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I'm sure we've all seen this monster beforeWink
With abilities such as Effect Expert, Camouflauge and Slow tough
Giratina is one of the most popular pokemon in ELO and PVP usage.
It is easy to see why, Giratina boasts base defenses of 120 even in regular form which is huge!

Effect Expert increases the priority of status moves by 1 stage.
Camouflauge reduces the opponents move effectiveness by 1 stage.
Slow tough increases defense and special defense by 40% but decreases speed by 30% 

The role of Giratina is to induce status, while preventing switching and to be a wall to the opposing pokemon so you will be focusing on HP, defense and special defense. Speed is not required on this pokemon. As such, One of the most popular movesets is as follows:
Heal Block

This moveset is meant to inflict status with priority and trap the opponent. The moveset also helps to recover your own giratina's HP with rest coupled with a ghost or dragon orb, this is a deadly combination. Protect increases defense, special defense and evasion by 1 stage.

Best Nature(s): Bold, Calm, Sassy, Careful, Impish, Relaxed

As we can see this is one annoying pokemon! 
Will be doing more of these guides in the future, feel free too add anything i may have missed,suggestions, recommendations on pokemon to do next, comment or thanks Rolleyes
I found the best way to overpower them is to overwhelm it with high-power fairy moves. Sometimes that doesn't work though, if the evasion is too high. 
Whenever I encounter them, I usually have to just surrender because they trapped my pokemon, and I don't wanna sit there spamming "struggle" for 100+ turns.
An annoying, but ELO effective pokemon.
Good one
That's nice.
Great, thanks!
I was so impressed by your article - you really did your research and it shows. I learned so much from reading it!

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