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Shiny Mega Yveltal

Shiny mega Yveltal has great offensive typing and movepool. It has 226 base special attack and attack, meaning it can have a role as physical attacker or special attacker, even a mixed attacker. It's abilities Speed decreaser (which decreases your opponents speed by 15%), Speed Master (increases it's speed by 30%) and Bonus Damage (increases stab from 1.5 x to 2 x multiplier) makes it great at offensively breaking tanks (physically defensive pokemon) and Sponges (specially defensive pokemon)

Role: Mixed breaker
Recommended held item:  Special attack weapon , Dark orb, Flying crystal/ Dark crystal 
Recommended spread: 252 speed ev , 252 special attack ev, 6 hp or special defense 
Recommended Nature: Timid , Modest 
Recommended Moveset: Oblivion Wing, Phantom Force, Foul play , skyattack

This set is better in PvE in my opinion, the idea is to use phyical attacks against special walls and special attacks against physical walls to break the opponents pokemon as quickly as possible. With sm-Yveltal base 123 speed and speed master, it should not be too difficult to do that Wink

Role Versatility: Bulky boosting 
Recommended held item:  Special attack weapon , Dark orb, Flying Orb
Recommended spread: 252 hp ev, 252 speed ev , 6 defense ev
Recommended Nature:  Bold, Modest, timid 
Recommended Moveset: Oblivion Wing, protect, roost, sunny day 

Pretty simple idea of powering up your defensive stats and using evasion to dodge moves while you recover hp with oblvion wing. 

Role Versatility: It's a trap!?
Recommended held item:  Special attack weapon , Dark orb, Flying Orb
Recommended spread: 252 hp ev, 252 speed ev , 6 special attack ev
Recommended movest: Round, block, roost , dark pulse/ hurricane 

Switch in to something , then trap it with block which also boosts defense then proceed to boost your special attack while flinching them, lol . Kind of a novelty idea but eh, 

Shiny mega Yveltal can be a pure physical and pure special attacker as well just modify the ev's to boost hp and special attack or hp and physical attack respectively. The physical attacker would be idea because it has access to hone claws which also raises accuracy.
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