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✓ Version 2.1.1 (24 January 2015) Pokemon Pets (F2P Online Pokemon MMO RPG Game) Update Change Logs - Read previous updates as well
☑ Previous updates:

✓ 12+12(Shiny) Mega Pokemon added to the game

✓ These megas will never be catchable at the maps and they will be obtained via only transformation gem items. Items will be consumed upon usage and can be purchased from market:

☑ Mega Gem: 25m Gold : Mega Pokemon transformation
☑ Perfect Gem: 100m Gold : Mega-Legendary pokemon transformation
☑ Ultimate Gem: 500m Gold : Shiny mega pokemon transformation
☑ Legendary Gem: 2000m Gold : Shiny Legendary transformation

✓ Market interface improved a little bit and some bugs fixed

✓ All Pokemon and NPCs on maps re-assigned

✓ A new awesome Pokemon escape counters feature added to the game. Please read below thread to get more information

✓ The game server is upgraded
☑ New server has 128 GB ram memory
☑ Another improvement made so game should run faster now

✓ Forced battles by 1/20 chance is enabled for every map not only Legendary containing maps

✓ Special weekend event started

✓ During event EXP and Gold boost is 50%
✓ During event 1 starter monsters catchable at certain maps

✓ Available Starters:

495 - Snivy
[Image: 495-Snivy.png]

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ PokemonPets Youtube :
☑ PokemonPets Facebook :
☑ PokemonPets Google+ :
☑ Pokemon Pets Twitter :

✓ Special name giving to NPCs system is ready however it requires NPC name list preparation

✓ New added Pokemon Megas

[Image: 8003-Mega-Venusaur.png] [Image: 8005-Mega-Charizard.png] [Image: 8009-Mega-Blastoise.png] [Image: 8065-Mega-Alakazam.png] [Image: 8094-Mega-Gengar.png] [Image: 8115-Mega-Kangaskhan.png] [Image: 8127-Mega-Pinsir.png] [Image: 8130-Mega-Gyarados.png] [Image: 8142-Mega-Aerodactyl.png] [Image: 8150-Mega-Mewtwo.png]

✓ Updated Poekmon images 200+ (click F5 to see)

