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Version 4.0.0
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Previous version update logs >

1) Shortcuts updated and more shortcuts added >

2) A new icon added to the Pokemon hunting screen in game page

Now it will display with a white/gray star whether you have caught or not that Pokemon in a wild Pokemon battle previously for the Pokedex Event


3) Maximum Pokemon level has been increased to 120 from 110

According to the this change, zone 16, 17, 18 and 19 NPCs' Pokemon level are increased as below percentages 

Zone 16: 5% increase, Zone 17: 10% increase, Zone 18: 15% increase, Zone 19: 20% increase

4) All Pokemon and NPCs on maps are shuffled and re-assigned

5) There was a huge bug in Guild war scoring system

It is fixed and now it will work exactly as ELO PvP score system

Due to this fix, all scores are re-calculated according to your War Win / Loss history since War Id 1

6) Now all pokemon will appear on wild

Previously second and third stages were not appearing 

7) Pokedex page of Pokemon will now show whether you have captured that Pokemon in a wild battle before or not for the Pokedex complete event 


8) Routes page will now show whether you have captured that Pokemon in a wild battle before or not for the Pokedex complete event 


9) In wild Pokemon battles below level 1-9 Pokemon will give 200% (3x when compared to before) more gold and 10-19 will give 100% (2x when compared to before) more gold then before

This change is implemented for the new players started to game

10) Now if you are the attacking side of an ELO PvP battle (does not matter if enemy is either computer controlled or Live Battle), if you lose the battle, you will not get any protection

Previously if you lose the battle, you were getting 24 hours ELO protection

11) Entire moveset of all Pokemon reconstructed 

This time all Pokemon movesets of all their generations and all games added with all move types

Moves learnt by level up : as level up moves
Moves learnt by HM : as HM moves
Moves learnt by TM : as TM moves
Egg moves : as TM moves
Pre-evolution moves : as TM moves
Transfer-only moves : as TM moves
Move Tutor moves : as TM moves
Special moves : as TM moves
Moves learnt on evolution : as TM moves

Generation 1 : Red/Blue and Yellow
Generation 2 : Gold/Silver and Crystal
Generation 3 : Ruby/Sapphire and FireRed/LeafGreen and Emerald
Generation 4 : Diamond/Pearl and Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver
Generation 5 : Black/White and Black 2/White 2
Generation 6 : X/Y Omega and Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
Generation 7 : Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee

Due to move set changes, if your Pokemon did have a move that it can not learn in new moveset, its moves are reset

You are given chance to re-select moves of those Pokemon

12) The following Pokemon added to the game

[Image: 803-Poipole.png] [Image: 804-Naganadel.png] [Image: 805-Stakataka.png] [Image: 806-Blacephalon.png] [Image: 807-Zeraora.png] [Image: 808-Meltan.png] [Image: 809-Melmetal.png] [Image: 2745-Shiny-Lycanroc.png] [Image: 2800-Shiny-Necrozma.png] [Image: 2803-Shiny-Poipole.png] [Image: 2804-Shiny-Naganadel.png] [Image: 2805-Shiny-Stakataka.png] [Image: 2806-Shiny-Blacephalon.png] [Image: 2807-Shiny-Zeraora.png] [Image: 2808-Shiny-Meltan.png] [Image: 2809-Shiny-Melmetal.png] [Image: 4744-Lycanroc-Dusk.png] [Image: 8792-Mega-Lunala.png] [Image: 8800-Mega-Necrozma.png] [Image: 10792-Shiny-Mega-Lunala.png] [Image: 10800-Shiny-Mega-Necrozma.png]
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