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Tourney Of Trainers(English)
Forum-registered members ONLY but guests are allowed.If u can speak english or understand,for u,lol^^
U MUST FILL OUT THE *-MARKED FIELDS IN THE FORM.If it does not have the mark,it is optional.
*How many pokemon u have?
*Is your screenshot tool working?
*What is your IGN?
*Can you follow the rules?
How do you feel about the tourney?
Here are the rules:
1)Fill out the form
2)If you win or lose,post screenshot proof
3)You must be verified by your answers in form
4)If you cheat,you get disqualified
Here is the setup(Updated when ppl qualify):

Here are the allowed classes:
Ultra Rare
Here are the groups:
Group A:
Group B:
Group C:
Group D:
Group E:
Maximum of players:25
Here is a little more description:
You get Z-Points when you win a battle.The amount is random.The winner is declared Champion of the tourney.This tourney goes until the tourney has a Champion.The 1 with the most Z-Points wins.
Last thing,the rounds:
Starting Round(Starters ONLY!!!)
Common Round(Commons ONLY!!!)
Uncommon Round(UNCOMMONS ONLY!!!)
Rare Round(RARES ONLY!!!)
Ultra Rare Round(ULTRA RARES ONLY!!!!)
Legendary Round(LEGENDARIES ONLY!!!)
Shiny Round(SHINIES ONLY!!!!)
Finals(allowing all allowed classes)
Shiny Commons-Shiny Legends are allowed in the rounds^^ONLY in their certain round!!!!!
1 round at a time.
Finally,u need at least 6 pokes.

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