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since i am still new here and dont know that much this might sound stupid...
why are the gym 16-17 and most likely 18-19 so op? with lvl 100 legenadry pokemon i cant scratch gym 17 ho-oh lel...i mean... how am i supposed to beat that? =,="
I answered you in chat.
It comes down to strategy and tactics, not too brute strenght.

This is an MMO means it's made for the long run.
You're not supposed to rush through all 19 zones within a day or so.
On top many people, me included enjoying the difficulty a lot.

P.s.:If it was "soooo op" then not so many players would have all badges as there are now.

M30 - Galliant
thank you for the info, i made this post before asking in chat Tongue

i defeatead gym 17, going for the other's now...

nice to se there is a more complex system than it was in other pokemon games Big Grin

adn about the op the other game it was easy at start then made dificult so new player cant progress and catch to the i tought that would be the case here since im starting my 3rd day on this game right about now Tongue
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so help me to 
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you need strategy to defeat latest gyms
hello all
use seruns in pokemon Smile
lovely post

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