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hi.cef and all higher authorised player
l am giving a just suggestion for "how to get any pokemon and become cm"
in the forum,cef, you can given the idea in this event and everyday i have sen lots of post in this can clearly say the forum code post in the different forum where nobody knows about game.
but i think newbie us not understand what are u want to saying about event.therefore lots of newbie have send 7-8post and it laves the forum.
i have one suggestion our game is connected to most of the socil media sites like fb.twitter etc.then you have to say all the new player in game as well as in forum to these code can be post in own id of twitter and fb.because everyone uses twitter.fb .when the new player posted these code in id then lots of people which are interested in the Game they are visited  our game and it is best way to advertising this game.i am just giving a suggestion to advertising the game
plzz read this and giving the reply .is it good idea are not.???
You have to Advertise PokemonPets on other forums.You can get Rewards by only advertising pokemonspets on other forums.making posts on this forum won't get you any rewards.and as far as cm title is concerned,cef only makes those people cm,which are referred by other mods e.g, SCMs minor,blau,capt or other Chat Masters.
And your last point is quite confusing,what do you exactly mean?
In my last point i am saying the player can post the code (which are given by the cef) Then lots of people are directly visited in our game withot any prbolem.
because the main motive of this event to advertising the game i think.
thankyou for reply and one thing i want ask you if any higher mod cannot be refered then player is not become cm???
and i also curios to knowing why any mod or higher authorised person refered the newbie Or pokemon searcher or pokemon owner also like me plz reply
newbies aren't referred for cm title.and you aren't even close to being referred.
So what can be do to closed to title of cm...what is ur advice for members .......
Ok.thankyou for reply
What you can do to become a CM:

1) Don't ask to become a CM - all moderators are handpicked by the community of moderators + the owner of the game.

2) Prove yourself in-game by helping others - become an active helpful user that not only understands the game, but also tries to understand the people's problems

Untill then, repeat number 1
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Thanx .....

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