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Attack happened in paris
Hey friends i am feeling very sad about attack that are happened in paris. please support them by praying for those people who are affected in this bomb blasts and firings. Sad 

Pray for Paris
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I won't state my opinion on how we Should support them.
But all i say is, i cry for humanity.
Almost being ashamed to be part of that race.

M30 - Galliant
well France has to stop supporting terrorist groups and accept their previous sins 

otherwise these kind of terrorist attacks may never end
Thousands of people die in Mexico, all African countries and Middle East and when 100 or so die in Frane everyone is upset. Support these countries that derserve it much greater than France atm. What happened to Paris is upsetting but I feel like people just ignore other countries like they don't exist. The news will only show you things that would support their propaganda and leave the rest.

Include all countries in prayers and not just France.

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