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the pokemaster group
tis is a guild for trainer that are strong and weak( all pokemon need to be atleast be above lvl 15 ) and 15 people can join

                                        THE LEADER

                                        best friend of the leader and co leeader




                                         shadow gengar









feel free to join its free ^^

but there are rules coming

1. no betraying if u wanna join a diff. 1 ask me then to put jou out the group

2. only i and ivanx123 can recuit people if u want some1 too join pm me
and 3. if i see 1 off the members in a diff. guild u will get kicked out en jou will not be able to join our group anymore

for now these are the rules

pm me if u wanna join me
if memebers have more rule's idea just say it too me and mayby i put them in
cool we got competitor guild Big Grin
sorry but the group is over im gowing to a diff. and since the forum dind want to take my password and stuuf i cant delete it im srry

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