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Pokemon Pets Version 7.5.0

=== This update has been prepared between 23 October 2022  - Work In Progress  ===
[Image: kh13pj4.png]

[Image: kh13pj4.png]

1.0) The behaviour of automatic battle enabling in Live PvP battles has been improved

1.1) If enemy player misses to execute a move in the given time period cumulatively total 5 times, the enemy player's automatic battling will be enabled

1.2) Once the automatic battling of the enemy player is enabled, you won't wait enemy any second and whenever you attack, the enemy player's attack will be executed by the computer

1.3) The enemy player can gain the battle control with turning off auto battling

1.4) However if the cumulatively missed attack count of the enemy player reaches 10, then the enemy player will not be able to turn off auto battling and your battle will continue smoothly

2.0) The following 2 moves added to the Arshiram Electric : Volt Switch and Plasma Fists
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