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1) Now: when you hover over Repel, Attractive Player and Horrifying Player item icons on the game page, it will show item names as well

2)  Now: when you use any of Repel, Attractive Player or Horrifying Player items, it will show remaining footstep counts at the top of  the respective item icon

> The footsteps counts will be refreshed when each time the page is refreshed


3)  New filter option added to the see a player's all Pokemon list page

> Now you can filter to display Pokemon that you do not have but other player have or both of you have


4)  Badge reset by Silver Medals added to the Reward Shop. 

> You can reset your badges by 5 Silver Medals in Reward Shop >
> You can battle with a GYM leader maximum 1 time in a day
> So do not reset your badges twice in the same day


5)  Pet names will be displayed along with the level in the item use page

> Here an example


6)  When you use PP recovery items in the market, it was not displaying battle moment PP values. This minor is bug fixed

7)  New Pokedex complete event added to the game

> If you complete a certain class of Pokemon Pokedex you will get a Gold Medal

> You can complete the following classes to get medals
>>  Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, Starter, Legendary, Shiny Common, Shiny Uncommon, Shiny Rare, Shiny Ultra Rare, Shiny Starter, Shiny Legendary

> How do you complete? When you catch a Pokemon in a wild Pokemon battle, it is counted as you have completed that certain Pokemon

> Only new captures will be counted. So the old ones you have captured will not be

> The captured Pokemon will have colorful image while non-captured ones will be black and white

> The captured Pokemon images will also have a Pokeball icon at the bottom left

> The event page is located under HomePage tab and also in Reward Shop page

> The event page is >

> So lets say there are 227 different Common Pokemon. When you have captured each one of them at least 1 times in wild Pokemon battles, you will be able to a Gold Medal reward

> Once you catch a Pokemon in the wild, even if you sell it, trade it or release it to the wild will not matter. It will be counted as catched forever in the Pokedex event

> Number of unique captures will effect top trainers ranking in future and will also have its own ranking list


8)  Pokedex Page and Pokemon List pages interfaces improved

9)  In live PvP battles, the first round move usage timeout is increased to 60 seconds from 20 seconds

> Other rounds will be still 20 seconds

10) You can no longer access to manage reward Pokemon page while you are in a battle
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great job Smile
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