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Pikachu Noah's Guide for new trainers
Part 1:basics
A Pokemon's image,There found in many places!
[Image: 621-Druddigon.png]
A Pokemon's Level(Found above a Pokemon's image,Sometimes),Extremely useful!
"Druddigon : Level 1"

The Pokedex is located in a few places like when you click on a Pokemon,(Sometimes it will take you to it's Pokedex infomation),And its also under "Misc",And when you click on the Pokedex on the wild Pokemon's Image(The Pokedex is at the bottom right of a wild Pokemon's image)It will take you to its infomation at the Pokedex!
[Image: OpenDex.png]
A Pokedex is VERY useful and important!,it can show you how a Pokemon can evolve,Its Type,What its weak agianst,What moves and abilatys it can learn,And even how much Exp it needs to level up!
This is a Pokedex on Druddigon

If your wondering where to find how much Exp it needs to level up,Ill show you,"Level Gain Rate: Medium Fast"
Click on it's level gain rate to the middle-left of the Pokemon's Image(The top image,Not the Image on the "Transformation Line")

A Pokemon you dont have yet will have a grey Pokeball to show you you dont have it yet
[Image: ghostball.png]
A Pokemon you already have will show this Pokeball in the wild
[Image: pokeball.png]
Those are found top left of a wild Pokemon's image

A Pokemon's Infomation of just that Pokemon(Like it's stats)Can be accessed by clicking on a pokemon on My Team,Or clicking this on My Team
[Image: ShowDetailed_en.png]
Or Clicking on a Pokemon in battle,Or clicking on a Pokemon on (Anyone)'s All Pokemon...
Here's what it looks like,
Last one on this post is this...

Click "Battle"on a wild Pokemon to,Well,Battle it,Click Try Run on a wild Pokemon to,Well,Try Run(Try Run has maybe a 98% chance to run,And a 2% chance to battle)Try Run and Battle are found below a wild Pokemon's image
Part 2:Battling Basics

When you start a battle,you will see your Pokemon on your team,if one is fainted it will say _____ Has Fainted!(Example,Heatran Has Fainted!)you will have to take it to a Pokemon center to heal it,or use a Revive on it,When you select your Pokemon,You will see 2 Pokemon,Your enemys Pokemon,And your Pokemon,Below both of the Pokemon is the Pokemon's learnt moves,And the "PP" of a move(PP shows how much a move can be used(Dont be alarmed!,PP can be healed just like a Pokemon,Taking the Pokemon to a Pokemon center,or using a "Arcanum" on the selected move of the selected Pokemon)When the PP of a move is empty,you will have to heal the move(^)Or you cant use it(unless you "Heal" it))to the right of the learnt moves is weird thing with a i in the middle of it,hover your mouse over it to show the Pokemon's move info(Also sometimes,At the end of a battle,Your Pokemon will learn a move!Dont worry,you can forget the move to not learn it,And replace it with a already learned move,or just click return to map to ignore it...)A Pokemon's move info shows everything about the move,Its Type,Base Power,Accuracy,Priority,And even move description!
Sorry,last one for this Reply!
The Pokemon's Battle Stats Shows its Current HP,Current Attack
,Current Defense, Current SpAttack,Current SpDefense
,Current Speed,Current Total Power,...Well,you get it,i hope this helps everyone!
Part 3:battle items(basics)

