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✓ Version 2.2.1 (10 October 2015) Pokemon Pets (F2P Online Pokemon MMO RPG Game) Update Change Logs

✓ Please Read previous updates as well ☑ Previous updates:

✓ New awesome quick teams system : ☑

✓ Modify your team directly from this management page ☑ :

✓ New messages alert system added to the chat screen

✓ All unfinished battles got wiped for performance boost
✓ PvP Battle Board and requests history deleted because of unfinished battles wipe
✓ All Pokemon and NPCs on maps re-assigned
✓ Few Pokemon abilities changed

✓ Eevee and its all forms transformation fixed and tested. Working perfectly.

✓ 100% bonus EXP and Gold event until 12 October 2015

✓ New MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP : ☑
✓ Please play and rate 5 stars our game

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ PokemonPets Youtube :
☑ PokemonPets Facebook :
☑ PokemonPets Google+ :
☑ Pokemon Pets Twitter :
☑ Pokemon Pets Facebook APP :
☑ PokemonPets Android APP :
☑ PokemonPets DeviantArt :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Linkedin :

✓ New added and image updated Pokemon (Click F5 to refresh image cache of browser)

[Image: 35-Clefairy.png] [Image: 150-Mewtwo.png] [Image: 370-Luvdisc.png] [Image: 574-Gothita.png] [Image: 2078-Shiny-Rapidash.png] [Image: 2094-Shiny-Gengar.png] [Image: 2133-Shiny-Eevee.png] [Image: 2150-Shiny-Mewtwo.png] [Image: 2186-Shiny-Politoed.png] [Image: 2245-Shiny-Suicune.png] [Image: 2258-Shiny-Mudkip.png] [Image: 2265-Shiny-Wurmple.png] [Image: 2310-Shiny-Manectric.png] [Image: 8053-Mega-Persian.png] [Image: 8054-Mega-Golduck.png] [Image: 8078-Mega-Rapidash.png] [Image: 8083-Mega-Farfetchd.png] [Image: 8087-Mega-Dewgong.png] [Image: 8101-Mega-Electrode.png] [Image: 8122-Mega-MrMime.png] [Image: 8128-Mega-Tauros.png] [Image: 8131-Mega-Lapras.png] [Image: 8134-Mega-Vaporeon.png] [Image: 8135-Mega-Jolteon.png] [Image: 8136-Mega-Flareon.png] [Image: 8145-Mega-Zapdos.png] [Image: 8146-Mega-Moltres.png] [Image: 8189-Mega-Jumpluff.png] [Image: 8196-Mega-Espeon.png] [Image: 8197-Mega-Umbreon.png] [Image: 8206-Mega-Dunsparce.png] [Image: 8211-Mega-Qwilfish.png] [Image: 8225-Mega-Delibird.png] [Image: 8257-Mega-Blaziken.png] [Image: 8277-Mega-Swellow.png] [Image: 8335-Mega-Zangoose.png] [Image: 8370-Mega-Luvdisc.png] [Image: 8389-Mega-Torterra.png] [Image: 8407-Mega-Roserade.png] [Image: 8441-Mega-Chatot.png] [Image: 8455-Mega-Carnivine.png] [Image: 8463-Mega-Rhyperior.png] [Image: 8470-Mega-Leafeon.png] [Image: 8471-Mega-Glaceon.png] [Image: 8485-Mega-Heatran.png] [Image: 8503-Mega-Samurott.png] [Image: 8531-Mega-Audino.png] [Image: 8553-Mega-Krookodile.png] [Image: 8601-Mega-Klinklang.png] [Image: 8623-Mega-Golurk.png] [Image: 8628-Mega-Braviary.png] [Image: 8646-Mega-Kyurem.png] [Image: 8671-Mega-Florges.png] [Image: 8700-Mega-Sylveon.png] [Image: 8715-Mega-Noivern.png] [Image: 10053-Shiny-Mega-Persian.png] [Image: 