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1) PokemonPets game now fully supports HTTPS protocol

> HTTPS (green bar on browser) protocol provides secure connection and no one can track your playing or the pages you have visited

> To play from HTTPS >

> You can also switch to HTTPS or HTTP from the right to icon in the game

2) Maximum Pokemon level in the game has increased to 110

> When maps are re-assigned (shuffled), the level of NPCs' Pokemon will be accordingly increased

3) A new system "Account Level" has implemented

> Now accounts also gets Level

> Each Account Level provides 0.1% Stats boost in all battles and 1% EXP & Gold bonus from all battles. Same way as Guild level boosts

> Guild Level bonus and Account Level bonus works together. They affect by sum of bonuses

> The 10% of total EXP you have earned from wild Pokemon or NPC battles will be accumulated as your Account EXP

> Even if your Pokemon is max level and does not earn any EXP, it will be still counted for Account EXP

> You can track your progress from User Profile page :

> You can see the necessary EXP amounts and their rank badges on this page :

> Account Level EXP page is positioned under Misc tab in the main navigation menu

> For example for Account Level 2 the required EXP amount is 180,000

>> When you gained total 180,000 EXP from both wild Pokemon and NPC battles, your Account Level will become 2. Now the next Account Level 3 requires 630,000 EXP. So this time you need to collect 630,000-180,000=450,000 more EXP. So when you gained 450,000 more EXP from both wild Pokemon and NPC battles, your Account Level will become 3. This is the mechanic of the system

4) Mega Rare Candy item added to the market. This item is same as Rare Candy but only works for level 100 and above Pokemon

5) There was an exploit which let you to win PvP match without actually winning it (ELO, Live or Computer PvP matches)

> This exploit is fixed and to ensure everyone to play equally, ELO PvP score of all players set to 400

6) There was a bug which allowed players to use items in certain PvP matches or in Guild war battles

> This bug is fixed and no more items can be used in any of these battles

7) Double PP of defender team in Guild War defense wars fixed when doing live PvP match

8) Now live PvP of ELO matches works. If the defender player is online and set to auto enter ELO matches, he will be automatically entered live PvP match. Player has to set this option on from control panel :

9) Now you can explicitly set your ELO Attack and ELO Defense teams in set your team page :

> If you are attacking, your attacking ELO team will be used ELO_Atk

> If you are defender but your team is controlled by computer your ELO_Def team will be used

> If you are defender but doing live PvP ELO defense match, your ELO_Atk team will be used

10) New team options added PvP_Atk and PvP_Cpu_Def

> PvP_Atk is used for both computer controlled PvP battles and Live PvP offers if you are the attacking player. If you are the defender in live PvP battle still PvP_Atk team will be used

> PvP_Cpu_Def is used only when you are the defender player and your team is controlled by cpu

11) Try to Recover deleted private messages feature in control panel will try to recover sent messages as well :
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A new system called "Account Level" has been implemented in the game. This system likely introduces a leveling system for player accounts, allowing players to progress and unlock various features or rewards based on their account level.

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