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PokemonPets Version 5.0.1 Update

Game Link >
Game Register Link >

Previous version update logs >

This update has not completed yet. We are working on new Pokemon. So the thread will get updated once we added new Pokemon

1.0) A whole new feature: Seasonal Rankings and Rewards system has been added to the game

1.1) Please read more information about the new system on its official thread here > Seasonal Rankings System

1.2) Seasonal Rankings can be accessed from a link under Players menu button or from here > TopTrainers.aspx?Season=1

2.0) The Top trainers page has been improved and now you can see what rewards you are going to get in that season with your current rank

2.1) Select Top Trainers Score (Shows Rewards), ELO Score or Seasonal Official Tournaments Points filterings to see what rewards are you going to get with your current rank

3.0) The Top trainers ranking algorithm has been modified with recent changes:

3.1) You can see the latest algorithm from official thread here > How does top trainers ranking system work Detailed information

4.0) The amount of money you can get via Gold Medal has been increased to 25,000,000 Gold (previously it was 5,000,000 Gold) from Reward Shop

4.1) Reward Shop page >

5.0) Now you can exchange your Tournament Coins with Silver Medals in Reward Shop

5.1) You can get 1 Silver Medal by exchanging 2 Tournament Coins

5.2) How you can get Tournament Coins is explained in official Tournaments thread > How Tournaments System Works PokemonPets Game

6.0) Delete Market Messages button at the inbox page is replaced to Delete System Messages

6.1) Delete System Messages will delete all messages that are sent from Administration (auto messages sent by system)

7.0) Reset system sent Announcements feature added to the User Control panel page

7.1) This will reset your Announcement history so you will get active Announcement private messages again after your next login. So logout and login again to get all messages

7.2) You can access your Control Panel page under Profile menu button or here >

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Official Facebook Page >
Official Twitter Page >
Official Instagram Page >
Official Deviantart Page >
Official Reddit Page >
Official Pinterest Page >
Official Youtube Page >
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Fast Treasure Hunt v1.2

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Fast Berry Grow v1.2

0044D94C E3A04000
0044D950 E5C14000
0044D954 E3A04001
0044D958 E5CC4000
Nice. I love this verson

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