[Image: 11-Metapod.png] [Image: 13-Weedle.png] [Image: 39-Jigglypuff.png] [Image: 40-Wigglytuff.png] [Image: 43-Oddish.png] [Image: 44-Gloom.png] [Image: 45-Vileplume.png] [Image: 54-Psyduck.png] [Image: 61-Poliwhirl.png] [Image: 70-Weepinbell.png] [Image: 73-Tentacruel.png] [Image: 74-Geodude.png] [Image: 79-Slowpoke.png] [Image: 80-Slowbro.png] [Image: 82-Magneton.png] [Image: 87-Dewgong.png] [Image: 90-Shellder.png] [Image: 93-Haunter.png] [Image: 94-Gengar.png] [Image: 95-Onix.png] [Image: 102-Exeggcute.png] [Image: 103-Exeggutor.png] [Image: 106-Hitmonlee.png] [Image: 107-Hitmonchan.png] [Image: 113-Chansey.png] [Image: 116-Horsea.png] [Image: 118-Goldeen.png] [Image: 122-MrMime.png] [Image: 125-Electabuzz.png] [Image: 127-Pinsir.png] [Image: 129-Magikarp.png] [Image: 131-Lapras.png] [Image: 132-Ditto.png] [Image: 137-Porygon.png] [Image: 139-Omastar.png] [Image: 140-Kabuto.png] [Image: 165-Ledyba.png] [Image: 167-Spinarak.png] [Image: 169-Crobat.png] [Image: 173-Cleffa.png] [Image: 174-Igglybuff.png] [Image: 185-Sudowoodo.png] [Image: 191-Sunkern.png] [Image: 192-Sunflora.png] [Image: 194-Wooper.png] [Image: 206-Dunsparce.png] [Image: 207-Gligar.png] [Image: 213-Shuckle.png] [Image: 220-Swinub.png] [Image: 233-Porygon2.png] [Image: 239-Elekid.png] [Image: 267-Beautifly.png] [Image: 273-Seedot.png] [Image: 274-Nuzleaf.png] [Image: 280-Ralts.png] [Image: 281-Kirlia.png] [Image: 285-Shroomish.png] [Image: 293-Whismur.png] [Image: 296-Makuhita.png] [Image: 300-Skitty.png] [Image: 311-Plusle.png] [Image: 312-Minun.png] [Image: 314-Illumise.png] [Image: 316-Gulpin.png] [Image: 317-Swalot.png] [Image: 325-Spoink.png] [Image: 328-Trapinch.png] [Image: 332-Cacturne.png] [Image: 333-Swablu.png] [Image: 337-Lunatone.png] [Image: 338-Solrock.png] [Image: 339-Barboach.png] [Image: 345-Lileep.png] [Image: 352-Kecleon.png] [Image: 353-Shuppet.png] [Image: 355-Duskull.png] [Image: 358-Chimecho.png] [Image: 366-Clamperl.png] [Image: 367-Huntail.png] [Image: 372-Shelgon.png] [Image: 385-Jirachi.png] [Image: 417-Pachirisu.png] [Image: 420-Cherubi.png] [Image: 426-Drifblim.png] [Image: 433-Chingling.png] [Image: 438-Bonsly.png] [Image: 442-Spiritomb.png] [Image: 451-Skorupi.png] [Image: 458-Mantyke.png] [Image: 476-Probopass.png] [Image: 511-Pansage.png] [Image: 513-Pansear.png] [Image: 515-Panpour.png] [Image: 517-Munna.png] [Image: 524-Roggenrola.png] [Image: 540-Sewaddle.png] [Image: 546-Cottonee.png] [Image: 554-Darumaka.png] [Image: 556-Maractus.png] [Image: 557-Dwebble.png] [Image: 559-Scraggy.png] [Image: 562-Yamask.png] [Image: 568-Trubbish.png] [Image: 569-Garbodor.png] [Image: 572-Minccino.png] [Image: 574-Gothita.png] [Image: 575-Gothorita.png] [Image: 576-Gothitelle.png] [Image: 582-Vanillite.png] [Image: 588-Karrablast.png] [Image: 589-Escavalier.png] [Image: 590-Foongus.png] [Image: 593-Jellicent.png] [Image: 598-Ferrothorn.png] [Image: 605-Elgyem.png] [Image: 637-Volcarona.png] [Image: 661-Fletchling.png] [Image: 666-Vivillon.png] [Image: 679-Honedge.png] [Image: 682-Spritzee.png] [Image: 683-Aromatisse.png] [Image: 684-Swirlix.png] [Image: 690-Skrelp.png] [Image: 698-Amaura.png] [Image: 707-Klefki.png] [Image: 708-Phantump.png] [Image: 711-Gourgeist.png] [Image: 720-Hoopa.png] [Image: 721-Volcanion.png] [Image: 2011-Shiny-Metapod.png] [Image: 2013-Shiny-Weedle.png] [Image: 2039-Shiny-Jigglypuff.png] [Image: 2040-Shiny-Wigglytuff.png] [Image: 2043-Shiny-Oddish.png] [Image: 2044-Shiny-Gloom.png] [Image: 2045-Shiny-Vileplume.png] [Image: 2054-Shiny-Psyduck.png] [Image: 2061-Shiny-Poliwhirl.png] [Image: 2070-Shiny-Weepinbell.png] [Image: 2073-Shiny-Tentacruel.png] [Image: 2074-Shiny-Geodude.png] [Image: 2079-Shiny-Slowpoke.png] [Image: 2080-Shiny-Slowbro.png] [Image: 2082-Shiny-Magneton.png] [Image: 2087-Shiny-Dewgong.png] [Image: 2090-Shiny-Shellder.png] [Image: 2093-Shiny-Haunter.png] [Image: 2094-Shiny-Gengar.png] [Image: 2095-Shiny-Onix.png] [Image: 2102-Shiny-Exeggcute.png] [Image: 2103-Shiny-Exeggutor.png] [Image: 2106-Shiny-Hitmonlee.png] [Image: 2107-Shiny-Hitmonchan.png] [Image: 2109-Shiny-Koffing.png] [Image: 2113-Shiny-Chansey.png] [Image: 2118-Shiny-Goldeen.png] [Image: 2122-Shiny-MrMime.png] [Image: 2125-Shiny-Electabuzz.png] [Image: 2127-Shiny-Pinsir.png] [Image: 2131-Shiny-Lapras.png] [Image: 2133-Shiny-Eevee.png] [Image: 2137-Shiny-Porygon.png] [Image: 2139-Shiny-Omastar.png] [Image: 2140-Shiny-Kabuto.png] [Image: 2165-Shiny-Ledyba.png] [Image: 2167-Shiny-Spinarak.png] [Image: 2169-Shiny-Crobat.png] [Image: 2174-Shiny-Igglybuff.png] [Image: 2178-Shiny-Xatu.png] [Image: 2206-Shiny-Dunsparce.png] [Image: 2233-Shiny-Porygon2.png] [Image: 2239-Shiny-Elekid.png] [Image: 2273-Shiny-Seedot.png] [Image: 2274-Shiny-Nuzleaf.png] [Image: 2280-Shiny-Ralts.png] [Image: 2281-Shiny-Kirlia.png] [Image: 2285-Shiny-Shroomish.png] [Image: 2312-Shiny-Minun.png] [Image: 2317-Shiny-Swalot.png] [Image: 2328-Shiny-Trapinch.png] [Image: 2372-Shiny-Shelgon.png] [Image: 2376-Shiny-Metagross.png] [Image: 2385-Shiny-Jirachi.png] [Image: 2426-Shiny-Drifblim.png] [Image: 2458-Shiny-Mantyke.png] [Image: 2476-Shiny-Probopass.png] [Image: 2590-Shiny-Foongus.png] [Image: 2593-Shiny-Jellicent.png] [Image: 2618-Shiny-Stunfisk.png] [Image: 2654-Shiny-Braixen.png] [Image: 2661-Shiny-Fletchling.png] [Image: 2666-Shiny-Vivillon.png] [Image: 2690-Shiny-Skrelp.png] [Image: 2700-Shiny-Sylveon.png] [Image: 2708-Shiny-Phantump.png] [Image: 2720-Shiny-Hoopa.png] [Image: 2721-Shiny-Volcanion.png] [Image: 4055-Jellicent-F.png]

