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the story of weakest trainer
Ch 1 : the beginning 
at Volcano City that always known as city which all people live with fire pokemons with harmony and very hot bloods trainers who always want to be fire land champs in this city a female arena leader know with name as valary , she always as gym leader give every new trainers a one of fire starters as her duties as Volcano City leaders
she has a nephew they called him haseeo with no interest in pokemon battle but he too way more care about pokemon and want to know every thing about and she didn't know what to do about him
and one day every new trainer get his new pokemon except him and the only starter left is an Shiny Chimchar it's look so weak and even can't battle so she decided to give it to him and she told him "both of u has his own way for thinking and no one think that u could even go to the top , but i sense the potential in both of u , so both of u need each other to become to top'' 
haseeo and chimchar look at each other then look at valary and haseeo say "thanks but no thanks " and chimchar seems not interest too. 
valary looked at haseeo and seems very very pissed off and said " Listen to me boy if u didn't work with this chimchar and come back to this city as a champ u will deal with me ",hasseo seems scared and he said " hey aunt since when u are fire type , i can see flames come out from u " , haseeo tried to look at chimchar next to him but sadly chimchar already run off , hasseo seems more scared and seems stared to smile but valary start to scream and said " Listen to me solder , u will go now and find him and become friend with him or u will deal with me , did i make my self clear" , haseeo "y-y-y-yes mam " and he start to run .
haseeo start to run south at route 239 (Fireside-Walks) to looking for chimchar and he scared if any wild pokemon come out , and he start to looking for chimchar every where but no luck ,and when hasseo start to lose hope he saw some new trainers bullied chimchar and teasing chimchar , haseeo yelled at them and said "what are u think u doing ? " one of kids look at hasseo and said " what u want baby boo did u know that chimchim , don't tell me is he ur pokemon ..... pttfff " , but haseeo without second thought said yes and that started to move chimchar heart , that kid look at haseeo and said " looks like i know u , wait a sec isn't u that looser who is valary's nephew , ya it's u hahahahah , what a loser trainig loser " and seems he started to teasing haseeo but chimchar Flamethrower him and burn his face and run to stand next of haseeo  ,but that bully kid seems angry and he send Houndour " look what a real fire pokemon look like , that what my father give not a little loser pokemon what a gym leader give to trainer " , and when battle seems to start the volcano start boiling and then moltres come out from it and he seems very angry the kids start to runing , then haseeo said "oh.boy  first valary , then a bully kid ,and now molters , what a great start for a beautiful day " , haseeo and chimchar seem can't move from scared and moltres look at both of them and start to use Heat Wave full power , haseeo looked at chimchar and said " well , we will be eaten alive " then molters lunch attack 
suddenly " Lugia ,use ice beam " then every thing covered with steam but when steam gone haseeo looked and saw a brave trainer with shiny Lugia saved him, then moltres and lugia looked at each other but lugia looks so strong , so molters go away , then haseeo said "WOW AWESOME " the trainer go to haseeo and said "are u okay ??" ,haseeo look at him and said " ya i think so , my leges shaking but i think i'm okay" ,the trainer " good , i will going now " , haseeo "wait please , at least can i know ur name " , the trainer look at him and said his name is blau ,then he rid at lugia back and fly away . 
then haseeo back to city safely with chimchar and there he meet his friend chadd (as ch17175) , "haseeo where u been i was looking for u everywhere "chadd, " ya well the truth is i just escape from eaten alive " haseeo , "ya ya who cares , let's go we need to go to starfall city to join the leauge with my awesome charmander hahahaha" chadd , "oh boy what a painful day"haseeo , and chimchar agree wth him 

