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Your planned Pokemon team!
What is your Pokemon dream team?!

Mine is.. I have no idea, too troublesome but..
Garchomp, Staraptor, Infernape, Drapion, Empoleon, and Luxray.
Aggron, Lucario, Hydreigon, Electivire, Blaziken, Gyarados

You can post more than 1 team!
I will go with Dragonite, Swampert, Espeon or Sylveon, Skarmory, Magmortar, Piloswine, but i will have more then those for PvP, so i can be more careful on switch ins and be able to set up or sweep. Though i know most of this will not be catchable right away, but i do look forward to having them in a team.
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Jolly Garchomp
Timid Mewtwo
Adamant Conkeldurr
Relaxed/Sassy Ferrthorn
Calm/Bold Jellicent
Modest Heatran

Test PVP team
Charizard X, Victini, Tyranitar, Xerneas, Lugia, Dragonite

Just my favorite team

[Image: mega_charizard_x_and_y_by_dragibuz-d6xwtcc.jpg]
Timid gengar
jolly cloyster
adamant scrafty
bold klefki
adamant excadrill
haven't thought of it yet but i know that rhyperior will be part of that team
I'd have a Max UV'd Lucario as my frontman (Hopefully via Dei's donation suggestion) 
As backup to Lucario would be either a Electivire or Magmortar. (Electivire Attack based, Magmortar SpAttack based)
Then as the HP guy, perhaps a Snorlax and a Blissey. (Both with HP natures)
Then there's Garchomp, the last resort when things go wrong.

Or I can have 6 Slowpokes
Excluding legends , I would like Charizard, Tauros, Arcanine, Scizor, Flygon, and maybe Electivire.

     Also some others in the future: Gigalith, Salamance, Houndoom, Dusknoir, and more to come.
Hmm, your team is nice, Flawless Big Grin
Oh now I miss my baby Dusknoir from Craft
[Image: Uu1bwAy.png]
Thanks! and you'll be able to have one soon again! HopefullySmile
If I were to have a fighting team..

Mega Lucario(Steel), Mega Medicham/Gallade(Psychic), Breloom(Grass), Mega Blaziken(Fire), Toxicroak(Poison), and Scrafty(Dark).
Breloom would be the weakest to flying but it's very fast.
Mine is Dragonair, Typhlosion, Lucario, Houndoom, Flygon and Absol c:
Currently using Meganium, Houndoom, Kingdra & Ampharos.

Picked up Ampy from the market to help with the third gym, and found him practically invaluable since then. Couple turns to max out on Magnetic Flux and almost nothing has been able to kill him without at least 2~3 hits (least so far, Gym/Trainer/Wild wise); not even the Lv92 Legends some trainers have.

In that sense I have Grass, Fire/Dark, Water/Dragon & Electric covered.
Considering picking up a Lugia for Flying/Psychic, and for the "Fly" move of course.

Not sure who I want for the sixth pokemon; possibly Sylveon. Though plans change nearly constantly and may well end up ultimately picking up pokemon to suit the situation.

With the games I'd often do "type challenges" for the entire game, using only a specific type, and never "over-levelling" on purpose, nor giving myself duplicate TMs or such, a general game. Often had to trade over for some of em, especially Bugs, but it was fun nonetheless. Speaking of bugs though, still remember trying that in Leaf Green... Ouch.
I started originally with all 8 evolutions of eevee and it worked decently up to a point.

Later on I'll have to work on getting the shiny ones .. so far I have 1 of them (Umbreon).
anyone have a team i can join
mine is admant diagla,modest arecus,timid palkia,hasty mewtwo,hardy giritina,lax kyrem black
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
I think I would go with;

Charizard, Rayquaza, Sceptile, Lucario, Klinklang, and finally Trevenant.
I'm not 100% would have a Vulpix (and/or Alolan Vulpix or Ninetales)...for reasons...and Sylveon. Mew, Dragonite, be honest, besides Vulpix and Sylveon I'm not 100% sure.
I have no team. huhuuu
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