✓ Updated pokemon links

11 Metapod13 Weedle39 Jigglypuff40 Wigglytuff43 Oddish44 Gloom45 Vileplume54 Psyduck61 Poliwhirl70 Weepinbell73 Tentacruel74 Geodude79 Slowpoke80 Slowbro82 Magneton87 Dewgong90 Shellder93 Haunter94 Gengar95 Onix102 Exeggcute103 Exeggutor106 Hitmonlee107 Hitmonchan113 Chansey116 Horsea118 Goldeen122 MrMime125 Electabuzz127 Pinsir129 Magikarp131 Lapras132 Ditto137 Porygon139 Omastar140 Kabuto165 Ledyba167 Spinarak169 Crobat173 Cleffa174 Igglybuff185 Sudowoodo191 Sunkern192 Sunflora194 Wooper206 Dunsparce207 Gligar213 Shuckle220 Swinub233 Porygon2239 Elekid267 Beautifly273 Seedot274 Nuzleaf280 Ralts281 Kirlia285 Shroomish293 Whismur296 Makuhita300 Skitty311 Plusle312 Minun314 Illumise316 Gulpin317 Swalot325 Spoink328 Trapinch332 Cacturne333 Swablu337 Lunatone338 Solrock339 Barboach345 Lileep352 Kecleon353 Shuppet355 Duskull358 Chimecho366 Clamperl367 Huntail372 Shelgon385 Jirachi417 Pachirisu420 Cherubi426 Drifblim433 Chingling438 Bonsly442 Spiritomb451 Skorupi458 Mantyke476 Probopass511 Pansage513 Pansear515 Panpour517 Munna524 Roggenrola540 Sewaddle546 Cottonee554 Darumaka556 Maractus557 Dwebble559 Scraggy562 Yamask568 Trubbish569 Garbodor572 Minccino574 Gothita575 Gothorita576 Gothitelle582 Vanillite588 Karrablast589 Escavalier590 Foongus593 Jellicent598 Ferrothorn605 Elgyem637 Volcarona661 Fletchling666 Vivillon679 Honedge682 Spritzee683 Aromatisse684 Swirlix690 Skrelp698 Amaura707 Klefki708 Phantump711 Gourgeist720 Hoopa721 Volcanion2011 Shiny-Metapod2013 Shiny-Weedle2039 Shiny-Jigglypuff2040 Shiny-Wigglytuff2043 Shiny-Oddish2044 Shiny-Gloom2045 Shiny-Vileplume2054 Shiny-Psyduck2061 Shiny-Poliwhirl2070 Shiny-Weepinbell2073 Shiny-Tentacruel2074 Shiny-Geodude2079 Shiny-Slowpoke2080 Shiny-Slowbro2082 Shiny-Magneton2087 Shiny-Dewgong2090 Shiny-Shellder2093 Shiny-Haunter2094 Shiny-Gengar2095 Shiny-Onix2102 Shiny-Exeggcute2103 Shiny-Exeggutor2106 Shiny-Hitmonlee2107 Shiny-Hitmonchan2109 Shiny-Koffing2113 Shiny-Chansey2118 Shiny-Goldeen2122 Shiny-MrMime2125 Shiny-Electabuzz2127 Shiny-Pinsir2131 Shiny-Lapras2133 Shiny-Eevee2137 Shiny-Porygon2139 Shiny-Omastar2140 Shiny-Kabuto2165 Shiny-Ledyba2167 Shiny-Spinarak2169 Shiny-Crobat2174 Shiny-Igglybuff2178 Shiny-Xatu2206 Shiny-Dunsparce2233 Shiny-Porygon22239 Shiny-Elekid2273 Shiny-Seedot2274 Shiny-Nuzleaf2280 Shiny-Ralts2281 Shiny-Kirlia2285 Shiny-Shroomish2312 Shiny-Minun2317 Shiny-Swalot2328 Shiny-Trapinch2372 Shiny-Shelgon2376 Shiny-Metagross2385 Shiny-Jirachi2426 Shiny-Drifblim2458 Shiny-Mantyke2476 Shiny-Probopass2590 Shiny-Foongus2593 Shiny-Jellicent2618 Shiny-Stunfisk2654 Shiny-Braixen2661 Shiny-Fletchling2666 Shiny-Vivillon2690 Shiny-Skrelp2700 Shiny-Sylveon2708 Shiny-Phantump2720 Shiny-Hoopa2721 Shiny-Volcanion4055 Jellicent-F8003 Mega-Venusaur8005 Mega-Charizard8009 Mega-Blastoise8065 Mega-Alakazam8094 Mega-Gengar8115 Mega-Kangaskhan8127 Mega-Pinsir8130 Mega-Gyarados8142 Mega-Aerodactyl8150 Mega-Mewtwo