Ch.2: first step - rivals and friends
haseeo and chadd traveled to starfall city to join when they arrived they saw alot of trainers and haseeo was very happy cause he saw alot of pokemons he never saw before and many type that only type he know is fire type and he looks exciting , "haseeo , haseeeeeee , wake up from ur day dream we need to resign quickly "chadd , "oh ok, lest's go chimy " haseeo , "ok , pokecenter is red roof building hurry up and come " chadd , "okay okay "haseeo , while haseeo in his way to poke-center he suddenly hear " looooook ouuuuuuuut" , then he got hit by bicycle that girl riding it with her blue raltes , "oh my head "haseeo , "are u okay"the girl , "no i think the world moving around , i start to see Fletchling round my head now momy i don't want mareep milk" haseeo ,  " oh no i killed him "the girl , then chimchar act like " it's can't be hleped then he use scratch to wake up haseeo , then haseeo wake up with screm from scratch pain in his face , "oh i'm so sorry i was hurry to join league , btw my name is jules , what's ur name " jules ," me !? , my name is haseeo and no problem , since we go to same place we can go together"haseeo , "yaaaaay ,i made my first friend " jules , then suddenly another kid with white buldem   and turtwig interrupt the moment and say " ummm , sorrycan i join both of u cause i'm lost , my name is max" max , " suuuureeee ,we can be best friend and raival , team JHM let's gooooooooo " jules , moment of silence and sound of Cockroach field and winds 
"well i think she is so cheerful " haseeo ,"u even make a name ?! " max 
then after that crazy meeting they arrived there and they meet chadd , " what take u so long anf who is this 2 " chadd , " well chadd meet max and jules just meet them and we forced to be friend , max jules this my childhood friend chadd " haseeo , "nice too meet u" max , "yaaaaaaaay i got 3 friends and rivals my story start now this is AWESOME" jules , chadd go to haseeo and Whisper "she so cheerful " chadd , " you beat me " haseeo 
"now team JHM let's go" jules  they register and they meet back at in front of the gate of route 1 , "well we got 4 now , why we don't battle 2 vs 2" chadd , "nice idea let's go"jules , "oh ,okay" max ,haseeo look at chimchar " are u ready chimy this our first battle" haseeo , chimchar act as he ready , then battle start , chadd/jules vs haseeo/max 
chadd use charmander , jules use ralts, haseo use chimchar and max use Turtwig 
fist battle start as charmader fastest pokemon in the field with attack with flamethrower and chimchar counter attack with same move then ratls use growl at both of turtwing and chimchar to decrees there attack , but max seems not very happy , jules knows that turwing most of his star moves is physical attacks but he has no choice to use Razor Leaf  but charmander saved raltes and it's almost no damage , " she is talk alot but still a good trainer" max, "wow nice move " chadd , "the battle just started" hase , "ya that's the spirit " jules
"well what we will do ?,there defense unbeatable " max , "well did ur turtwing know any Special moves ???" haseeo , "yes there is one but what we will do with charmander " max , "don't worry ,but attack ralts" haseeo , "okay deal " max
then turtwing start to use absorb on ralts but charmander standing in-front of it but this time chimchar use scratch on charmander , " hah , very useless hase "chadd , but haseeo in his face light smile,then suddenly " raaaaalts noooo" jules , turtwing  start to absorb ralts hp , " flamethrower on turtwing fast " chadd , but chimchar stand in-front of attack , but it's was very strong and blast chimchar away and he hit turtwing , but at least they reduce damage and while both of them try to stand up , ralts use confused and hit chimchar and chimchar is confused , then he start to lunch attack every where randomly , "max hit chimchar with all u got "haseeo , "are u crazy ?"max , "do what i told u " haseeo , then turtwing use tackle on chimchar and chimchar snap out confusion but sadly charmander us flamethrower on turtwing and ko him , and then chimchar use the same move to ko ralts , "it's now one on one bro"chadd , "ya i know"haseeo , then both of trainers and ther pokemons start to smile then charmander start to use dragon rage and chimchar start to scream and use flame wheels ,and both move hit each other and then explotion from collision of both move but saddly chimchar lost and winner is chadd and jules , and after battle end and before  one of them speak they hear Clapping and "WOW , what an amaizing battle"
"who are u ?? "max , "i'm just normal trainer , they call me shun" shun , "no WAAAAY , the mixed arena leader , i'm biggest fan of u "chadd ,"is he that famous ??"haseeo , "are u idiot he is strongest arena leader in all region " max , "ya , the real question what make mixed leader come here "jules , "oh u smart girl , i come here to see how first trainers these years and i feel lucky to see 4 of u "shun , "oh , thanks maybe "haseeo ,he go to chadd and said " btw let's start with u , u and ur pokemon both strong and like the way u know ur pokemon power and it's limit but u need also to learn to read ur opponent" shun , then he go to jules "u smart girl and i see  how use statue move and side effect but ur ralts or as u call him geno , he want more attack and power " shun , "is that true geno , u little boy beloved boy let's become stronger together " jules , and she hug geno , the he looked at max "u boy i see ur pokemon is bulky and got spirit but u need to believe more in ur pokemons and don't worry , i sense how much they love u"shun , and max looked at turtwing and smile , then he go to haseeo and said , "u last kid , u to me like more strategist person and u know ur pokemon limit even u know how ur pokemon weak u fight back but u need to come over ur weakness , and trust in ur self , every weak seed become giant tree one day" shun ,"y-y-yes" haseeo , then hsaeeo hug chimchar and start to cry 
"well gl u guys i want to see 4 of u in my arena in final" shun , and then mewtwo appear and take shun then disappear , 
"well i have to go on my journey alone cause i'm solo type , and hase i will see u soon when u come stronger "chadd , and he fist bump with haseeo , "well i need to go alone too but i will meet u again when i become stronger" max ,"i think after this battle we all think the same but we will meet soon on first arena , i hope so ,let's go geno" jules , haseeo smiled and said " oh i didn't know it's would be this fun , well i will not be the weakest any more and i will be come the strongest just wait for me" haseeo , and the journey start

