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Shiny mega registeel is a good pokemon that can be used in ELO because of its good typing and abilities. It has base 100 hp, base 225 defense and special defense which are good, though it's hp stat leaves alot to be desired because it lacks the expert regenerator ability.

It's abilities are Steel Master, Slow tough and Shield Master which are all beneficial considering it already low base speed. Steel master boosts steel moves base power by 40% , slow tough increases special defense and defense by 40% but decrease speed by 30% and shield master decreases the base power of opponents moves by 30%

Role: Tank 
Best Items: Steel orb 
Best Nature(s): Impish, Bold, Calm, Sassy, Relaxed 
Recommended moveset: Curse/Amnesia/Iron defense, Rest, Protect,toxic/Block/Ironhead/flash cannon 

Registeel is an amazing tank being able to wall attacks with it's steel typing and it's ability, shield master. This set recovers HP with rest and the boosts the rest of its stats with curse or amnesia or iron defense. Block can help to trap and prevent switching then iron head or flash cannon for stab damage. 

Role: Stat Decreaser 
Best Items: Steel orb 
Best Nature(s): Impish, Bold, Calm, Sassy, Relaxed 
Recommended moveset: Sandstorm, Rest, block,toxic/iron head flash cannon 

The idea here is trap your opponent then decrease their stats, while inflicting stats and recovering your Hp. Sandstorm and shield master combo here making registeel hard to take down. 

Role: Boosting Tank 
Best Items: Steel orb 
Best Nature(s): Impish, Calm, Sassy, Relaxed, Modest 
Recommended moveset: Substitute/protect/lock-on, Chargebeam, Round, Ancient power/flash cannon 

Registeel can boost it's own stats while increasing evasion in combination with evasion and other defensive stat boosting. It relies on vitality with shield master then recovering HP with steel orb while your opponents misses their attacks and you continue to boost, lol.

As for effort values, you want to focus on 252 hp always then make a spread distribution based on IV with defense and special defense, never speed. Registeel require high HP IV , 25 and up recommended. Registeel can do some novelty things such as sleep talk/rest to boost stats, Inflict more status such as paralysis in combination with other statuses or use magnet rise and power up punch as a physical booster.
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