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hello cef,
today i am going to capturing shiny kyurem black in the lack.(oak Town) and it is appear after a long time.then i am go to the pm center(throgh pm centre icon)  for managing my team, when i change my lapras (hyper surf move pm) and come again in battle page.tgen shiny kyurem black are disappear and i am stay in front of pm cetre. i am not found any notice when i am remove hyper surf pm then it will disappear.please you can give me a shiny kyurem black for battle page.because i want capturing it .

As far as I know, there is no glitch from managing team that makes you run from the pokemon. You must have accidentally run.
It is very obvious that you will run from it,since u were using your lapras's hyper surf to surf in water and catch a Pokemon and when u removed that move then it was sure that u will not be able to swim anymore and come in front of Pokemon center that u last visited And this makes u run from the Pokemon u encountered! I have checked it myself.
But no one message is coming when i replqce my hyper surf pokemon then it will be disappear
I know but it happened anyways
Yup, pretty much logical that you won't stay ON water if your hyper surf mon get's removed from the team ^^

M30 - Galliant
But sir when this type of condition is in here then atleast one time warning message come in my id .i can lost shiny kyurem black
No, thats common sense. You'll find another.
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

yes this was causing people to be glitched when their hyper surf move having pokemon died

so we did this way

so this is the logical way

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