Ch 3 : road to first badge 
7 days later after that dramatic battle , and haseeo now at road 12 (Plain Forest) , "well chimy according to map it's next route will be next town , i know u tired from that wild battle" haseeo , suddenly they heard scream asking for help haseeo and chimchar looked to each other , "oh boy and we finnal closed to rest" haseeo , and they run to voice source and the found a girl attacked , axew and her flabebe was taked down , "wow that dragon type take down fairy type pokemon , i think i need to catch this dude " haseeo , he looked at axew and he see it's body is strong and Lethe , the chicmhar use flame wheel but not very effective then axew use Assurance and cimchar feel that one , then chimchar use flamerthrower but axew move throw ot with amazing courage and use Dual Chop and chimchar barely can stand , cuase it's so tired , "well chimy it's time to use our new move "haseeo , chimchar use facade on axew and it's strong , " it's time " haseeo , he used poke ball and catch axew , "yaaaa , finnaly my first catch"haseeo , cnd chimchar down from tired , " hey chimy , woke up , chimy please woke up" hasseo , then haseeo run to next town and that girl follow him , and at poke center nurse joy told him to not worry he just need some rest, at these moment haseeo can barely stand and he set down , "well, ummm , sorry "the girl , "what ??"haseeo , "i'm sorry for ur pokemon it's my fault " the girl , "don't worry about it , he is okay"haseeo , " well thanx for help , my name is sakura "sakura , "i'm haseeo , u can call me hase , nice to meet u "haseeo , "well my flabebe is now good , i will go "sakura , haseeo call the girl and he seems embraced " well , it's dangerous to go alone ,want to come with me ??, it's boring to travel alone too " haseeo , sakura smiled and seems happy and she say yes
3 days later they finally arrived at route 22 (Progress-City) the first city in all leauge and in there way haseeo trained sakura some tactics  in battle he made to help her and in their way he catch elikid and sakura catch buneary , and after healing they arrived at first gym , " well it's time for badge" haseeo , "are u sure we can do it ?" sakura , "ya don't worry u can do it , u work hard in our way for this moment " haseeo , and sakura seems calm now and the got inside and they saw first gym leader he looks in same age as haseeo and sakura ,"well challenger my name is roben ,normal type gym leader , i will use only 2 pokemon in battle , if u win u will go to next arena, ready let's go"roben , sakura take the gym first and after half our she barely won the badge in 2 Vs 2 battle , no it's time for haseeo , but rebon suddenly say , "sorry challenger my all pokemons is out of business and they need to rest , soory we will battle tomorrow"roben , " no way there isno any pokemon u have ??"haseeo , "well there is only 2 i keep it as my ace , they are too strong for u "roben , " I'll battle them "haseeo, "wha..!?, wait no need to rush , it's just one day "roben, " sorry but i'm sure my friend is far step a head a way from me i need to catch them up "haseeo , "ok sure and to be fair , i will let u to use any number of pokemon u have "roben , "well i have only these 3 chimchar , axew , and elikid"haseeo , "u kidding me, i think u crazy but , interesting , well it's can't be helped , let's battle " roben 

the battle start , haseeo send axew and roben send Kangaskhan , "wow i didn't know Kangaskhan is so big ?? "haseeo , "afraid ??"roben , "not even close"haseeo ,then battle start axew use dragon rage , and sense that move always deal 40 hp damage kangskhan feel that one , then kangaskhan try to use bite but axew is smaller and faster and dodge every single move and it' keep like that dodge and then use dragon rage , "well keep like that and we will won "haseeo , the arena leader smile and say "do think i'm that weak "roben , then kangskhan use earthquake and it's effect on axew and he lost his blance too , then kangskhan use outrage and it's supper effective and axew down , haseeo call back his pokemon and send chimchar "chimy my trust in u" haseeo , " chimchar keep the same strategy as axew , but this time use flamethrower and flame wheel , "idiot , u see my EQ and it's ground type move it's supper effective on chimchar , but u keep the same strategy sorry challenger but u will lose this to " roben , kangskan use earthquake but haseeo start smile , then chimchar jump ,and it's didn't effect at all to him , "well it's supper effective if he still stand on ground but chimhar is too much lighter than axew , now chimyyyyy "haseeo , chimhar start to use flame wheel and kangskhan grab it and roben smile " sorry but it's need to end here " roben , " no way , now chimy u can do it gooooooooooo " haseeo , chimchar start to use flame wheel faster and faster until kangskhan couldn't hold it any more then it's hit and kangskhan is out and down , chimchar strat dance and haseeo start to copy his dance in funny way " yahoo one down , one more to go chimy"haseeo , roblen start to laugh so hard , " these exciting i like u haseeo but the real battle start now so be ready cuase u will lose so hard" roben , " i born ready" haseeo , 
roben send Miltank , "what is that , that pokemon can even fight "haseeo , " hase , that pokemon is called Miltank i heard it's bulky physical one"sakura , "well it's not be stronger i than kangskan "haseeo , "well , it's stronger and got more power in def and speed"sakura , "wait what ??"haseeo , "well enough talk let's start"roben ,miltank use Rollout and chimchar barley dodge it , and it keep over and over until it's hit chimchar, "wow that pokemon is too fast we need to battle head to head " haseeo , chimchar use flame wheel but miltank use Defense Curl and rise it's def and take damage then it use Rollout , "well let's test it's spdef "haseeo , chimhar use flame thrower but miltank keep dodge and use rollout until chimchar faint , "well what will u do challenger u got one pokemon and if i remember correctly it's elekid , well sorry for that but u got no chance"roben ,haseeo smiled dark smile and said "well losing chimchar is my greatest step to win the battle , my team members built in all team trust no with ace pokemon , go elekid i put my trust in u "haseeo, elekid come out and it's seems it's ready to take down that miltank , elekid use thunder punch  but miltank def is too high and it's use Defense Curl one more time and when it's try to counter attack hasseeo smiled , and before roben realized elekid use low kick and change rollout direction to the arena wall and miltank hit the wall , "now elekid use thunder wave"haseeo , "whaaat ??!!??" roben , elekid use it and now miltank paralyzed and slower , "hahah i see what u did "roben , "now my chance "haseeo , elekid use Shock Wave and miltank feel it over and over and miltank is paralyzed and slower and can't even hit elekid once and when miltank at it's limit roben looked at hasseo and said , "well it's good fight but i can heal and take , hit all day sorry but now it's pokemon stamina , miltank use milk drink "roben ,"not even chance , now elekid quick attack"haseeo , elekid look like he is disappear and come-out from nowhere behind miltank and hit it's face (DBZ reference ) , miltank is down and no more able to battle and the winner is haseeo 
"i won i won i won , i got my first badge"haseeo , "WOW, i can't believe it , he acutely did it"sakura ,"well challenger , sorry ,well haseeo u won normal badge , i did underestimated u and let my guard down , u earn this badge , but promise me that i will see u in final arena and never give up"roben , "i promise "haseeo 

