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those who have read all the novels of harry potter and also seen the movie this is for them very soon a new movie of harry potter will be released named : HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER
Wow! I thought it was a joke! I think it'll be July this year and will Harry be back in Hogwarts (he's old now) or just his son Albus Severus?
I want to catch Lapras in a Dive Ball to become my Ribbon Master. However, the Dive Ball is not available in-game and can only be obtained by trading with the GBA games- however, I can't trade until I beat XD. So I think my only option is to kill the Lapras on first encounter and recapture it post-game.

Can I faint the Shadow Lapras and capture it later via Miror B? Any potential roadblocks or challenges with that? I'd need to SR for nature and IVs. I have unfortunately accidentally killed a few other shadow pokemon, does he select them at random?

I love Harry Potter novels and read it many times.

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