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Shiny mega regice has ice master, spdef master and shield master. These abilities gives is very good and specific use for sponging special attacks. It also has the luxury of having the highest special defense in the game.
Ice master increases base power of ice moves by 40%, spdef master increases the special defense stat by 30% and shield master decreases the base power of opponents moves by 30%.

Role: Sponge (special tank)
Recommended held item: Ice orb, defense armor
Recommended Nature: Calm, Bold 
Recommended Moveset: Protect/Aurora Veil, Rest/Hail, Thunder Wave , Frost Breath 

Ice is bad defensive typing but good offensive typing though base 375 special defense is nothing to laugh at. This set takes advantage of its high special defense to paralyze an opposing special attacker, then boost defensive stats, while doing critical hit damage almost every turn with frost breath.

Regice has poor defensive typing , and a mediocre special attack stat but it can boost its special attack.

Role: Booster
Moveset: charge beam, ancient power/round , ice beam, psyche up 
Recommended Nature: Modest 
This set has a bit more offensive use, to boost while your opponent is boosting as well and copy their stat changes, ice move stab and charge beam and round to boost special attack.

Role: Mad Status 
Moveset: Toxic/Thunderwave, rest, safe guard, Block
Recommended held item: Ice orb, defense armor
Recommended Nature: Calm, Bold 
The idea here is block switches then status while preventing status on yourself as you heal.

Regice can also reduce opponents stats with things such as confide, sand attack, icywind, gravity, bulldoze , in combination with block to weaken stronger pokemon to take them down.
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