Battle items are serums,revives,orbs,potions...
they are all diffrent,but they all help your Pokemon,when in a battle you will find use item to the bottom left of your Pokemon's picture,if you click on use items,(you dont have to be in battle to use items,just you have to be in battle to use SOME battle items)it will take you to all your items,you can only use some items in battle,and they may seem lame and useless to you,but to me,without them,i would be weak!all battle items are useful,some battle items such as orbs... cant be used in battle,but its for battle,when a orb or other battle item that cant be used in battle is put on a Pokemon,it sometims raises there stats or heals them after every turn,example of a battle item,
[Image: darkorb.png]Dark Orb In Bag : 1 [b]If a Dark type Pokémon is holding this item, it will recover 10% of it's maximum HP at the end of each turn[/b]
A example of a battle item that CAN be used in battle is...
[Image: perfectrevive.png]Ultimate Revive In Bag : 13 [b]Restores the maximum HP of all fainted Pokémon.[/b]
those are examples of battle items(tip,with shuckle,a defense and sp defense raising battle item works very good!)Battle items are also Pokeballs to!Example:
[Image: masterball.png]Master Ball In Bag : 6 [b]Never fails in catching a wild Pokémon.[/b]
Pokeballs can ONLY be used on wild Pokemon(Pokeballs are found below your Pokemon's stats in battle,In your item bag,And also in shops)Right near items picture is this
[Image: EffectDesc_en.png] click on it,and it will take you to the selected item's full desreption(example of it, )and to the right-end of a items desreption and picture is something very important,the use option!
[Image: Use_en.png]How would you use a item without it?
thats the end of part 3,hope this helps!
(Please Read Directly Below This!)
(This Is Based On The Levels,2,Not Only The Rareness Of A Pokemon)

I Know I Have Not Made A New Guide Part In A While,But I Just Got A Idea For One,Its Not Much,But It Might Be Important For You To Read,So You Will Know Every Pokemons Normal Bazzar Price,So You Wont Do Something Like Buy A Legendary For 20,000,000 Gold

Part 4:Pokemon price

Common,Level 1-10 Price = 100 Gold

Common Level 11-20 Price = 500 Gold

Common Level 21-30 Price = 1,000 Gold

Common Level 31-40 Price = 1,750 Gold

Common Level 41-49 Price = 2,000 Gold

Common Level 50-60 Price = 5,000 Gold

Common Level 61-70 Price = 10,000 Gold

Common Level 71-80 Price = 20,000 Gold

Common Level 81-89 Price = 100,000 Gold

Common Level 90-95 Price = 300,000 Gold

Common Level 96-100 Price = 1,000,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 1-10 Price = 500 Gold

Uncommon Level 11-20 Price = 1,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 21-30 Price = 1,500 Gold

Uncommon Level 31-40 Price = 3,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 41-49 Price = 5,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 50-60 Price = 10,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 61-70 Price = 20,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 71-80 Price = 40,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 81-89 Price = 150,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 90-95 Price = 450,000 Gold

Uncommon Level 96-100 Price = 1,150,000 Gold

Rare Level 1-10 Price = 1,000 Gold

Rare Level 11-20 Price = 2,000 Gold

Rare Level 21-30 Price = 3,000 Gold

Rare Level 31-40 Price = 5,000 Gold

Rare Level 41-49 Price = 10,000 Gold

Rare Level 50-60 Price = 20,000 Gold

Rare Level 61-70 Price = 35,000 Gold

Rare Level 71-80 Price = 60,000 Gold

Rare Level 81-89 Price = 200,000 Gold

Rare Level 90-95 Price = 500,000 Gold

Rare Level 96-100 Price = 1,200,000 Gold

Ultra Rare Level 1-30 Price = 100,000 Gold

Ultra Rare Level 31-50 Price = 200,000 Gold

Ultra Rare Level 51-70 Price = 250,000 Gold

Ultra Rare Level 71-89 Price = 550,000 Gold

Ultra Rare Level 90-100 Price = 1,500,000 Gold

Legendary Level 1-69 Price = Legendarys Cant Go Below Level 70

Legendary Level 71-89 Price = 5,000,000 Gold

Legendary Level 90-100 Price = 7,000,000 Gold

Shinys Level 1-80 Price = 125,000,000 Gold

Shinys Level 81-89 Price = 150,000,000 Gold

Shinys Level 90-100 Price = 200,000,000-300,000,000 Gold

Megas Level 1-89 Price = 30,000,000 Gold

Megas Level 90-100 Price = 35,000,000 Gold

Mega Legendary Level 1-80 Price = 104,000,000 Gold

Mega Legendary Level 81-89 Price = 107,000,000 Gold

Mega Legendary Level 90-100 Price = 120,000,000 Gold

Mega Shinys Level 1-89 Price = 520,000,000 Gold

Mega Shinys Level 90-100 Price = 555,555,555 Gold

Mega Shiny Legends Level 1-89 Price = 2,025,000,000 Gold

Mega Shiny Legends Level 90-100 Price = 2,050,000,000 Gold

(Only Starters Given By CeF,Or Starters That Have Been Captured Can Be Traded Or Sold Your First Starter Cant Be Traded Or Sold)

