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Major Implementation - 20th Zone
ideas about adding elite 4, maybe to the 20th zone? --> https://forum.pokemonpets.com/Thread-eli...-last-city
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
I do like the idea but, what would be the type the era would specify?
"Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."

 - Karen of the Johto Elite Four
Ain't no type, it's a theme.
Just like the colloseum wouldn't have types, they have themes.

Victory Road had no type, it had a theme.
Same with indigo plateau.

The general theme would be ... if life gives you lemons... better trade for something better.

But as stated,  one gym could for example focus on stall walls.
Means, better beef up your dmg for that one.

Another could be brutal offense.
Means, your regular walls will only carry you as far as you can throw'em.

But yea, since there aren't really any new types, it's gotta be a theme.
But generally it'll be like mixed naturally.
We however could try to get  CeF to script it to the extend that eventho commons, only those with the highest stats are thrown into there.

But that's for a time once people decide to find the time to support and suggest on here 

M30 - Galliant
that sounds interesting i will look forward to it, but please don't ruin the game by the rb encounter. and btw you have some points when it seems like the last zone that will be added to the game ( like "the 20th zone badge") it's like a final boss kinda thing , and i don't want that this game should continue to evolve since she isn't tied with anything,you know.Good Luck  Sleepy
I hate Hot weather.
I think this is an amazing Idea, I support every bit of it!
Hope it makes it into the game soon.
Are You Sure??? Dodgy Angel Undecided
very good post, thank you for sharing useful information, keep posting

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