Ch 4 : Bully or Good ? 
after first gym badge , sakura and haseeo keep traveling and in there way sakura catch Ponyta and both of thin get second and third bade (grass and bug type) , and now they are in route 79 (Poison Barb Town) , "what is problem with this route ,its so big and confusing i don't know where we must go , and that stupid we lost it in our way " haseeo ,"come down hase , we just need to ask any one here ,  first we need to go to poke center"sakura , haseeo agree with her and goes to poke center and while he is healing his pokemon he heard someone said "well look who is here !? , Mr.loser and his fabulous losers pokemons " (?? ), haseeo looked at his behind and he saw the bullied kid that was with Houndour but this pokemon looks like it's evolve to Houndoom ,"well u the bully kid , what's ur name again "haseeo , kid looks angry " my name is kostas ,loser "kostas , "well ya i have name too , my name is haseeo "haseeo ,"so how about we finish that battle we started over 3 weeks ago "kostas ,"well fine with me" haseeo and they get out of pokecenter and haseeo send chimchar , "pttffff what a loser , is that chimchim didn't evolve yet , hahahaha"kostas , "well it's more better to beat ur pokemon"haseeo ,"well we will see , let's start"kostas , "chimy it's time to revenge "haseeo , "the atmosphere is too heavy (in comedy way)"sakura ,
the battle start , both chimchar and houndoom start with flamethrower and it's explode , and then houndoom use Smog and chimchar poisoned , " what ?" haseeo , "hahah u didn't see that coming loser"kostas ,then chimchar use flame wheel and it's hit but  too weak cause poison , and while chimchar was close houndoom use Thunder Fang , "well loser what will u doing now "kostas , haseeo seems angry and chimchar his rage start to increase thin suddenly his hand glow , then he disappear and he show him self in-front of houndoom so fast but his hole body glowing and hit houndoom , and seems houndoom feel that one , "wait what , is that mach punch , noway chimchar know that move" kostas, but it's looks chimchar evloving Monferno , " WOW chimy u did it " haseeo , "heh interesting , now houndoom thunder fang "kostas , houndoom and monferno charge on each other on full speed but suddenly this battle stopped by Hydreigon  , "well , Well , kids comedown now " 
"now what ??" kostas , the trainer looked at both of them and there body chill out form his scary smile , and both pokemons step back non of them want to deal with Hydreigon , then joy come out from poke center "it's not allowed to battle here " joy , "sorry " haseeo , "tsk , u got lucky right now haseeo , we will meet again and next time u will not be this lucky"kostas , and then he left the town , "well my job done here " the trainer ," sir plez at least can i have r name ??" haseeo ," me ?? , well my name is amod , the one of elite who will beat blau and be champion "amod , and he left too , "well what a surprise chimy , that guy who saved us was the pkemon champ "haseeo , " well i'm happy it's end in that way " sakura , " i think u r right "haseeo , and they continue their journey 
while they are in there way to arena and before they got to city they saw Pidgey attacked by Beedrill gang , haseeo and monferno with elekid run to save it , monferno use flame wheel and elekid use Electro Ball but elekid is not match at all and he got mad then he evolve to Electabuzz and start to punch every single beedrill with thunder punch with madness as boxing fighter and beedrill run away , then haseeo and sakura take that pidgy and run to poke center 

at poke center nurse joy told them that pidgey will be okay but he need long rest , after that relief haseeo and sakura go to get their 4th badge , and after they finished and while the got out nurse joy run fast to haseeo, "hey kid help me that pidgey runaway "joy ,"whaaaat"sakura and haseeo , "whee did he go "sakura , "i don't know but i think i have idea "haseeo , they go toward to forest as fast as they can , then haseeo call axew and ask him to start attacking every tree in the forest ,"what r u doing?? "sakura , "u will see"haseeo , after 10 min beedrills start attacking , then haseeo with axew and sakura with Buneary , start to battle back and beedrills start to retreat , "fast let's flow them " haseeo , and then the finally arrived the saw that injured pidgey fighting shiny Honchkrow and it's look like strong one , and he looked around looks like every bird and bug pokemons in forest from Fearow and beedrill to Taillow and caterpie is like his slaves and he is a king of forest , "what is going on ?? ,it's seems awful "sakura, "ya i know , but look over there " haseeo , it's seems male Staraptor in bad state and looks like poisoned with female Pidgeot by his side, then stranger come near to haseeo and said" well that's pidgey's family , that staraptor  is his father " stranger , "wooooh , u scared me who r u ?? "sakura ,"i'm the guardian of these forest my name is smith "smith , "well u mention earlier about the king or some thing like that "haseeo , " well u see there is rule in this forest between pokemons here, that is the strongest pokemon among them will become the king , and  yesterday that Honchkrow asked beedrill to poison startraptor and weakling him so hunchkrow can win the battle and rule the whole forest and since that day that pidgey try every min and every sec to take back his fater crown" smith ," and why u didn't stop them"sakura , " well the truth is human is not allowed to interface " smith 
"we need to do some thing that pidgey will never win like that "haseeo , "didn't u hear me human can't interface ??"smith , "well i will not , go chimy "haseeo , monferno use flame wheel and beat all beedrill around  Honchkrow and use Mach Punch on honchkrow and seems like honchkrow is pissed off , "well u looks tough , this is more intresting "haseeo  , but pidgey stand in front off chimchar , looks like he want battle , "well i see ,i don't worry i well not interface , step back chimy "haseeo , "what r u doing ??"sakura , haseeo keep silence but he seems not very happy , "ok i understand" sakura
the battle between Honchkrow and pidgey start , but it's looks like unfair battle at all cause all move pidgey knows Quick Attack and Wing Attack and it's seems not effective at all then honchkrow use Night Slash and pidgey down , then haseeo looks at him and said " so pathetic , i was think u r stronger than that but it's looks like u will never beat him at all "haseeo , pidgey after hearing haseeo's words he start scream out and his body is glowing with blue flame and he start to evolve, Pidgeotto inside flame thin he rush with attack and hit hinchkrow , "is that brave bird ??"haseeo ,"no way  pidgey can learn this move" sakura , "well his father is staraptor , he learn it from him "smith , "but there is one problem"haseeo , looks like Pidgeotto also feel the damage and it's down and can't fight back , this suddenly , "Houndoom use flamethrower "kostas,and hunchkrow looks like feel that one , thin it use sucker punch but then houndoom use thunder fang and it's super effective , then kostas use pokeball and catch it ,after that all hunchkorw gang run away then haseeo go to spstas and seems angry "what r u doing here???"haseeo , "is that ur way to thanx me to save ur dear pokemon life??"kostas ,"answer my question "haseeo , " well i saw ur loser pokemon battle so i start to fllow u and i think i feel lucky to catch this powerful pokemon , so i need to say thank u loser"kostas , then he laugh and go away , and next day every think back to normal and while haseeo and sakura ready to go ,then both of them saw Pidgeotto stand in front off haseeo , "so u want to come with me ??" and Pidgeotto agree and click in one of pkeballs in haseeo pocket and catch him self and Pidgeotto journey with haseeo start 

