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Step 1: On Game Page, to the bottom right corner above chat, you should see this:
[Image: bjyl.png]
Click on it.

Step 2: Choose which reward you would like to receive.
[Image: onn9.png]

For new and not as active players, it is recommended that you pick the "Instant 100,000 Gold Reward".

For more experienced players, it is more suitable to select the "100% EXP and Money Boost Reward for 6 Hours".

Step 3: Start clicking on the links to start voting.
[Image: JC7UIgQ.png]

If you don't know what you're supposed to do or how to vote on a certain link, click this:
[Image: dmDf7Tt.png]
and it will show you a visual demonstration on how to vote for that link. 
[Image: qrW0Jt3.png]

Step 4: Once you finish all the voting links, click on "Submit For Voting Process Validation" and you will receive your reward.

Credits goes to Prysma 2
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...
That would be useful if everytime I get on when I try to vote I get voting temporarly disabled message...
That is because it's temporarily down
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...

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