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We'll soon be done with adding new megas, and soon all we'll have is the pictures and moves o worry about. Since we'll be done so soon, and there are a lot of pictures that aren't up to snuff, how about everyone pitches in and finds good pictures to replace the ones we currently have? I'll start it off, and if you think this is a good idea, find a good picture of your own to post on here

[Image: tumblr_lg89up5w6F1qg2qw6o1_500.jpg]
[Image: garchomp_by_tatatorterra-d4djksj.png]
[Image: victini_by_lwideshotl-d5187xt.png]
Added 2/16/15

Deoxys Defense
[Image: Deoxys_Scratch_by_D_idara.png]
Deoxys Normal
[Image: 386.png]

[Image: Lugia_v_3_by_Xous54.png]
[Image: latios_by_onyx_apocalypse-d62u0wk.png]
[Image: shiny_latias_with_video_by_glitchedvirus-d783q5a.png]
Palkia[Image: pokemon_gallery_by_nganlamsong-d4se24w.png]
[Image: arceus-5.png]
[Image: 646Kyurem-Black3_zps3d421dc7.png]
[Image: 646Kyurem_White_BW_Anime.png]
[Image: kyurem_v_3_by_icaro382-d37rl2b.png]
[Image: salamence_display.png]
[Image: cute_goodra_by_elsdrake-d6rf1vv.png]
Added 2/17/15
[Image: 1422830-arcanine.png]
[Image: ninetales_pearl_mode_by_nganlamsong-d4uav2a.png]
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTQ9hwd1UrXlEXexUPMSid...H1uZ8b0Ezw]
[Image: talonflame_by_riotpilot-d68r1kj.png]
[Image: noivern_by_saku_senpai-d6ha5n8.png]
[Image: shiny_noivern_global_link_art_by_trainer...6wejzs.png]
[Image: hydreigon_by_elaynii-d49ipmu.png]
[Image: reshiram__flying_by_xxsteefylovexx-d4rr4nu.png]
[Image: Zekrom_by_purplekecleon.png]
[Image: yveltal_by_drphantom24-d65mcu6.png]

Etc... I'm psyched to see your opinions/pictures!
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

to buzzy to find pics but i look forward to see some new pics and like this idea Wink
great idea, keep them coming.

M30 - Galliant
cool ch, that shiny latias is rocking Big Grin

Moreover i feel all shinies shud have similar texture as that of shiny latias
Some of this have bad rendering and makes the edges look choppy, some are way too blurry to use, good luck finding even better pictures, some of this are good however.
Temp Signature Until I can Make A Better One
[Image: omeg_ruby_male_trainer_sig_01_by_gmc_aniki-d7sj23i.png]
we can not just use pictures that we found on the internet

we have to get permission of the artists that draw them
Ok, is it possible for you to do that? And how would this process pan out? I could help with that.
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

(2015-02-17, 03:51 PM)ch17175 Wrote: Ok, is it possible for you to do that? And how would this process pan out? I could help with that.

find the artist who draw
and ask him Smile
Alright, thats it? I can do that
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

moar megaz
love your work Big Grin
cant whait for this game to bloom Big Grin
shiny latias is nice but palkiaHeart wow
i fight Because that's what i was made for                              [Image: view?resolution=2560x1600&file=MjM4OXgxO...g4Nl93YQ==]
I like zekrom Heart lot
pictures showing certain actions ?
my personal favorite is Lucario ...maybe there could be a more muscular one. btw: somehow faces won't look good in my drawings, and the paws and feet I just "covered" with the name and some graphical effects instead. what do you think about it guys?

[Image: d796ff141cfd4b19bcf026ea79d624d6.jpg]
Nice nice
oh that's great

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