Ch 4 : friends and bond , the metal rival
after dramatic journey , haseeo and sakura keep traveling  to collect badge , and they got 5th badge water badge , sakura flabebe and buneary evolve to Floette and Lopunny , and she mangae to catch noibat and she already have Ponyta, and there is no change in haseeo team ,( monferno , axew , pidgeotto and Electabuzz ) and finnaly they arrived to Glacier Cliffs ( route 142) , "r we arrived to next city yet i can't take this cold any more "haseeo ,"well , we will in 2 more routes "sakure , "this too much cold ,my home land is full of volcanoes and extremly hot , icna't live in this cold any more"haseeo and suddenly Avalugg show up and he seems so angry , " oh boy this is great a pissed of ice pokemon , well go chimy "haseeo , but he can't focus form cold and he send axew by mistake , "oh no what i have done , come back axew "haseeo but axew refuse to back and want to battle  and he use Dragon Claw and it's not effective at all and then avalugg use ice ball and it's supper effective to axew but he keeps battle but no use , then avalugg start to use Blizzard , " axew nooooooo "haseeo ,"Metang use Bullet Punch " ??? , then shiny metang appear and hit avalugg and it super effective , "shiny metang ?? , is that .... ?!"haseeo , "yo hase ,it's being long time "max , "maaaaax "haseeo 
"hey haseeo , who is that ?? "sakura , "a friend i met at start of my journey "haseeo , "and one of his rivals too "max , thin sakura think in her mind (what haseeo's rival , he must be as good and strong as hseeo ) , "ok no time for meeting now let's finish this battle , now metang use Bullet Punch one more time " max , and it's super effective but avalugg not giving up ," this weird ?!!"haseeo , "ya i think u realize it too "max , "what is it ??"sakura , " well this pokemon didn't even try  to dodge move , even the field is on his advantage , even knowing he is slow pokemon but he still got a good option to dodge , but he didn't ??"haseeo , then sakura saw something behind him, it small young Bergmite  , "he guys look there "sakura , "ooh i see it's only trying to protect it's child , well if that is the case , come back mentang"max , then avaluug seems come down but axew refuse to accep that losing , and he use dragon claw on avalugg , "nooo axew stop "haseeo , avalugg start to use ice beam on axew but haseeo protect hi pokemon and got hit and he lay down on ground ," haseeo noooooo"sakura

