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How to successfully post the ID-Link
Welcome to the How-to-post-the-id-link

First step is to access the Details-Site of your Pokemon
You can do that either by going to "set team monster" from the Monster Center 
Or you can do this via the "See Player Profile" 
[Image: 161j0br.png]

Then Acess the "View all Pokemon" site
[Image: 33le612.png]

Then Click on the Name of the Pokemon you want to link, note that clicking on the image will only lead you to the dex-entry site
The all Pokemon site and the Storage don't differ much, it's the same there and on the all Pokemon site.
[Image: 2hyv2oj.png]

A new tab will open, it probably won't work if you're using Add-Block. The Yellow marked link is the one you need.
[Image: 2hgzaep.png]

Copy paste that Link into chat
[Image: 2d9bx45.png]

You need to do either 2 spaces or a single sign or letter in front of the link, i always do a "->" like this
[Image: 2episqq.png]

Then you can post it and it'll look like this :
[Image: 1y8ox.png]

Or if you should have the monster on your team, you can go to the my team menu :
[Image: 35hmt79.png]

and click on show detail to access the detail page :
[Image: 287exlg.png]

M30 - Galliant
[Image: 1685761.jpg]

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