega-Absol.png] [Image: 10362-Shiny-Mega-Glalie.png] [Image: 10373-Shiny-Mega-Salamence.png] [Image: 10376-Shiny-Mega-Metagross.png] [Image: 10380-Shiny-Mega-Latias.png] [Image: 10381-Shiny-Mega-Latios.png] [Image: 10382-Shiny-Mega-Kyogre.png] [Image: 10383-Shiny-Mega-Groudon.png] [Image: 10384-Shiny-Mega-Rayquaza.png] [Image: 10428-Shiny-Mega-Lopunny.png] [Image: 10475-Shiny-Mega-Gallade.png] [Image: 10531-Shiny-Mega-Audino.png] [Image: 10719-Shiny-Mega-Diancie.png]

✓ Updated Poekmon images (click F5 to refresh)

[Image: 192-Sunflora.png] [Image: 200-Misdreavus.png] [Image: 222-Corsola.png] [Image: 228-Houndour.png] [Image: 363-Spheal.png] [Image: 373-Salamence.png] [Image: 376-Metagross.png] [Image: 443-Gible.png] [Image: 475-Gallade.png] [Image: 479-Rotom.png] [Image: 489-Phione.png] [Image: 548-Petilil.png] [Image: 567-Archeops.png] [Image: 572-Minccino.png] [Image: 647-Keldeo.png] [Image: 2170-Shiny-Chinchou.png] [Image: 2173-Shiny-Cleffa.png] [Image: 2178-Shiny-Xatu.png] [Image: 2192-Shiny-Sunflora.png] [Image: 2272-Shiny-Ludicolo.png] [Image: 2334-Shiny-Altaria.png] [Image: 2373-Shiny-Salamence.png] [Image: 2475-Shiny-Gallade.png] [Image: 2548-Shiny-Petilil.png] [Image: 4080-Keldeo-Resolute.png]

news source v 2.1.3
thanku very much for this update
who wants mega charizard change pm me your charizard id and i will convert it to another
Good job CeF some sweet images in there Big Grin
Also Primal = Mega-Legend ? i mean does it work the same ? ^^

M30 - Galliant
thanks cef
Thanks for the update and new megas, as well as new designs for some pokes and shinies Cefurkan, look forward to catching a few Samurot for my collection ;3
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how about it ?
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
the game now game seems to be really updated and look cool
my noob IGN Staff 
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(2015-02-19, 11:50 AM)staff Wrote: the game now game seems to be really updated and look cool

you r right
(2015-02-19, 04:49 AM)Hi i am Ben Wrote: how about it ?
thts good i
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
ce furkan  i want moves for megas
(2015-03-14, 09:49 AM)Henry Wrote: ce furkan  i want moves for megas

what do you mean ?
hello ! Smile

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