"ahhh , my head , what's going on ??"haseeo , then haseeo open his eyes and he saw max , sakuran and even his pokemons around him and they almost crying from worried in someone house , "hey guys where r we??"haseeo ,"this is ice arena leader  house"max ,"after u faint we didn't know what to do and he found us and help us"sakura,haseeo seems happy to see his friends and pokemons safe but axew is not around ,"hey max ,sakura where is axew ??"haseeo , "well the truth is ..."sakura , "he refuse to join any one and refuse to eat "ice master , "who r u??"haseeo ,"oh sorry , i forget to Introduce myself , my name is saku , ice arena master " saku ,"nice too meet , but can u please tell me where my axew is?? "haseeo , "but u can't move right now"max ,"well it's my pokemon i need to deal with it and i can't leave him alone in the most time he needs me"haseeo ,"Ok , i understand follow me "saku ,then saku take hase to the room axew hide , and after axew see haseeo , he move back away from him to the corner scared to make any thing bad again ,haseeo goes to him and said , "hey axew why u afraid ?"hasseeo , hen axew looked at haseeo's face hen he feel pain from attack and barley can stand up ,"ohh u mean this , don't worry about  u can call it we r even now , u battle for me to get gym badges and feel pain too , so that's why can call it even ,and u u r strong pokemon and i will never leave a strong dragon like u alone , am i right ??"haseeo , and haseeo sit down and smile and open his arms , "now come axew , let's fight together again "haseeo ,axew  run to haseeo's chest and start to cry alot "now there there , cry as u can leave it all alone"haseeo and suddenly axew looks at haseeo eyes and evolve between his arms to Fraxure , "WOW , that's experience moved axew's heart and let him to achieve new lvl"sakura ,"oh boy , this so touched , but side away the emotions , didn't u comes here to battle me??"saku ,"yes"max , well how about i battle 3 of u together in trio battle"saku 
"whaaat,why"sakura, "i want to test the trust between u guys "saku ,"okay we will be ready"haseeo ,"nice that's the spirit and to be fair i will tell u the 3 pokemons i will use , goo my beloved pokemons "saku ,then Froslass ,Jynx and Walrein comes out , "now i will leave 3 of u to think about ur team"saku , and after he left "well guys what pokemons we have , "well i got Grotle , Metang and Lucairo what about u sakura ??"max , "i have Floette ,Lopunny ,noibat and Ponyta "sakura , "well i got most disadvantage with monferno ,Fraxure ,Pidgeotto and electabuzz "haseeo , "monferno can do the job he is fire and fighting type "sakra, "well not clearly Thick Fat (Ability) is pain and Walrein is very bulky pokemon and much punch isn't a great move with it and jynx half Psychic type and Snow Cloak in Froslass lis pain to deal with "max , "wait min he sakura , what is ur ponyta ability again ??"haseeo , "flame body , why ?"sakura haseeo start to smile like a villan and says "i think i got carzy strategy "haseeo , every one start to feel afraid and keep distance from haseeo
at the arena "well u come , did u decide ur team ??"saku "yep we did let's win this guys"haseeo 
sakura send ponyta , max send lucario and haseeo send pidgeotto , "what a flying type pokemon ?? i was think u r smarter than that "saku , "we will see about that , let's start battle
the battle start with Froslass use Hail and change all filed to icy steam  , then ponyta use flame charge on jynx but Walrein stand in-front of it and take a hit and it's not effective thanx to Thick Fat ability , then lucario use Power-Up Punch but jynx stop it by ice punch and he beat lucario , then Pidgeotto start use Wing Attack on froslass . "well fool froslass has snow cloak no way u can hit her"saku , then haseeo smiled and pidgeotto acutely hit froslass , then saku strat to think in his mind "wait m what don't tell me ?? , no no no , no way he can think like that"saku , and the battle still keep like that until "ponyta use flame wheel " sakura , then ponyta run fast like jet and as as past he can ,"what an ,speed"saku ,"well flame charge effect , increase speed every time it used"haseeo and while poynta run faster and faster and it's flame grow even more and more and suddenly it's body glow and start to evolve to Rapidash ,"what ?? my ponyta evolve"sakura ,"well expect no less from haseeo"max ,"it's hear ur voice and ur true feeling and it help him to evolve"hasee ."well let's go rapidash"sakura , "well it gain new power and more speed but still useless against my Walrein "saku , Rapidash did hit Walrein but tis time it burn Walrein , "what is that flame body effect ?"saku , "ya that's what i waiting for , let's go max "hasee , "alright it's my time to shine "max , lucario stat to use Bone Rush and run towards to Walrein and jinx and pidgeotto flow him with brave bird behind him , jinx use ice punch one more but lucario this time is too way stronger and he hit jinx 2 times and jinx is down , "now what ??"saku , "Power-Up Punch increase pokemon attack every time , BTW Bone Rush can hit from 2-5 times and this i 3 hit so  "haseeo , "there is 3 more , oh no Walrein "saku ,"oh yes , and that's burn effect make it weaker so that's is second pokemon down"haseeo , and walrein use ice beam but no use and lucario hit walrein and he is down , next pedgeotto goes to froslass with full power brave bird and froslass use Blizzard but pidgeotto dodge it and hit froslass and down , and the winer is haseeo's team 
"oooh ya we did it"max , "i can believe it this awesome team work "sakura ,"well congratulations , u win in awesome battle and beat me in fair battle , but before i give u badges how did ur pidgeotto hit every time , is that ur luck "saku ,"well keen eyes ability"haseeo ,"i know it , well u see throw my team"saku ,"well after u show us ur team , i know it for sure that u knows what is that pokemons we got so u start the battle many steps a head away from us that's why u show us ur team to be fair so i take it as my advantage"haseeo ,"i see u r the strategist trainer , well here ur badges and got luck in ur trip "saku , "thank u very much" everyone.