Starters Level 1-50 Price = 25,000,000 Gold

Starters Level 51-70 Price = 30,000,000 Gold

Starters Level 71-89 Price = 35,000,000 Gold

Starters Level 90-100 Price = 40,000,000 Gold

Hope This Helps!
wow seems good pricing to me Big Grin
ty pm me in game to get a ultra rare pokemon reward also tell me nature and pokemon id
thanks cefSmile
Part 5:TMs And HMs

(TM Is Short For Technical Machine,And,HM Is Short For Hidden Machine)

Go In Any Shop...(Here's What They Look Like...)

Then Click On One Of This...

And Click On TM Or HM...

Then Click On The Number Of TM(s) Or HM(s) You Want To Buy

TMs And HMs Can Be Used Like This,Go On My Items...

(Found Here...)  (...And Here)

When Your In Your Items Bag,Dont Forget That Theres A Easy Way To Find The Item Your Looking For...  

TMs Can Only Be Used Once,Then You Have To Buy Them Agian...  

Be Sure To Look At The Moveset Of The Pokemon Your Planning To Use Your TM(s)/HM(s)On,Beacuse Not All Pokemon Can Learn Every TM And HM


Click On Use...

Click On Select(Make Sure The Pokemon Can Learn That TM(Or HM)First,By Going On That Pokemon's Pokedex Page)...

Then Click Select On The Move You Want To Replace With Your TM/HM...  And Then Your Selected TM/HM Was Used On Your Pokemon...

All TMs










All HMs

(The Only HMs That Can Be Used Out Of Battle(Yet)Are Fly And Hyper Surf)

Hope This Helps:)
Part 6:Fishing,Flying & Surfing

In Order To Fly Or Surf You Need To Have The Right HM(Hidden Machine),If You Didnt Read Part 5,Or Forgot It,Please Read It!The Rods Can Be Got The Same Way,Go To The Shop

Go On Buy Items

Go On Main Items

Now Select The Rod(s) You Want To Buy

Heres How To Fly,First Put The Fly HM On A Pokemon That Can Have It(I Did Landorus-Therian),Then Click On The Pokemon On Your Team That Has The Move Fly

Then Click On Fly

Then Click On Where You Want To Go,I Will Be Going To Starfall Town(You Can Only Fly To Places Youve Been To,Caves And Arenas Cant Be Flown Into Or Out,And Every 3 Months The Arena And Maps Reset(More About This In Part 7 Or 8),The Maps Reset To The Area Your In,So If I Was In Progress City(Route 22)And The I Got All The Way To Grand Monster Capital(Route 509)When The Maps Reset,I Could Only Fly Everywhere Ive Been From Route 22-1,Then I Would Have To Walk Back To Grand Monster Capital)

Then You Fly!(Note:Flying In Or Out Of Caves And Arenas Is Prevented)

How To Surf,First Make Sure You Have The "Hyper Surf" HM,Then Put It On A Pokemon That Can Learn It(I Did Shiny-Frillish)Then Go In Places Like This That Have A Lot Of Water

Then Go In The Water And You'll Start Surfing!(You Can Find Pokemon By Surfing)

How To Fish For Pokemon,First,Make Sure You Have A Rod,Then Click On A Rod   (Make Sure Your At The Edge Of The Water)

Its Easy As That(The Better The Rod,The Higher The Level,Example Old Rod...  Super Rod...  ,Also Diffrent Pokemon Appear For Each Rod,Example... )

Hope This Helps!:)
not bad pikachu although i disagree with u abt poke costs but u really did a good job Cool 
Charizard Rules

[Image: latest?cb=20120724210625&path-prefix=protagonist]
Mega Shiny Legends Level 90-100 Price = 2,005,000,000 Gold
Does that mean shiny-legends are worth 5,000,000  only Angel
Hi, nice guide!

After new shiny-finding mechanics and introduction of reward system, maybe some prices should be reduced, expecially shinies ones.
very nice guide
i fight Because that's what i was made for                              [Image: view?resolution=2560x1600&file=MjM4OXgxO...g4Nl93YQ==]

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