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Pokemon Pets Version 7.2.0

=== This update has been prepared between June 13 - August 4 - 2022  ===
[Image: kh13pj4.png]

[Image: kh13pj4.png]

1.0) Faint Pokemon feature has been added to all battles including ELO PvP battles

1.1) Faint Pokemon means fainting your currently active Pokemon in any battle

2.0) How Pokemon moves cures the user's all status problems game mechanic has been upgraded

2.1) Previously, the moves that have "cures the user's all status problems" feature such as Aromatherapy were curing the following status problems : Bleed, Burn, Confusion, Cringe, Frozen, Paralyze, Poison, Sleep

2.2) From now on (2022-06-29), it will also cure being trapped (the user can not switch) status problem

2.3) Due to this change, to prevent constant switching-out abuse, now you have to wait at least 2 turns before switching out your Pokemon in PvP battles consecutively (previously it was 1 turn)

2.4) New 2 turns limit is in testing and can be tuned back to 1 turn based on feedback

3.0) One of the most awaited features automatic Pokemon hunting system added to the game

3.1) To activate this system, just click the new map image at the right side of the navigation panel [Image: auto_hunt_disabled_icon.png]

3.2) The system working mechanism is as follows:

3.3) When the system is activated, it will automatically navigate your character to the nearest Pokemon appearing area (e.g., grass, water, etc.) and start searching for a Pokemon

3.4) When a Pokemon is found, it will try to escape it first

3.5) If you have enabled high-class Pokemon alert or Pokedex event missing Pokemon alert, it will wait until you take manual action

3.6) The system continues to remain active until you logout from the game or disable it

4.0) The anti-botting verification system Google reCAPTCHA will be asked to you now for every 2000 actions instead of 1000

4.1) What is counted as an action? E.g, doing a battle, running away from a Pokemon, and such

5.0) 2 More options have been added to the control panel :

5.1) Do not show new move learning alert after battles?

5.2) Do not show battle result statistics after battles panel?
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