Ch 5: friends and bond , the cheerful rose 
haseeo and sakura continue there Adventure , max go again solo without haseeo , but before he left they promise each other they will become stronger , and at Central Desert Town ,"whoo it's so hot , i need water , hase how u looks so fine in these desert"sakura ,"well i live near to volcano XD "haseeo ,sakra looks at hsaeeo and she feel like she want  kill him , but suddenly , "stop and give me all ur pokemons now"grant , "what r u talking about "haseeo ,"with the name of team rocket give me all ur pokemons kids"grant , "sorry sakura but we will late for a min i'm going to beat him "haseeo ,"come on , i'm die here "sakura , "i'm going , and will be back "haseeo ,"have a nice trip"sakura ,"hey kid don't underestimated me ,go arbok"grant , "wooh , i'm so scared , go Fraxure finish this"haseeo , arbok start to use ice fang but Fraxure is faster and use dragon claw and 0 hit ko , "oh not bad kid but how about u beat 20 of us "grant , "oh boy what a pain , dude can we finish this fast i want to sleep "haseeo , and suddenly they hear a voice ,"20 vs 1 is not fair , how about the strongest girl trainer join the battle , go geno "and that girl with mask send Kirlia ,"geno ???, oh boy it think i know this voice"haseeo "oh crap it's the rose of Justice , let's run"grant ,"r u safe now kid"the hero ,"hey jules don't call me kid we almost in same age"haseeo , the masked girl looks like perpetrator "who u call jules ?? , u must be mistaken "the hero , "well let's see , hi geno , don't u want to say hi "haseeo ,Kirlia run to haseeo and hug him , " u traitor , how did u do this to me"the hero ,"now r u sure u r not jules "haseeo ,"well u catch me , but how did u know it's me??"jules ,"well i know only one pokemon his name is geno"haseeo ,"so it's my mistake "sakura , "Btw what is that rose of justice thing "haseeo , "well the truth is i feel boring travel alone , so i try to chase this grant for fun "jules ,the moment if silence form haseeo , "well nice to meet u again . let's go sakura"haseeo , but sakura down at the ground form desert heat (in comedian way) , "sakuraaaa wake up"haseeo
"ahh my head where am i ??" , "u finally wake up "jules , "oh it's u ! , ur name is ...... sorry what ur name again"sakura ,"jules and u can call me jully if u want nice to meet u"jules , "well nice too meet u"sakura , "well i will call nurse joy for u"jules ,then after jules gone tocall nurse , sakura looked at haseeo and ask about jules , "well to be honest she is one of my three rivals the same as max"haseeo , "ur rival ?? , is she that strong"sakura , "she is so strong and can be even stronger than me"haseeo , "whaaaat !! , really ? she is doesn't look like that "sakura , "i can say i'm 100% at this point ,but our battle at starfall town i can say she is best strategist i met and i wait for the day surpass her"haseeo , "wow "sakura, after that jules come back to room with nurse joy , "well u better and ur faveris down , u need just rest for today and next day u will be okay "joy , and she got out , "hey jules can i ask u favor" sakura , "any thing my little sweet candy "jules , sakura with red face "ah can u do a trainig battle with me ? "sakura , "huh .....hmmmmm , sure why not"jules 
next day .... "ru ready sakura ?" jules , "yes i am" sakura , "go geno and thor"jules , jules send Kirlia and Gothorita , "so cute " sakura ,"ya i know , my pokrmons always super cool ,super cute"jules , haseeo looked at both of them with poker face , then sakura send Floette and Rapidash 
the battle ,both kirlia and gothorita use Future Sight ,"well now u don't have much time "jules , rapidash use Megahorn against Gothorita and it's super effective , and floette use sunny day , "what sunny day and fire type pokemon hmm , i guess what is ur next moves"jules 
then kirlia use Hypnosis on rapidash and he is sleeping ,"what , how u did know "sakura , "well i'm strategist type train and ever step u make i can make 3 u think that sunny day well increase ur fire attack so u can knock out my low def pokemons with Flare Blitz ,now thor"jules ,gothorita use dream eater on rapidash and he looks like in worst nightmare ever then floette use solar beam and it's take no time to charge cause sunny day but kirlia make barrier from Magical Leaf and minimize damage "i told every step u make i can make 3 more"jules , "what should i do ?"sakura , then she look at haseeo and he said "don't panic u still got this "hase , she looked at his eyes and he look very serious , "right we still got this , we will never give up until the end "sakura , rapidash wake up and he looks tired but his eyes said he want to battle , "now let's go "sakura , "i love ur guts but this battle end now"jules ,the sky start to shine "no way"sakura ,"yes way , Future Sight"jules and looks like Psychic thunder came out , 
but suddenly floette jump in-front of it and the damage reduse to zero , "what happen"sakura , haseeo smile with serious look , jules looked at him and said "i bit on my money it's your work"jules ,"w-w-what do u mean"sakura , "before the contact of attack i saw ur floette use protect "jules , "when did he learn it"sakura ,"that why i recommend to you to ask that deviel after match , but it's not done yet still another one coming "jules , then another Future Sight but rapidash use Bounce and take floette and miss the hit ,"u will pay for it soon u tactic devil "jules , "now sakura all or no thing"haseeo ,"okay let's go guys"sakura , rapidash use Flare Blitz and rush against jules pokemons but they try to jump high but in middle of air floette hit them with solar beam (sunny day still work on) ,as result Gothorita and Kirlia down then  rapidash hit them with Flare Blitz and it's do serious damage but jules smile and "well good work but this will end now"jules , both of Gothorita and Kirlia use Psychic in mid air , "no way"haseeo , "yes way"jules and it's hit both sakura pokemons and they r down and skura lost the battle 
"i-i-i-i lost after all i did , expect no less from haseeo raival"sakura ,"well u did a great job u need to proud of ur self and ur pokemons , speaking of pokemons?"jules , then jules looks at haseeo (killua angry eye looks),"w-w-why u look at me like that "haseeo , "can u explane to us why floette know protect and rapidash know bounce and they move on their own like u control them H-A-S-E-E-O"jules , "wooh wooh come down i will explain every thing"haseeo 
"look sakura , while we canping or resting at night ur pokemons try to train secretly with their own and when i discover that one day i feel like my responsible  to train them to be stronger , ur floette is too  muc scary cat so that's why i teach it protect with my aggressive electibuzz , about rappidash bounce it's learn bounce while it's try to catch up with my Pidgeotto and so on "haseeo ,"so that's it , i know it's ur doing "jules , but sakura seems down , "hey seetie ♥ what's up ?"jules ,"well i just realize how weak and bad trainer i was"sakura ,then jules and haeeo looked at each other and then start to laugh and then jules look at sakura and with warm smile and say "well my sweet heart ur pokemons try hard to train to be come stronger not for themselves , they do there best cuase they respect u as their trainer "jules , "sakura i always respect that u always look at way to battle without harm u pokemons and that's feeling touch ur pokemons heart , u r a great trainer sakur" haseeo , sakura smile and hug her pokemons and then start to cry , "huh what a pain , btw jules where u next location "haseeo , "well i was intend to get ground badge but i just now i made my decision to travel with u guys "jules , "well we will be happy to have "sakura , "NOOOO we don't "haseeo , jules with angry face (tsunadi naruto reference) "W_H_A_T did u say H_A_S_E_E_O" jules , haseeo chilling form scared "w-w-well we r happy to have a great trainer like u" haseeo , "that's what i think i heard "jules , haseeo speaking to himself "what a pain" ,skaura stand up and look at both of jules and haseeo form back and said "well i will keep improve to catch up with this 2 "sakura and she run so che can move beside them 