10054-Shiny-Mega-Golduck.png] [Image: 10078-Shiny-Mega-Rapidash.png] [Image: 10083-Shiny-Mega-Farfetchd.png] [Image: 10087-Shiny-Mega-Dewgong.png] [Image: 10101-Shiny-Mega-Electrode.png] [Image: 10122-Shiny-Mega-MrMime.png] [Image: 10128-Shiny-Mega-Tauros.png] [Image: 10131-Shiny-Mega-Lapras.png] [Image: 10134-Shiny-Mega-Vaporeon.png] [Image: 10135-Shiny-Mega-Jolteon.png] [Image: 10136-Shiny-Mega-Flareon.png] [Image: 10145-Shiny-Mega-Zapdos.png] [Image: 10146-Shiny-Mega-Moltres.png] [Image: 10189-Shiny-Mega-Jumpluff.png] [Image: 10196-Shiny-Mega-Espeon.png] [Image: 10197-Shiny-Mega-Umbreon.png] [Image: 10206-Shiny-Mega-Dunsparce.png] [Image: 10211-Shiny-Mega-Qwilfish.png] [Image: 10225-Shiny-Mega-Delibird.png] [Image: 10257-Shiny-Mega-Blaziken.png] [Image: 10277-Shiny-Mega-Swellow.png] [Image: 10335-Shiny-Mega-Zangoose.png] [Image: 10370-Shiny-Mega-Luvdisc.png] [Image: 10389-Shiny-Mega-Torterra.png] [Image: 10407-Shiny-Mega-Roserade.png] [Image: 10441-Shiny-Mega-Chatot.png] [Image: 10455-Shiny-Mega-Carnivine.png] [Image: 10463-Shiny-Mega-Rhyperior.png] [Image: 10470-Shiny-Mega-Leafeon.png] [Image: 10471-Shiny-Mega-Glaceon.png] [Image: 10485-Shiny-Mega-Heatran.png] [Image: 10503-Shiny-Mega-Samurott.png] [Image: 10531-Shiny-Mega-Audino.png] [Image: 10553-Shiny-Mega-Krookodile.png] [Image: 10601-Shiny-Mega-Klinklang.png] [Image: 10623-Shiny-Mega-Golurk.png] [Image: 10628-Shiny-Mega-Braviary.png] [Image: 10646-Shiny-Mega-Kyurem.png] [Image: 10671-Shiny-Mega-Florges.png] [Image: 10675-Shiny-Mega-Pangoro.png] [Image: 10700-Shiny-Mega-Sylveon.png] [Image: 10715-Shiny-Mega-Noivern.png] [Image: 12017-Flyyan.png] [Image: 12018-Lucasylve.png] [Image: 12019-Sceptizard-X.png] [Image: 14017-Shiny-Flyyan.png] [Image: 14018-Shiny-Lucasylve.png]

news source v 2.2.1
Blush waiting for mega
blissey ^^

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
wowwww love it
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
its good Cef i like it
[Image: Signature.png]
Mega cat with megas of eevee forms and mega dunsparce awesome o.o
why don't u give pokemon fake regular evolutions instead of megas?
Thanks for the update, like some of the designs, others need better ones, keep it up Cef
Temp Signature Until I can Make A Better One
[Image: omeg_ruby_male_trainer_sig_01_by_gmc_aniki-d7sj23i.png]
nice update.................
Smile Smile Smile
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-tfUb2gC5IwntG5iml9_...H1kQu2hqeE]
Hi Cef... Please, can you fix the problem with mega glaceon artist name? It was not me
(2015-10-11, 12:50 PM)jordanqv Wrote: Hi Cef... Please, can you fix the problem with mega glaceon artist name? It was not me

hello sorry about that fixed and gave your special title at the forum
Please don't tell me we don't have a Mega Minun yet.
Hearthow do i enterHeart
(2015-10-22, 01:09 AM)frig624 Wrote: Hearthow do i enterHeart

you need to register the game

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