news source v 2.1.1
mega charizard types will be fixed at next update seems like type error happened
Thanks for the awesome job again CeF Big Grin
although the new 3D sprites kinda look strange :/

M30 - Galliant
Wow megas are there wow
Thank you for adding the megas Cef, plus the new starter weekend event Big Grin
Temp Signature Until I can Make A Better One
[Image: omeg_ruby_male_trainer_sig_01_by_gmc_aniki-d7sj23i.png]
thank u very much cef for a fast and good update
mega charizrad x and y r changed 
meda x is dragon
u changed photo and state look
(2015-01-24, 06:09 AM)haseeo55 Wrote: mega charizrad x and y r changed 
meda x is dragon
u changed photo and state look

next update type error will be fixed

images are correct though
yes the 3d pokesmons look stange and scary so thanks for the version but after this 3d update pokes will the next update will include more 3d pokemons or no
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
thanks for the updates this game is developing very fast Smile
my noob IGN Staff 
[Image: fc1ria.jpg]
*Credits to malvagioDemente for this awesome sig*
Thanks for the update (:
hey cef thanks for the update but the 3d pokemons r strange and makes people dilikes pokemon
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
(2015-01-24, 01:05 PM)pratham Wrote: yes the 3d pokesmons look stange and scary so thanks for the version but after this 3d update pokes will the next update will include more 3d pokemons or no

no more 3d

the better ones will replace including 3d ones as we find
(2015-01-26, 04:59 AM)pratham Wrote: hey cef thanks for the update but the 3d pokemons r strange and makes people dilikes pokemon

yes they will be replaced
event extended till next monday
(2015-01-24, 01:00 PM)CeFurkan Wrote:
(2015-01-24, 06:09 AM)haseeo55 Wrote: mega charizrad x and y r changed 
meda x is dragon
u changed photo and state look

next update type error will be fixed

images are correct though

and state charizard y has more spatk
[Image: th?&id=HN.608042901467497034&w=300&h=300...9&rs=0&p=0]

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