Ch 6 : friends and bond , flame heart
haseeo , jules and skura traveling together Fortified City to challenge 7th arena leader brono Ground master but without knowing they meet an old frien , "yo haseeo long time no see"??? , "who is there? ?"haseeo, showing near to pokemon center it's chadd , "Oh chad , it's you , long time no see "haseeo ,"hey man wha...."chadd ,"wohooo chaddy boy long time no see "jules , chadd body got chill and take haseeo away and ask him " why this cheerful girl with you ?"chadd , " beat me on it , she force herself with my adventure "haseeo ,"i caaan hear u "jules with angry face ,"sorry mam "haseeo , "btw who r u ? i never seen u before"chadd looking at sakura "um .. ah ... my ... name i-is .s-s-sakura nice to meet u"sakura , "oh nice to meet u too, btw guys how many badges u got "chadd , "we all got 6 anf going for ground gym"haseeo , "nice this is awesome i jus finsh ground arena i'm going for my 8th badge" chadd, "nice i'm next "haseeo ,"yaaaaaaaaa"jules ,"well both of u hold ur trains he finshed his day duty for today u can come tommorow"chadd ,"oh ok"haseeo with sad face ,"wel how about battle between u and me"chadd ,"u sure, you just finsh ur area battle"haseeo , don't worry u will be supraise how strong my pokemon are "chadd , and chadd sen charezard and he land and start to roar with sound that scary every body and give haseeo excitement to battle him .......... countinue
nice hass when u get a team want a cross over thread on mine
(2015-11-08, 07:24 PM)Kevin Coffe Wrote: nice hass when u get a team want a cross over thread on mine

sure Big Grin 
why not Cool
(2015-11-08, 07:29 PM)haseeo55 Wrote:
(2015-11-08, 07:24 PM)Kevin Coffe Wrote: nice hass when u get a team want a cross over thread on mine

sure Big Grin 
why not Cool

get a team in the story Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
(2015-11-08, 07:32 PM)Kevin Coffe Wrote:
(2015-11-08, 07:29 PM)haseeo55 Wrote:
(2015-11-08, 07:24 PM)Kevin Coffe Wrote: nice hass when u get a team want a cross over thread on mine

sure Big Grin 
why not Cool

get a team in the story Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
ok Big Grin
cool ^^
(2015-11-08, 08:45 PM)umarwaseem439 Wrote: cool ^^

thaxBig Grin
(2015-11-08, 07:34 PM)haseeo55 Wrote:
(2015-11-08, 07:32 PM)Kevin Coffe Wrote:
(2015-11-08, 07:29 PM)haseeo55 Wrote:
(2015-11-08, 07:24 PM)Kevin Coffe Wrote: nice hass when u get a team want a cross over thread on mine

sure Big Grin 
why not Cool

get a team in the story Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
ok Big Grin

no op
Shiny starter in the start? what is this, soft-reseting?!
You srsly got an unhealthy affiliation towards shiny-infernape, haha^^

M30 - Galliant
(2015-11-09, 12:10 AM)Jules Wrote: Shiny starter in the start? what is this, soft-reseting?!

just got lucky lol
(2015-11-09, 01:26 AM)Blau Wrote: You srsly got an unhealthy affiliation towards shiny-infernape, haha^^

hahahaha i know i know
i make update Big Grin
i hope u  like it
(2015-11-10, 03:53 PM)haseeo55 Wrote:
(2015-11-09, 12:10 AM)Jules Wrote: Shiny starter in the start? what is this, soft-reseting?!

just got lucky lol
no fair, thats just impssible!
(2015-11-10, 09:36 PM)Jules Wrote:
(2015-11-10, 03:53 PM)haseeo55 Wrote:
(2015-11-09, 12:10 AM)Jules Wrote: Shiny starter in the start? what is this, soft-reseting?!

just got lucky lol
no fair, thats just impssible!

come on just enjoy the story
Nice (:
Can't wait to read more!

M30 - Galliant
(2015-11-11, 06:48 PM)Blau Wrote: Nice (:
Can't wait to read more!

thanxBig Grin
Next update please Smile
hmmm haseeo lets do a quick crossover witrh my s beldum and my turtwig before i got my team
updated Big Grin
and done cross over
update the battle i hope u like itBig Grin
sweet we won
(2015-11-14, 02:35 PM)Kevin Coffe Wrote: sweet we won

lol no we lostBig Grin
chapter3 update Big Grin
It's dangerous to go alone...
TLoZ pops to mind 
Haha, well Done (:

M30 - Galliant
(2015-11-16, 02:46 PM)Blau Wrote: It's dangerous to go alone...
TLoZ pops to mind 
Haha, well Done (:

hahahah i see what u did there Big Grin
and thanx for support
when is the next update
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-tfUb2gC5IwntG5iml9_...H1kQu2hqeE]
(2015-11-17, 02:18 PM)Magic.. Wrote: when is the next update

every day new update 
the next one will be tomorrow
updatedBig Grin
(2015-11-25, 11:15 PM)haseeo55 Wrote: updatedBig Grin

Cliffhanger :o

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